Does it make me a traitor if I want Sunderland to win today?

Yes, I want the mackems to beat Bradford away in the FA Cup today and march into the last eight.

Of course I don’t want them to win the bloody thing, a bit like last season when they  reached the final of the League Cup. That was ideal, I couldn’t bear the thought of them winning anything but I did want them to get as far as possible without actually achieving anything.

Newcastle have had it far too easy in the north east when it comes to the mackems, both under Mike Ashley and before him, Newcastle’s nearest and dearest rivals have been generally useless.

Whereas the likes of Everton and Spurs have been some kind of occasional challenger to their more successful neighbour in the modern era, we have had Sunderland.

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So despite Newcastle being pretty rubbish since the Sir Bobby Robson days, the chances of any local embarrassment being heaped on Newcastle has been slim to non-existent. One-off matches/capitulations excepted.

As well as local pressure shining the spotlight on Ashley’s ambition-less running of Newcastle, the second part of wanting the mackems to win today is to show that trying to win FA Cup matches isn’t something to avoid at all costs.

Sunderland will have thousands of fans heading off for the short trip to Bradford, just as Newcastle had almost four and a half thousand at Leicester to watch what turned out to be our reserve team.

A win in the Cup will almost undoubtedly help their fight against relegation but just as importantly it would give their fans a lift, a great day out and hope!

Imagine Mike Ashley and Newcastle United putting that as a priority for the Newcastle fans…

Sunderland are a joke club for all kinds of reasons that are very different from the cynical manipulation we face at Newcastle United under Ashley.

Survival in the middle reaches of the Premier League might usually be enough to better Sunderland but outside of the north east you need to realise that our local supremacy causes barely a ripple.

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  • Hez

    I wouldn’t use the word traitor but I can tell you a few words that sprang to mind whilst reading this sh…..

  • Double Carpet

    Errrr, in short, yes. Hope Bradford get 10.

  • Porciestreet

    So surprised that you even needed to ask the question. How do you damn the already dammned. need I go on…?

  • My grandad said he only ever supported two teams Newcastle and whoever is playing Sunderland so yes is the answer to your question come on Bradford!!

  • David Hodgson

    Frankly, yes it does.

  • Paul Doc Wells

    I am of an age where I remember going to St Jimmies (mid – Late 60’s) when Sun’land was away, I work away at Sea and the second score I look for are the Mags. Why do you feel betraying your club by supporting the other is being a traitor? I leave that to the Jocks. Its beyond logic.

  • mally1robbo

    ShildonBlackCat obsessed

  • stephen richards


  • wor monga

    Who cares about that club ‘ower’ there or what you think
    about them for that matter…or the FA cup for that matter… if we are already
    knocked out of it (which by this time, we more or less have been every year
    since 1955)…

    It shows just how much the PL clubs think of it these days
    when Villa sacked their manager on the eve of this round, and they’re still in
    Can’t get that emotional about the competition any more like some of the ‘Wailing
    Winnies’ you read on here can.

  • cudgel

    Dale I can barely understand a word
    What does this mean
    “Survival in the middle reaches of the Premier League might usually be enough to better Sunderland but outside of the north east you need to realise that our local supremacy causes barely a ripple”

  • sandancer

    Still not over the 0-3 then.

  • wor monga

    Bye the way Dale…is that picture up there an authentic
    selfie of you…or has it been airbrushed to make you look more intelligent?

  • No Brainer

    No not at all I prefer sunlun to chelsea man u lfc spurs west ham and I once had a great time going to roker park to watch sunderland play (non derbiez) so good in fact gillingham became gods for a wjile

  • newcastle7

    If Sunderland had to get a draw in the final league game of the season for us to win the league would want them to lose.Think you should see the doctor in the morning.

  • Billy Goat

    Obviously a physical draw is the common sense best result so they have to play another game and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. That will mean more wear and tear on their poor squad (which honestly is no worse an ours) resulting in a further demise possible injury to Defoe (who they need to wrap in cotton wool) and then eventual relegation.

  • Stephen McMenzie


  • supermacsnewname

    scrap the cup, it’s out lived it’s day – it should have ended with a flourish like Ready Steady Go not a sad decline like Top of the Pops

  • Paul Waller

    It does yes, however it is wrong to applaud them for showing ambition in the cups? I would say no.

  • Michael Liam Cartwright

    I’d rather see Bradford hump them !

  • basherbate

    TeamToon nope your good for me!

  • amacdee

    Slap yourself Dale. There is no situation on earth when it becomes acceptable for us to want the Mackems to win. Having said that I am deeply disturbed by the fact that all I have left this weekend is to take pleasure in the Mackems losing after watching Palace succumb yesterday.

    This is as good as it gets until WE ALL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ! FFS Rangers fans slap Llambias about in hotel bars yet we chatted to him and asked for autographs ???

  • Rob Stevenson

    No….just mentally sub normal.

  • Peter Taylor


  • Toonbadger

    2-0 was a great result both for Bradford an me