John Carver is clearly finding it a hard job to convince the Newcastle fans that he is the right man to lead the club.

More problematic, at least in the short-term, is that the new/temporary Newcastle head coach is finding it just as difficult with his players.

While the club have lined up a number of player quotes saying how great Carver is and that they want him to get the job, the head coach’s own words seem to suggest something else.

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Before Manchester City he’d already talked ‘tough’ on occasion but in several interviews since that crushing five goal defeat, John Carver has made specific references to players shouldn’t talk behind people’s backs and now the Shields Gazette have quotes from him saying he won’t stand for ‘backbiting’ or ‘sniping’.

“The one thing about this situation is that in life you are going to get days like that (Man City last Saturday) –  it is how you deal with it.

“I am quite a positive guy and I will pick the bones out of this and I will take some responsibility because I am part of the team and that dressing room.

“What I won’t have though is anyone backbiting, or anyone sniping.”

The thing about discipline and respect is that it has to come naturally and it has to be earned. Anybody old enough will remember Graeme Souness was supposed to come in and crack the whip, but all he did was fall out with most of our decent players such as Bellamy who left for a pittance because of the conflict between the pair.

John Carver may have been matey with the players as an assistant but making the step up to take full responsibility is looking beyond him at the minute.

Only results can save him, at least in the fans’ eyes, and to have any chance of picking up wins he needs to get the players showing on the pitch that they are with him, rather than the empty words put out by the club.


  • Corkyjohn

    I agree & don’t believe any of the players statements are actually their own. As you say the players weren’t playing for Carver last week, anything but. Surely they realise more than anyone that head coach is too big a job for him. Carver is willing to say anything & lie to the fans to secure this job.

  • SaveNUFC

    Only positive thing about JC is that he is a Geordie. His tactics sucks more than Pardews. His man management is terrible.

  • DZA187

    JC cannot manage a corner shop, the guy is clueless!

  • DZA187

    SaveNUFC plus, a cheap option for the fatman.

  • SaveNUFC

    DZA187 yeah very true.

  • supermacsnewname

    deserved a chance but has not succeeded – and I think it will get worse – I doubt he will ever live this down – the best thing for him to do is hold his hands up, salvage some respect and admit it is beyond him

  • supermacsnewname

    DZA187  this is a stupid comment – he has held a, the highest-level managerial qualification in in Europe for 10 years, he is a well qualified coach
    he is not employed as a manager but as a temporary head coach, he took over without preparation or notice a much weakened mid-table team to the end of the season
    unfortunately his managerial record is not good (28% win rate) but all he has been asked to do is stay in mid table – which he should achieve
    does he have the quality we need as our permanent manager – no
    can anyone name a quality manager who will come to NUFC under the present conditions – no
    do this make him clueless – no
    does abuse help – no

  • DZA187

    supermacsnewname the guy is clueless and he’s failed a number of times and is not the right man for the head coach role / manager. Out of 80 applications was clueless JC, the best man to go with ? I think not.

  • supermacsnewname

    DZA187 supermacsnewname see my comment at the top – I agree with everything you say except the “clueless” part – such comments spoil otherwise valid points of view
    as for 80 applications – I simply do not believe it

  • MickWatson

    What I really dislike about this whole sorry episode is Carver saying that he takes “some responsibility”.
    Some? Some?!
    *#$! you Carver, when you send a team out and they perform that badly, you stand up and you take ALL of the responsibility. All of it. Then you might get some respect.

  • Demented_Man

    supermacsnewname DZA187 Ah, the much vaunted coaching badges.  I could probably get myself one of those if I shelled out enough money.

  • GToon

    supermacsnewname DZA187 decent comment. would love to see a manager with new ideas. dont think jc is that bloke but lets see how he does.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    supermacsnewname DZA187 Without preparation? He was with Pardew for four years! He’s been with this group of players and was involved with their coaching on a daily basis.
    It’s not like he was found on the street, even if his results so far suggest he may well have been.