After picking up his first win in five matches, John Carver has made clear that he wants the Newcastle Head Coach job permanently and indeed, has actually claimed that he has that role already.

After defeating Hull 3-0 thanks to quality goals from Remy Cabella and Sammy Ameobi, Carver said that if you look at his job title it is ‘Head Coach’ and not ‘Interim Head Coach’, with Pardew’s former assistant also claiming that he has the backing of the players for the job on a longer basis.

John Carver’s words suggest that he sees it as his job to lose and after his initial five months in charge this season, clearly expects a longer contract unless results say otherwise.

Any belief Newcastle fans had that the club had some brilliant appointment guaranteed for the summer must surely be fading.

These quotes and others since he was confirmed until the end of the season, have a ring of truth that he has been given assurances as to him being the leading favourite to get the job unless he really cocks it up.

John Carver;

“If you look at my title it is not ‘Interim head coach’, it is ‘Head Coach’.

“I have said to the players, I am in this position and we have got 16 games to go, the season starts now. I would like to think the players want me.”

Used to be the bad cop;

“People have come out in public and said what they think and it is okay talking, but the evidence is in the performance, and we got that performance against Hull.

“I am known as the ‘Grumpy One’, when Alan Pardew was here I was the bad cop with the players but I am quite controlled now.”


  • Brown Bottle

    It’s hard to distinguish who is the more deluded; this bloke or the pillock at the palace.

  • SimonM68

    Reminds me of the dwarf in High Plains Drifter … “I’m the sherrif, I’m the mayor” … He ended up with a  bloody nose too…

  • ash1001

    Forget your massive ego JC, you are going the right way with comments like that to lower your credit rating even more, ‘toffee nosed stuck up’ – come to mind

  • Kev82

    If it is not interim, I presume this 6 month contract replaces the 5.5 years he had remaining on his old contract and he will therefore be out of contract in the summer.  Not a bad bit of business from Ashley IF that turns out to be the case.

  • Carver is getting boring .

  • likelylad

    Heard the other thing he said too
    “The players have to fit into my system or they wont play”.
    He has it all backwards. A good head coach devises coaching and tactics to get the best out of his players.
    He doesn’t just expect them to fit in.
    That is why Toronto struggled and why he will never be more than an interim.

  • Munich Mag

    Brown Bottle he does like to blather a bit doesn’t he :-(