In recent days Jonas Gutierrez was said to be in discussions to return to Velez Sarsfield, the club in Argentina where he made his name.

The transfer window closed in Argentina only yesterday (Sunday) with no confirmation either way as to whether a deal had been agreed between the player, Velez Sarsfield and Newcastle United.

Only minutes ago (Monday morning) Jonas has posted a photo on his Instagram account showing him on the early flight from London to Newcastle.

With there seemingly been little chance of the midfielder getting further opportunities at Newcastle, you would hope that at the very least our club will help smooth the way for whatever Gutierrez would like to do next.

A great servant to Newcastle United and after his inspiring fightback against cancer, it is the least he deserves.

We await to see whether Jonas Gutierrez is simply coming to pack his bags, or whether we will still possibly have the opportunity to say our goodbyes via a cameo as a substitute at St. James’ Park.


  • No Brainer

    A last cameo in a game perhaps, I kinda hope so as long as were winning.

  • Brownale69

    Here  is one player who does not owe us anything.
    Considering the shambles at the town it would be a goodwill “gesture” to let him go home with our best wishes and thanks.

  • No Brainer why do people talk about him as if he is some charity case that can no longer play football?? For me if he is fit we should be using him as a genuine squad option between now and the end of the season because he is certainly no worse than some of the others that are getting a game at the minute and at least with Jonas you know you will get 110% effort.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Secure premier league survival and give him a few games ,he has to be better than Ameobi !

  • No Brainer

    Don’t think he was fast enough last season when he was with us. Thst may have bern an impact of his illness before it became apparent. I don’t think he is a bad player but I would think that at his age he probably wants to be playing week in week out instead of a career petering out. I don’t think he is first choice material.
    As for the chairty case he met my young a couple of times absolutely fantastic with him.
    The first tine when he harrassed jonas outside Namco in the metrocentre half hour later they looked like a pair of old mates talking about sh*te happy as larry.
    Tge sentiment is not pity its wanting him to have what he wants.

  • No Brainer not saying he should be first choice by any stretch but looks like he is now going to be here until the end of the season so rather than all this talk of give him a final 10 minutes etc or whatever I just think he should be considered for a starting role alongside anyone else in the squad.

    The point I am getting at is with his experience etc I think as long as he is fit enough he still has more to offer us in the coming months rather than just a token farewell appearance.

    Either way I do hope we see him at least one last time in the 1st team to give him a proper farewell, been a good servant to the club and as you touch on is genuinely a good guy to boot.

  • No Brainer

    I agree and hope thats what pans out if it came across different what youv’e written is what I meant/would want.