John Carver has said that he has called a meeting for today so that he and the players can ‘air our differences’.

The meeting follows the Manchester City demolition on Saturday and little surprise that there will be a debrief about the match.

However, the language used by Carver is a little strange and goes beyond the usual learning from our mistakes that you usually get from a manager (head coach) after a heavy loss.

The Newcastle head coach has mentioned that he hopes that there isn’t any talking behind people’s backs by players, as well as the need to air the differences.

It would appear that the cracks are already beginning to show despite the club’s repeated PR messages via regular manufactured quotes from players, saying John Carver is the right man for the job.

“Do I start sulking and talking behind people’s backs?

“Do the players start talking behind other people’s backs? I hope not.”

Airing differences:

“I have said it in the dressing room that we will have a discussion on Monday.

“We will air our differences and talk about that performance (v Man City), then take that forward to Aston Villa.”

A winning team is a happy one and with only two victories in the last thirteen matches, they are a bit thin on the ground.

  • mentalman

    I don’t think there will have ever been a squad where there are little groups who blame others for poor performances and to be fair there are 2 or 3 players in our squad who are well within their rights to be annoyed with other players performances

  • Paul Patterson

    To be honest, apart from the obvious lack of mental strength and motivation (Something which a manager should instil anyway) there’s not a lot that can really be said.
    Two players that aren’t Premier League standard anyway (Anita and Williamson) get in a mix-up and gift the opposition a goal after 27 seconds and it’s game over 9 minutes later.
    I’m also alarmed that after John has his team talk, we concede two goals after 8 minutes of the restart.
    That worked then John.
    So in this debrief what will be the summary?
    The coach sends out his players and they’re a goal down after a minute, two after ten minutes.
    The coach gets them in at half time and has his say on what to do in the second half, the team go out and concede another two inside 10 minutes . .
    John you have a problem- It’s yourself . .

  • DZA187

    The problem is JC is not premier league management standard either. Clueless JC should stand down, it was shocking but this result was on the cards as we have been poor under JC so far.

  • bill black

    After 8 years I think some of our main players want out and if there here next season they will not be bothered about getting 30 points by January

  • Mancmag

    Unlike some I was prepared to give Carver the benefit of the doubt in the hope we would have a decent end to the season but after Saturdays fiasco that no longer applies. This is not a rookie manager learning his trade, Carver has been around football management for years including, as he likes to tell us, a spell under SBR. If he hasn’t got it now he never will. I don’t always agree with Gary Neville but his commentary was spot on when he said we were playing’too narrow’. This was presumably a pre planned tactic to stop City attacking us through the middle. Instead our full backs were left constantly out of position so they couldn’t defend the wings. Obviously the game was over within 30 seconds but I don’t understand what Anita was even on the pitch when Abeid should have played from the start. We were also treated to the sight of Perez playing almost as an auxiliary left back, a disgrace in itself. This lad has a great future if handled and coached properly but playing him out of position made him look like a fish out of water, although to be fair he was one of the few who put in a shift.. What a way to ruin a young players confidence. I just hope Carver learns from this, gets the wingers back on for the Villa game and finally sees sense and drops Gouffron and Anita.

  • toon tony

    “Carver. We have a game plan ” (19th Feb ) in the article you said the team had returned from the break with enthusiasm. …now you need a meeting to “air differences. ” . What a plonker.

  • Brownale69

    Should have got them in on Sunday am to sit and watch the game over and over again, and “clear the air”.
    He is not a manager / coach and never will be. If he had a plan A God knows what plan B was.

  • mentalman

    Barton galvanising his team, they are sitting just above relegation and he’s punching opponents in the knackers and could potentially miss the rest of the season, his team mates are condemning him publicly and I’d be suprised if he doesn’t lose the armband so he’s doing a great job