Alan Pardew was magnificent in his four years at St. James’ Park.

Not as a manager of course – but you do have to take your hat off to him for the work he did on behalf of Mike Ashley in front of the media.

The silver fox was never lost for words, a lot of what he said was utter nonsense much of the time but that didn’t matter as he always managed to get himself from one press conference to the next using his charm/smarm.

Whatever John  Carver’s suitability, or not, is to be Head Coach at Newcastle, he’s certainly no Alan Pardew in front of the cameras.

Awkward and licking his lips more times than a toddler eating a 99, it is clearly not part of the job that Carver relishes doing.

I get the feeling that as well as Mike Ashley realising by the summer that John Carver isn’t the front man he needs to be his apologist in front of the cameras, the Geordie Head Coach is also going to have alienated pretty much all of the Newcastle United fanbase with his utterances.

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Asked on Thursday whether his Geordie/Newcastle/working class roots would help him in  tackling the job, John Carver had this to say:

“Yes I think it does because I have come from nothing. Though that doesn’t mean because I have come from where I have, I don’t deserve to be where I am at the moment.

“I think it is important I am a humble person. There is no danger of that.”

Down the golf club;

“I respect everybody because that is how I was brought up. The important thing is making sure there is a relationship and I am trying to get that relationship with the fans.

“I sit down with fans every day –  I was at the golf club with some 10 or 11 year old kids and I was talking about the team – you’re having a forum all the time.”

John Carver isn’t controlling the media the way his former boss did and to an extent you have to wonder why he isn’t getting the same kind of cover from the NUFC press department who appeared to control press conferences so strictly in Pardew’s time, unwelcome questions rarely been asked.

Nothing wrong with going down the golf club but it is surely a schoolboy error to be talking of coming from nothing and your working class roots, then trying to give the impression of not having changed and keeping in touch with the fans by giving the example of chatting down the golf club. Which in reality makes it clear that John Carver is a lot more out of touch with supporters than he realises.

I don’t for one second think that John Carver is any way suitable to be in charge of team affairs at Newcastle but I think it is deliciously ironic that what will sink Carver’s hopes, is the area he is obviously trying so hard in, which is to try and say and do what he thinks the organ grinder  is wanting to hear.


  • kearsybeast2

    TeamToon that is utter shite. So now you have to be privileged to play golf? I think it’s you that’s out of touch with fans.

  • Munich Mag

    this is obviously the new and more communicative nufc. Pardew, the silky smooth blather merchant was protected up the ying yang by wendy and the club. i recall he was even given media training lessons in public speaking etc to improve his media persons. john carver has been left to hang out and dry, and will call a spade a spade (sic). what a ridiculous arrangement, talk about feeding the beast which is the nufc fan base.

  • Philippines

    Alan Pardew was magnificent in his four years at St. James’ Park. – then………… a lot of what he said was utter nonsense. Quote from this article. If anyone understands that, let us know.

    This article is the nonsense. Another media ‘wannabe’ talking garbage at someone else’s expense.

    Give Carver a chance. Glenn Roeder won 8 games straight after Souness, then he was fired later.

  • So correct me if I am wrong but basically the whole point of this article seems to simply be coming up with the utter nonsense conclusion that working class people can’t play golf and be members of a golf club??

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Roberts Grey Pants Aye, you have a point there. Both my lads went golfing, sometimes with me, and I’m from a council house and estate as well. 
    But then again the NUFC Blog has an article saying “John is just a Geordie, doing the best he can”.
    No he damn isn’t! He’s a professional well paid football coach responsible for a PL football team!

  • Sickandtiredstill its a tough one really because I do like the guy. I certainly don’t want him to get the job full time in the summer but in terms of the now he is the man in charge and that isn’t going to change so people just need to get behind him.

    Not saying his tactics etc are not open to criticism like any managers would be but do we really need these countless articles picking fault with absolutely everything he says and twisting it into some Pardew comparison?

    I have to say after years of the Pardew spin doctor waffle I do quite like the honesty Carver is showing in some of his interviews.

  • Steve1221

    What a ridiculous article, golf isn’t exactly elitist these days

  • No Brainer

    1957 lots of working class people play golf lots there’s more clubs than ever and the sticks themselves cost very little. How crass

  • Grumpyoldmag

    “Ordinary supporters don’t play golf” – a ridiculous statement. In other news, Geordies largely don’t race whippets or keep coal in the bath these days.Who exactly is out of touch with the fan base Mr Martin?

  • Milburnmag

    It’s because he is a Geordie and fan of the club that he wants the job so bad, he’s trying so hard but I’m a fan as well and I know I couldn’t do a good job at such a big club as ours, having said that could Jose mourinho do a good job under the restrictions ashley imposes on everyone employed by him,I don’t think so.