Jonas Gutierrez has thanked Newcastle fans for giving him a lot of ‘power’ and said that he’s healthy now and his treatment for cancer has finished.

The Argentine international also thanked the Newcastle players for the messages and calls he received from them whilst he was receiving treatment.

Speaking to Sky Sports Jonas said that he found the chemotherapy hard but he’s proud to be back.

“I’m healthy, my treatment has finished and I am training with the team.

“They stayed with me through a hard moment of my life, my team-mates sent me messages and called me to ask how the treatment was going – I was so pleased to get those calls and those messages.”

Power from the fans:

“The treatment was hard, the chemotherapy is a hard treatment, but I have a lot of power from the fans and from my team-mates, they always support me.”

“So proud to be back.”

  • AshfordDeanoP

    Excellent news and let’s hope Spider-Man can get his career up and running again away from SJP in the summer! A likeable player even if the fans opinion was divided.

  • Brownale69

    Give the lad a game………..can he be any worse than what we have?

  • the blueman

    Good man jonas hope the future is rosy for you mate .you will always have place in geordie hearts after ya stayed with us when we got relegated you could ov jump ship like others we know , but you stayed and fought the cause for us to get back in premiership ,,, TOP BLOKE

  • SGM

    Am i right in thinking one more game for Jonas will trigger a payment clause in his contract? some dark forces may already be at work to prevent this.

  • Brian Standen

    Good servant good guy and has won the biggest and most important battle of them all, always a place for him in the Geordie hearts!

  • mentalman

    Surely the club can come to a deal with him to get rid of the clause and let him play for the rest of the season we could do with him at the minute

  • Greggy164

    Good to hear!!!!!!

  • Brownale69

    Why not use the Pard transfer fee as payment?