Support for safe standing at Premier League grounds continues to grow and the latest report on the subject suggests massive backing from fans.

The latest initiative comes from an unlikely source with the Welsh Conservatives commissioning the report and calling for whoever forms the next UK government in a few months time, to make it a priority to sanction trials in Wales of modern safe standing design technology.

A total of 2,364 football fans across the UK were surveyed and 96% backed a safe standing pilot to trial the modern stadium technology.

Fans wanting to stand often results in conflict between the poor stewards and supporters, 84% of those questioned thought that areas of safe standing would reduce that friction between fans and stewards.

The Welsh conservatives garnered backing from supporters trusts at Cardiff City, Swansea City, Wrexham FC and Newport County, as well as the FSF (Football Supporters Federation).

While on a more practical level, Cardiff City has already made arrangements for supporters who wish to stand, these being located within the Canton Stand’s ‘singing section’.

The Welsh Assembly’s Conservative group leader Andrew Davies said;

“This campaign boils down to two issues – the right for football fans to be treated the same as other sports fans, and the opportunity to trial an advance in safety methods which is well established on the continent.

“Legislation governing standing was drafted in a different era, to address a different set of problems and it is time for politicians to move on and give the people what they want.”

Countries such as Germany, Sweden and Austria already allow safe standing areas.

Andrew Davies;

 “Rather than having to skirt around regulations in the way clubs like Cardiff do, it should be possible to have designated sections for those fans who wish to stand.

“Equally, this would enhance the match-day experience of those fans who prefer to sit but whose view is regularly compromised by those standing around them.”


  • No Brainer

    Bring back the popular end knock that poxy stand down get the toon jumping again

  • toonterrier

    If the large one can jam in more supporters with a standing area then he’ll be rubbing his hands and working out the extra money he can put into his retirement fund. Much rather sit down and maybe twice a season can stand up when something exciting happens. Haven’t done a lot of standing this season during a game except when I have left early to go to the pub as the football was awful.

  • Brownale69

    Whats the point with the libary situation at ST James park? Give us something to shout about on the pitch first……….oh and will it reduce the prices???

  • Porciestreet

    All sounds nice and very plausable, but Nikey Mikey won’t go near it, you know it and so do I…!

  • SGM

    Why do we need a report about Safe-standing ? Every-one else in the Prem. Stands anyway, Those of you who consistently moan about Sir Mike Should stand and sing, they cant through you all out, its by far the best way to protest and support.