John Carver has said that his team need to be just a ‘little more ambitious’ but does that not come down to tactics?

The Newcastle Head Coach sticks with the tactic of playing two defensive midfielder in Jack Colback and Vurnon Anita, starts without an out and out striker, thus leaving Ayoze perez isolated for the vast majority of the game.

The decision to take Remy Cabella off was greeted by boos, most fans wondering how Sammy Ameobi could stay on the pitch after contributing next to nothing.

Playing decent teams away from home you can understand a more cautious approach but at home against Stoke?

John Carver;

“I thought overall we defended very well and we just need to be a little more ambitious going forward.

“It wasn’t a classic, it’s not in my DVD collection if I’m honest. It did though seem to come alive in the last twenty minutes, I thought we’d stolen the three points, but we shot ourselves in the foot.”

Throwing it away;

“We had possession in the final third and I think there is two minutes left on the clock. We then played four or five backward passes back towards the goalkeeper.

“We’re out of shape, the goalkeeper kicks it, they pick up the ball and break, put the ball in the box and it’s in the back of the net.”

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  • Jason Scott

    and a decent no 9

  • Chris Moore

    I thought he wasn’t supposed to talk about board matters that didn’t concern him??

  • Stephen Nesbitt

    Negative tactics 1 up front at home dooooooomed

  • Jarmin Geordie

    “the team need to be a little more ambitious” hmmmm is that not why the coach is there to tell the team what formation, system and style etc. to play

  • macandmarge

    Perez…could be a fine striker but we appear to play him wide…and with nobody playing alongside him…Bizarre

  • Kev82

    If he wants the team to be more ambitious then is that not what the head coach should be instructing them to do before the match and pick a team that shows ambition? Same old rubbish from Ameobi and Williamson, as for taking Cabella off who wasn’t playing badly, have a word with yourself Carver, Ameobi was doing nothing on the other wing, embarrassing substitution when drawing at home to another mediocre side.

  • SimonM68

    I thought we were ‘ok’ today -no more, no less – waht Mike wants us to be. Still find it strange to start a home game with one up top mind (especially when talking about being more ambitious).  As I’ve already posted, Obertan made the difference with a bit of directness (never thought I’d be typing that)…

  • Stephen Walton

    Ambitious! Not allowed John mediocrity will suffice!

  • Matthew Pitt

    Obertan needs to be a bit more ambitous. Passing it on the 6 yard line ffs….

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    We played reasonably well today, not badly but certainly not great. At this point, I’m nit seeing a lot of difference between Carver and Pardew. You have to wonder if Carver had more say in Pardew’s tactics and personnel than we realized – either that, or Carver is continuing in the Pardew mould because he liked the way his former boss operated.

  • Roppa

    I’m certain the only reason for playing Mike Williamson was to mark Crouch, yet when Crouch came on as a sub, Williamson was nowhere near him when he scored. Why not? What has Carver been coaching him all week? It’s not big Mike’s fault, as he should be nowhere near a starting place in a decent EPL team, but a player who panics whenever the ball is passed to him, is hardly going to breed confidence in those around him. Even the crowd get nervous whenever he has the ball! If Carver want’s the team to be a bit more ambitious, it would be of enormous help if he selected players who are comfortable with a ball at their feet!

  • jimblag

    You’re the one who can control us being more ambitious you know.

  • jimblag

    Roppa It made me laugh when he was crawling about on all fours trying to quickly get to his feet, he has the mobility of an old cow.

  • Polarboy

    Roppa It would be nice if Big Mike would stump up the cash for 1 or two new centre halfs but he won’t, so that is his fault.

  • hettonmag

    Playing Perez  up front on his own against  one of the most  physical back 4s  in the league  is quite frankly  shocking,  then  you have  Krul  hoofing the ball forward at every opportunity,  what the hell was he doing  taking a free kick   on the half way line. Our set pieces haven’t  improved under Carver  in fact nothing has improved  under him  he is just Pardews  clone.

  • Polarboy

    He had two choices, either take it on himself or pass it to Cisse who was in space, he passed it to Sissoko, what a plonker.

  • RexN

    I agree with Carver. We need an ambitious coach who will not just be happy with the players he is given, we need one who will put pressure on the board to bring in quality. We need one who can manage more than 1 win in 6 games, one who will encourage more than 1 player to get into the opposition box.

    Carver, you are dead right.

  • Roppa

    jimblag Roppa ‘he has the mobility of an old cow’ – you’re being very generous lol! He always seems like a good lad, but way way out of his depth. Personally, I cringe when anyone passes the ball to him. I bet he can’t believe his luck, playing for a club the size of NUFC!!

  • Gordonthetoony

    If we need to be more ambitious then stop playing with a lone striker up front, especially in home games.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Aye JC, we didn’t need to buy anyone in January eh?
    If he is his own man, then he best stop impersonating Pardew, sharpish.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    I’ll talk about board matters. I was bored fookin silly again for 90 mins ;-)

  • Alsteads

    Polarboy You would of thought having been at Man Spu and at the Toon long enough his decision making for an attacking player would be there if not at least better!! When he failed to put his foot through it, it was then I thought Stoke will get one here. It must give you a lift as a team when you see the opposition make a complete hash of making it 2-0.
    As for their goal I’d have to see it again but WTF was Krul doing getting lobbed with a header on the corner of the 6 yard box?

  • Brownale69

    Why not coach players to take fee kicks/corners and oh a throw in? If Cisse is fit why isnt he playing from the start?

  • amacdee

    hettonmag Hasnt been much passing practice either. Rockets are required for all of them.