John Carver has told the media and the fans not to believe the rumours that anybody else but him makes the decisions on who plays for Newcastle United.

When all of Newcastle’s players were left out of the FA Cup match at Leicester, Carver had to defend his team selection after angry fans accused him of being ordered by Mike Ashley to play a weakened team yet again in the cups, claiming all the players were injured or too tired to play, though all were amazingly available for the following Premier League match.

The latest rumours see Carver react by insisting that the board can’t and haven’t dictated to him as to whether or not Jonas Gutierrez will play or not, as the Argentine winger is set to be included back in the squad for Aston Villa:

“Some good news, I’m going to bring in Jonas Gutierrez to the squad, there’s a possibility he could be on the bench this weekend. So that’s a huge lift for him and for everybody around the club: and certainly for the fans because I know how much they like him.

“My situation with Jonas is if I need to use him, then I will use him. I know there have been rumours out there about the board picking him – I make the football decisions and I will pick him when the time is right.”

While it is obviously great to at last see Jonas back involved, it does appear that there is a concerted effort by John Carver to try and get the fans back onside.

It all seems a bit strange after Carver earlier in the week said that Gutierrez wasn’t ready yet, despite the player saying he had been fit and available for weeks.

John  Carver has also made a big point of slagging off the Villa fans for their conduct when Newcastle were last relegated, though he wasn’t even at the club at that time and is speaking only as how he felt as a fan according to him. No doubt counting on winning extra brownie points for referencing what a joke the Villa fans are.

The Villa match is surely pivotal to any hopes for Carver of getting the Newcastle Head Coach job long-term and/or getting the fans in some way onside with him. So no surprise we are seeing this charm offensive, especially considering the following matches involve the likes of Man U, Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool.

No matter how cynical it may be by Carver and/or the club, hopefully the inclusion of Jonas Gutierrez can help lift the players and the crowd, it would be great just to enjoy a football match for once without thinking too much about the circus surrounding our club.

  • SGM

    We will wait and see.

  • BillyfromConsett

    I think the phrase “show us the money” needs applying here. I believe JC, but past communications from the club haven’t been exactly totally honest.
    Re Gutierrez, is he good enough? He was poor for the whole year when he played.

  • dude 1

    Must be expecting a low turn up tomorrow so roll out Gutierrez and tell the fans he may be included to boost the crowd  capacity.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    JC Wednesday –  “I don’t know (if he will play again),” he added. “I’d like to think so. It’s got to be right. He’s got to get in the team, in his position.

    JC Thursday – “Jonás will almost certainly be on the bench on Saturday,” said Carver. “It’s a huge lift for everyone.” “He obviously thinks the board are making the decisions but it’s me, it’s my decision. And it’s totally a football decision.”

    Aye John, aye. Tickets to sell, man.

  • Brownale69

    Just go and get at Villa lets see a 100% effort from everyone.

  • tomkaak

    They’re not daft. 2nd bottom Villa come to town and lets say they’re winning after 70mins and the boo’s are ringing out. What better way to stop them than by bringing in a lad who has battled back from cancer? The crowd aren’t going to boo Jonas coming on after everything he’s been through. He comes on, takes the attention away from the result and the protests are kept to a minimum. 

    I’m chuffed to bits for him, but the cynic in me can’t help but think they’re just using him to try and muffle the supporter unrest at yet another shocking result.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    tomkaak Likewise, mate. He deserves a send off after what he’s been through.
    But I feel for sure the story is being used to fill seats that would otherwise have been empty again.

  • Jarra MIck

    Brown ale, have you seen any evidences of us going and getting at anyone? We have had ample opportunity against teams at the bottom end and Carver reverts to type or Pardew type, sit back and hope we get a break. Every game we seem to have less possession than the opposition, ok that’s acceptable against Arsenal away but Burnley at home, Stoke at home? If he players our three purples tomorrow, Wilko, Anita and Gouff then a draw will be the best we will get.