One of my very favourite players, Laurent Robert, has been interviewed over in France.

Reflecting on his playing career, the charismatic winger talked a lot about his time at Newcastle United.

Laurent Robert talked to L’equipe about Shearer, Sir Bobby, cheeky Craig Bellamy and Nobby on the trumpet.

What I would give to see players like him again in our current team, excitement!

Any fan who didn’t love Laurent didn’t/doesn’t have a clue.

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Whether you are too young to have seen him play, or you just would like a reminder of his quality, watch the goals compilation at the end of these quotes from the L’equipe interview.

The best player you played with?

Alan Shearer. He was a fantastic goalscorer, a complete and consistent player, who scored close to 300 goals in the Premier League. I had a great time with him at Newcastle. I also knew Ronaldinho, the technical things he could do were extraordinary. We had some great free-kick competitions!

The funniest?

Craig Bellamy and Nobby Solano at Newcastle. The Welshman was a real joker and the Peruvian played the trumpet for us every morning in the changing room. With him it was barbecue and music.

The maddest?

There are only madmen in football!

The hardest player you played against?

John Terry was particularly hard – he is a pure central defender who comes to hurt you. Rio Ferdinand was also tough but I liked coming up against those players with character, it gave me extra motivation.

Which current player most resembles you?

A mixture of Gareth Bale and Anthony Mounier (at Montpellier). Like me, they’re both unpredictable left-footed players, always coming up with moves that surprise and wrong foot their opponents, both have a great attitude on the pitch.

The coach you liked the best?

Bobby Robson at Newcastle (2001-2004). He was a second father to us. He gave me so much confidence, I could have done anything for him, I felt like I had wings. He always had the right thing to say to make me feel good, while as a person he was beyond reproach. I will never forget the week when he let me leave to look after my son Matthieu, who had a health problem. I only trained once (before the next game) but I played and produced a great performance. He did everything to make sure we felt comfortable because, like all great coaches, he knew it is only then that a player can truly perform on the pitch.


  • 1Flyingmag

    When he took those kicks the hairs stood up on your neck. There were always 2-3 NUFC players following up to get a possible tap in, We’re lucky to have 2-3 in the box these days.

  • Brownale69

    Happy days! Never won nowt but  I had real pride in supporting the club and watching CLASS!!! will we ever see that again? Hmmmm

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Brought a tear to my eye that lot!

  • Brian Standen

    Christ no wonder only a few short years later we are so miserable, a team with the speed of Robert, Bellamy and Dyer were great to watch, throw in Shearer, Nobby etc ………….

  • Steve1221

    As much as Robert could pull off the spectacular he was just as frustrating as Ben Arfa and had more anonymous games than good ones, it was Nobby on the other side who really made us tick.

  • jimblag

    Steve1221 That’s not true (imo), in his prime he was consistent. We were a good side back then and there wasn’t any room for passengers

  • jimblag

    No wonder he was so great at set-pieces, having free kick competitions with Ronaldinho!
    What a legend, amazing times.

  • StSaud

    Laurent Robert? Formidable..impeccable…memorable, mes amis du Toon Equipe.
    Revolution imperative au Parc St Jacques.
    NUFC 24470 St Saud Lacoussiere Branch

  • leazeslad

    TeamToon very lazy at times, his problem was he left Bernard against two men every game. Best left foot in Premier League history though.

  • Jonnie S

    I think every fan should see this and similar montages for other players just to remember what it was like and could be like again with decent players well  (and POSITIVELY ) coached.

  • Steve1221

    I’m sure someone could put together a lovely montage for Cisse for you.

  • Jonnie S

    Steve1221 Sure it would look good as our No 9 for 3 years it should. Point being here was someone creative and from the same era you could have put in Shearer, Dyer, Solano, Speed, Bellamy for similar montages. Who else now?
    Think of our free kicks now. Its not the talent so much as the coaching, quote Robert, ‘Bobby made me feel I had wings’.

  • Special Z

    Dodgy taste in undercrackers though!

  • StephenWillis

    I can remember people booing him when he came on as sub once. Exchanged a few choice words with the people behind me. Now we have Sammy and gouf. Wonder what the boo boys would say now. Best left peg I’ve seen. Score two screamers in one game or work and do nothing. Easy choice.

  • A lex

    Steve1221 And when Robert was as frustrating as Ben Arfa, a decent manager put his arm around him and got him better again. Now, remind me how Pardew reacted when faced with the same situation.

  • A lex

    Loved it when his winning free kick against Liverpool was taken as the defining moment in ‘Goal!’

  • Polarboy

    A lex Steve1221 There is no comparison between Robert and Ben Arfa. Ben Arfa has been nothing but trouble where ever he has gone. I hate Pardew as much as the next reasonable person but Ben Arfa is and always will be a waster of space.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Laurent Robert had his detractors, largely because his work-rate was suspect, but for me he was always a class act. As was Ginola. As was Ben Arfa. Yes, we’d all love to have a Beardsley in our team, someone who not only possessed mercurial skills but also the industry to go with them, but the truth is that you don’t always get hard work to accompany the skill, so you just have to accept that and find a place for these players in your team, just like Keegan did for Ginola, and Sir Bobby for Robert. And, while were on about it, as Joe Harvey did for Jinky Jim.

  • singinthecorner

    Those videos brought back great memories, really didnt appreciate what we had -that team at the time, but when you compare it with what we have to sit through at the minute its really galling. Mind you the bloke sitting behind me at the time was always moaning for 90 minutes, then again he moaned throughout the keegan era as well, he must be beside himself noo!! I guess we just have to ride this period out an hope for better days in the future when the fcb is gone.

  • A lex

    And the same as Jack Charlton did with Pat Heard. Now, where did I put those pills? ;-)

  • mentalman

    I always thought he would have made a great No10, as people have said teams knew our weak point was down our left side and they exploited this with the lb generally having 2 or 3 to deal with on his own.
    I always thought he would ahve made a great No10 where his defensive duties wouldn’t have been so important.
    I can remember Sir Bobby got a lot of abuse for passing on Bolo Zenden at the time and then he brought in Robert, for me he made the right choice.
    I always remember an interview he did and they were talking about him learning to play football on the beach in Reunion, he told the person doing the interview he’d asked the FA if he could play in bare feet because he played better when he wasn’t wearing boots.
    Coming back to the current team, i always used to be excited when we got a free kick because you expected Robert to score from it or the keeper would parry it and we’d have a player following it up, these days we get a free kick and i hold my head in my hands and wonder how we are going to mess it up

  • PhilYare

    StephenWillis used to disgust me, same w**kers who slagged off ginola and ben arfa. all 3 players were ousted by 3 of our most despicable managers…dogleash, souness and the last p***k

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    A lex 
    I remember Pat Heard’s debut. The lad was knackered before the first half was done. Mercurial skills, he had none.