John Carver admitted that the match against Aston Villa hadn’t been a ‘classic’.

However, the Newcastle Head Coach did look for other positives as United picked up a hard fought three points.

Carver picked out Captain Fabricio Coloccini for his commitment at one end.

While at the other, he predictably picked out match winner Papiss Cisse.

John Carver:

“Today hasn’t been a classic, has it?

“Tell you what though, the thing that has pleased me is that we have kept a clean sheet, we have had players who have put their bodies on the line, I have to mention Fabricio Coloccini in particular.”

Papiss Cisse:

“His(Cisse’s)  goal ratio is fantastic but we do have to provide him with the service…

“If we don’t provide him with that service then he won’t score goals, so I need to make sure that the team provides him with service because he’s valuable to us.”

Scruffy goals:

“He’s probably scored more scruffy goals this season than he ever has but I’m not bothered because he is actually scoring goals.

“This is why it was important to keep him here and that’s why it was important to get him in the team and put him in the right area.”


  • grahame49

    Taking viles 2500 off 49000 mags tuned up myself included why I bloody well carnt answer that for myself. I do hope all that choose to stay away are proud as it means when you break one mags heart others step in. Then when its repaired you come back to a club greater than one man

  • NatTurner

    I agree that Colo and Cisse were our best players.  But we were lucky to win it.  The woeful Villa produced way more chances than us.  First half I honestly thought was the worst we’ve looked all season.  Second half Sammy removed his head from his arse and that helped some.  We really missed Colback out there, didn’t we?  Not very hopeful for the next match.

  • Polarboy

    Janmaat had another good game for us, he has easily been our most consistent performer this season.

  • Albert27

    For once the shape was miles better but we were let down by very average players.

  • stevennufc

    grahame49 and you fill fat mans pockets!….well done!….hope your proud!….and ashley builds a great club!…eh?… muppet!!


    Agreed. The two strikers paid off on the goal. Though Rivière whiffed on ithe was there causing problems for the Villa defence. In fact, we actually had 3 in the box for Janmaat’s cross which hasn’t happened much this year. Better but miles to go and yes it comes down to a need for more quality in key positions.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    4-4-2. Best by test. Now tat we have the formation, we next need to find the right personnel.

  • DownUnderMag

    Riviere is clearly lacking confidence, hopefully he can grab a goal sooner rather than later.  However, i’m sure that would be made a whole lot easier if we didn’t rely on our LB for our sole delivery of decent balls into the box.  

    Nice to see 4-4-2 again though, looked a much more balanced side, just let down by some players who just aren’t really good enough or played well below what they should.  Sissoko was abysmal again today.

    Will be interesting to see if Carver will stick with the 4-4-2 when Colback is back fit, if so who will he drop?  If he has the balls then Sissoko will make way and Abeid will keep his place.  If we weren’t so short on defenders I would say it might be worth playing Janmaat and Raylor as wingers since they are more than capable of delivering the balls into the box for the strikers…they just can’t get forward as much as they maybe should because of defensive duties.  Ameobi needs to be back on the bench as an impact player as he just can’t do it from the start.  I’d be curious to see Perez and Cisse have a good run together as I think perez could be the perfect link up player with Cisse, as long as we improved our delivery to the front two that is.

    Still no word of Aarons from the club, looking more and more like a contract wrangle.  But at least now we have two up front it might be a good chance for some of our younger forwards to get a few minutes before the end of the season…

  • No Brainer

    DownUnderMag I was saying the same thing about sissoko until i realised carver was using him as the holding midfielder sitting in front of the defence what a terrible waste of attackibg talent

  • grahame49

    Did a Newcastle fan just call me a Muppet for following the team I love unconditionally. The joys of internet abuse,on Wednesday at 7 I’ll be at Starbucks near monument I’ll have a black and yellow hat on with Pittsburgh wrote on it please feel free to pop in and give me a bit more abuse.

  • No Brainer

    Imposasible mate these abusers are all sad blokws who can’t see whats really sh*t in their lives or are unable to do anything about it. Focussing their illness on the toon gives them an opportunity to blame others for tge depression. Its common amongst f wits.
    as for them coming along to see you nee chance of that with cowards like this

  • Demented_Man

    grahame49 If you didn’t talk a lot of incomprehensible twaddle you might get a little more respect.

  • grahame49

    I don’t chase respect,

  • Brownale69

    Horrible game. Could have gone either way.