John Carver really needs to do more thinking and less talking, the Newcastle Head Coach claiming; ‘Alan Pardew has left fantastic legacy’.

Maybe not what it is best to broadcast when you have presided over one win in six games utilising Pardew’s ‘legacy’.

Carver also dismissing the relegation fight in 2012/13 as not surprising due to the extra demands of European football.

Well it would have been a help if Alan Pardew had insisted that the team/squad was strengthened accordingly in summer 2012, instead of only Vurnon Anita brought in.

John Carver;

“His legacy is a fantastic one, we talk about the conditions you have to work under and we all know we don’t spend millions that we don’t spend what Manchester City and Chelsea do.

“He (Alan Pardew) had a side he inherited and that he worked with, he got the best out of them and in season we finished fifth was incredible.”


“In modern day football it was an incredible achievement, then there was the extra burden of European football the following year.

“I wasn’t surprised what happened to us the season that followed us finishing fifth, as the workload was just too much and we didn’t have enough to cope.”

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Which is it JC? Pardew was shackled and did the best with what he had. Or now, he built and left a legacy?
    Some fookin legacy.

  • supermacsnewname

    Alan Pardew has left fantastic apathy
    but at least
    Alan Pardew has left

  • supermacsnewname

    is that a japanese poem?

  • scotty63

    I’m beginning to wonder if Honest John is reading from pre-written scripts

  • Brownale69

    Aye it was a bad day at the office when we had the “burden” of European football. A mistake NEVER to be repeated. Oh and the legacy of the results againt the Mackems! Thank Pard & co.

  • Willvenus1

    “We don’t spend what Manchester City and Chelsea do” Newsflash JC, we don’t spend what Arsenal,Liverpool,Tottenham,Swansea,Southampton,QPR,Leicester,West Brom,Sunderland,Everton,Man Utd,West Ham,Stoke,Crystal Palace,Aston Villa or Hull do!!!!! I think that leaves Burnley JC you knob

  • GToon

    Legacy? Isn’t that a good thing? Something to be excited about? Obviously the records that i will remember Pardew for have long been forgotten – record run of defeats, biggest home loss, results against mackems etc etc. Some legacy. The only thing Pardew left was a lot of left backs, a few confused players and money in the bank. How JC feels about his job is irrelevant. Results are what matter and the rubbish served up against Stoke doesn’t look like much of a legacy to me.