John Carver has insisted that he can guarantee fans that he isn’t a yes man.

With the press having a field day after the Rangers manager stated he’d been told he had to play the five Newcastle loan players if they were fit, it was obvious the question would be posed at Friday’s pre-Stoke press conference.

Carver insists he won’t have anybody telling the Head coach ‘Pick him ahead of him’.

However, most Newcastle fans will think the debate has a number of angles.

Even if Carver and Pardew before him weren’t told to play certain players ahead of others, most of us will find it hard to believe that when it comes to Cup matches there hasn’t been more general orders sent down from above.

The last there seasons in the FA Cup have seen five, seven and seven changes to the team from the eleven who played the previous Premier League match, including pretty much all of the best players. That last instance of seven changes coming under John Carver against Leicester…

John Carver speaking to the media on Friday;

“I can guarantee the people out there that I am definitely not going to be a yes man.

“I’m going to be myself and I’m going to do it the way I want to do it.”

I won’t stand for that;

“The conversations I have had with the club have been honest and frank and straight about the team, I have got to give my opinions about individuals and I will give my honest opinion about what I think.

“What I will not have is anybody telling me what team to pick -‘Pick him ahead of him’, I won’t have that nor will I stand for that.”

Happy with that;

“I am quite happy to work within the parameters of being head coach, organising the team and picking the team. I am happy with that.

“Once though we go into the realms of other people telling me which team to play and all that, that’s not the realm of the head coach.”

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  • Paul Mann

    Tell that to all the fans that travelled to Leicester.

  • LeazesEnder

    Carver…“I’m going to be myself and I’m going to do it the way I want to do it.” ….” Just so happens my views on selection in cup games coincides with Wendy and Lee Charnley!…. coincidence thats all…honest…..would you like a prawn sandwich with that…ehm prawn sandwich!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    I’m not interested or involved in who we buy or who we sell. I’m doing it my way.Yeah right!

    Grow some gonads JC and do a McDowall on this lot.

  • Steve1221

    The idea that the board would actually tell the manager to play a weakened team in the cup is ridiculous. However if the manager is told the league is the priority and performance in the cup will have no bearing on him keeping the job then of course he’s going to place emphasis on the league.

  • billyboy111

    The team in the fa cup told me what I already knew .Not a yes man don’t make me laugh actually nothing about my team makes me even smile never mind laugh

  • Bills frollocks

    John…YES you are. Take it from me and many more. You are a YES man. Your also a liar. You fit in very well with this regime.

  • TonyMarkElsender

    Well you proved that with the Sissoko comment, it’s like having a new manager being told exactly what to say

  • Paul Soulsby

    “And I have Mike’s permission to say that” . . . . .

  • Ray Ions

    Is that the punchline of a joke?

  • toon tony

    I must have overslept. Is it April 1st already. !!!

  • Tom Graham

    “MOUSSA staying is like a new signing”….
    Pardew the 2nd.

  • wor monga

    Go for it John…nobody’s got the right to control their own
    destiny these days with so much at stake…

    ……especially not these keyboard moguls
    who have never had to decide on anything more than if they wanted salt on their
    ‘carry oot’ or not…

    ….. You are in control of this team, and if they fail you will
    fail with them…the real supporters (and Sir Bob RIP) want you (and the lads) to
    do it … HWL.

  • toonterrier

    Its obvious when Pardew left that Ashley in one of his money saving modes ordered Carver to wear the puppet’s old genes which is why we’re getting the same drivel now as we did under the useless one.           But then for Carver its another tick in the box to carry on next season as fatty’s whipping boy.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga Take a day off lad, no need to be a [email protected]@k for every one of them.

  • Toon Magpie

    Carver IS a YES man. If he weren’t he wouldn’t be in his job.

  • cwtoon88

    The only way Carver wouldn’t be a yes man is if he didn’t have the verbal skills to say yes.

    Hes a caveman version of Pardew the puppet

  • amacdee

    wor monga I’m a real fan and I dont want Carver anywhere near a squad full of players with ability, drive and ambition to take the club forward. Having said that I’m not sure that these players, with their end of season pay day for finishing tenth, have that much ambition.

  • NUFC9

    “I can guarantee the people out there that I am definitely not going to be a yes man.” 
    Is that what Ashley told you to say John?

  • magpie9

    Ashley, John should we sign new players? Carver no boss. Ashley have you fielded a strong team in cup? Carver no boss. Ashley will we get relegated Carver no boss Ashley will we qualify foe Europe? Carver no boss. Ashley if I give you the job do you expect a raise Carver no boss Ashley will you tell the truth to fans & press? Carver no boss  Carver is definitely not a YES man