The latest humiliating twist in the Rangers saga for Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias has come late this Tuesday afternoon, with the board of directors’ dirty tricks campaign been brought to an abrupt halt.

Only this morning Rangers announced via the stock exchange that a new venue in London had been found for the crunch meeting, where rival shareholders are aiming to vote the board of directors out, including Mike Ashley’s men Barry Leach and Derek Llambias.

The original Millennium Gloucester hotel had pulled out after allegedly receiving pressure from Rangers fans not to host the event and in the stock exchange announcement, the Rangers announced the new venue as the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in…London.

Now only hours after being revealed as the new venue, a spokesman for the hotel group has stated:

“There is no question when it comes to the comfort and security of our guests and staff.

“We do not compromise on this and therefore the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel has declined the opportunity to host the proposed Rangers FC EGM.”

Having to now admit embarrassing defeat in their efforts to try and prevent fans being able to attend, the Rangers board have now accepted the meeting will indeed have to be held at Ibrox, rather than over 400 miles away in London.

A Rangers spokesman informed BBC Scotland:

“We are aware of the situation. There will be a statement in the morning, but we can confirm that the EGM will revert to Ibrox.”

The decision to try and hold the meeting over 400 miles from Ibrox was seen as a cynical move to prevent as many of the 5,000+ small fan shareholders attending and/or voting. The tactic a carbon copy of what John Hall and Freddy Shepherd did when they moved the NUFC AGMs to London to prevent as many fans as possible attending, as they continued to take out millions from the club despite Newcastle United losing money.

This latest shambles overseen by Llambias and the other Mike Ashley allies has coincided with the minutes being released by the Rangers Fans Board who are the equivalent of the Newcastle Fans Forum, at their latest meeting with club officials last Wednesday (11 Feb), the following question was put to Derek Llambias who attended, with his illuminating answer below. The former NUFC managing director admitting that the reason for trying to hold the meeting in London was to prevent small fan shareholding fans from attending, which is an absolute disgrace.

The Board intentionally and with malicious intent arranged the meeting outside Glasgow, especially at a place like London, so that fans and shareholders are not able to reach the venue?

Derek Llambias:

“When we discussed the AGM, the behaviour of those at the AGM basically hijacked the meeting. It was a disgrace. We don’t want it to get hijacked again which is why it is in London however as EGMs are normally over in about 10 minutes and there is no platform for shareholders to ask questions like at an AGM, it is more of a procedural meeting.”

In that Rangers Fan Board meeting there was also confirmation by Derek Llambias of what Mike Ashley’s plans are regarding Sports Direct and his involvement at a number of football clubs, this can be read HERE.

  • Demented_Man

    You couldn’t make this stuff up.  It’s better than a novel!
     What’s the betting Degsy doesn’t dare to show his ugly mug at the EGM?

  • scotty63

    Poor FCB not getting his own way – hahahahahahahahaha

  • Porciestreet

    Demented_Man 50 Shades of Nikey Mikey,……..You never saw a script like this…!

  • Chemical Dave

    loving what Rangers fans are doing, just makes our craven surrender all the more depressing.

  • Adam_B

    I must say, fair play to the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel. As soon as they were made aware of the backdrop to this cynically staged meeting, they responded as responsible people should. The owners of Newcastle United and would-be owners of Rangers will not be allowed to get away with their shameful behaviour on Tyneside on the Clyde too. With such a public humiliation, maybe at last a broader audience will begin to take note of just how loathsome Ashley and his discredited cronies are and the terrible, terrible damage they are planning to inflict on our national sport in order to make a fast buck for themselves. People power, the revenge of the just, may at long last be coming along to bring a halt to their odious planned tenancy in British football.

  • Chemical Dave

    Newcastle and Rangers fans should run co-ordinated protests.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Well done to them. Just goes to show, fighting back can have an impact.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    1957 Bit off more than he can chew. His ego is getting well and truly dented here. I hope King does follow through and has the deals thoroughly investigated.

  • RexN

    I’m impressed that Llambias knows what a disgrace is. He must have a mirror handy.

  • Bills frollocks

    This has made my day. Newcastle fans take note. We can win too.

  • Greggy164

    devonbay  Your spot on Devonbay. They have went about things in the wrong way. What incidents Llambias has been involved in till now is handbags. The way he has conducted himself as a hardman, no nonsense, tough guy businessman has turned most fans against him.

    There are plenty of keyboard warriors on the internet. What Im saying now is not meant to be a threat. He is an old man. I would think he is well off. If he continues with the tough guy act I would give it no more than 6 weeks before he is out of here

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Disbanded the Rangers Fan Board now also because they released minutes from the meeting without their consent. Llambias and Leach at it again with more lies and insults.

  • No Brainer

    devonbay really thats to be lauded sectarian violence, a really sad staement from you Devonbay

  • No Brainer

    Greggy164 devonbay Your the biggest keyboard warrior making statements about kicking baws by keep stating 6 weeks for your predictions it does not mean you get another six weeks.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer devonbay What’s sad is you and your incessant arguments in defence of these parasites. if proof was ever needed that Ashley knows nothing about football, only football profit margins, then his involvement with Rangers is it.

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer Greggy164 devonbay 
    No Brain you have hurt my feelings with that statement. I thought we had something

  • No Brainer devonbay Seeing as I was on the receiving end of the violence …not really !

  • Greggy164

    devonbay No Brainer  Sorry to hear that Devonboy.

    There is a large support from Northern Ireland who follow Rangers. As Ive said at start Im sorry to hear you have been involved in  the ugly side of things. That sort of stuff always looks bad on the club. Not all of us are sectarian bigots. Of course we have a section of fans that can let the club down but what club hasnt?

  • No Brainer

    I didn’t say I don’t love you any more its just its just well you know its not me, its you

  • No Brainer

    Thats disgraceful and reminiscent of what happened to me. It also brings memories of when rangers fsns would team up with chelsea fans to randomly beat up folks out doing there shopping around toon when chelsea played up here includibg a couple of murders
    for one as those idiots are likely to still be chelsea and rangers fans I can’t abide anything that makes fabs of those clubs happy. I truly do not know what ma’s intentions are nobody does he doesn’t speak but if he’s sebding tjoae crazy idiots in to a childish fizz then and going to ruin them then go for it mike

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer  You sure?

    Is it me or is it you?

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer  ” for one as those idiots are likely to still be chelsea and rangersfans I cant abide anything that makes fabs of those clubs happy. I truly do not know what ma’s inteentions are nobody does he doesn’t speak but if he’s sebding tjoae crazy idiots in to a childish fizz then and going to ruin them then go for it mike”

    Come on mate. Read that back to yourself.

    Your better than that

  • Greggy164 devonbay No Brainer What I described happened about 15 years ago and they weren’t young men all were wearing blue blazers with  R F C badges. 
    I am not tarring all R F C fans we’ve got animals as do all clubs , my point was …. there may be trouble ahead.
    Finally hats of to the  R F C fans who lobbied the London hotels.

  • Greggy164

    devonbay Greggy164 No Brainer Im not defending the people who were involved but I would hope that you have mistaken the badges on their chests. The only people who wear blazers with the clubs crest are the officials and board members.

    There are many fans groups but I cant think of any who wear blazers. I think its more likely to have been members of a band or parade. Possibly Orange.

    As for trouble ahead. I wouldnt even try and predict what happens next. There is nothing that would surprise me. From top to bottom we are a shambles. People are now getting tired of it.

    The dream of getting back on top is as far away now as it ever has been. Been close to chucking it a few times but ye cannae

  • SirSmith72

    1957 most likely gonna cancel most if not all contracts with SD when the board get ousted, if the deals are as one sided as they are thought, it won’t stand up in a court because of 2 reasons.
    1. public statements saying the SD deals benefit both parties
    2. the deals are apparently set up in such a way that rangers lose money when a shirt is sold

    conclusion – board lying to customers & shareholders
    contracts – null & void – bin for them

  • SirSmith72

    Greggy164 devonbay 6 weeks ? when the EGM comes about in half that timescale he will be out lol

  • Greggy164

    SirSmith72 Greggy164 devonbay  I hope your right. The way things are just now I take nothing for granted. I would never try and predict the future especially when it comes to Rangers and at the same time there is nothing that would surprise me. The dream of getting back on top is as far away now as it ever has been

  • Greggy164

    SirSmith72 1957  I hope you are correct but when it comes to Rangers ye never know what happens next

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Greggy164 SirSmith72 1957 true. Still can’t find any sign he actually paid Greene/Rangers anything at all for the initial retail deal though.

  • Greggy164

    Theres also Craig White (how could I forget him} and the trouble he has to deal with.

  • Greggy164

    Sickandtiredstill Greggy164 SirSmith72 1957  There needs to be an examination of the accounts at Rangers. Even the people involved in the administration have questions to answer (Duff and Phelps)

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Greggy164 Sickandtiredstill SirSmith72 1957 Ashley appointed them for the USC fiasco as well.