In the latest part of their pre-match love-in, John Carver has now nominated Alan Pardew as a future England manager.

With Crystal Palace v Newcastle United only one day away now, Carver says that by dealing with the criticism when at St. James’ Park, Pardew showed he had the mental toughness to deal with the managing England.

In all of these pre-match comments, the thing that is missed  is why exactly Alan Pardew received so much criticism in the last two and a half years and that is because he lost a lot more football games than he won!

“Alan didn’t talk about England but me, Andy Woodman and Steve Stone would have a laugh and a joke about it.

“We’d say ‘Do you think he will take us to England with him’, we would have a bit of craic in the golf club about it. We used to have a laugh and a joke about England but Alan always remained focused on managing Newcastle.”

Pardew could deal with it;

“Alan can definitely be an England manager because he has the temperament.

“The England manager gets criticised by everyone, there would be big pressure on Alan but he could deal with it.”

Some of Pardew treatment was harsh?;

“The criticism Alan took was tough but he dealt with it and I am not sure there are many people out there who could have dealt with it like he did. .

“I thought some of the treatment Alan received was harsh but he was honourable and he stood up to it. He was as strong as an ox. His strength helped me and Steve Stone. He was a leader.”

  • Darren Brown

    U0001f602 this guys on glue

  • tino o

    Carver is really Joe kinnear in disguise I knew we hadn’t seen the Last of him! !

  • Brownale69

    Carver he didnt take you and stone to Palace wot makes you think he would take you to the Engerland job! FFS.

  • SimonM68

    You know what, there’s something to be said for loyalty in a way. It’s actually quite refreshing not to have a ‘new’ manager slag the predecessor to high heaven (De Canio an O’Neil for instance).  I still think Carver is a puppet, but not for what he’s said here, or at least the sentiment behind it.

  • jimblag

    Brownale69 That’s what I was about to say. It says a lot about Carver, Stone and Woodman that he didn’t feel the need to have them as his assistants at Palace but we now have Carver as our number 1. Obviously you could say Carver was probably assured from the off he’d manage us, but that also proves we had no intention of getting a proper, qualified manager in straight away.
    Bleak times at SJP.
    If Pardew ever gets the England job it will be a sad day for Sterling, Sturridge, Barkley, Kane and all attacking players but a great day for Barry, Carrick, Colback and Henderson. He’d also play Rooney as a centre back or something, as yes…….definately a call up for Mike Williamson.

  • toon tony

    Carver for Scotland….. or Wales or Ireland or Australia or…Whoever. .

  • NatTurner

    Sterling would never get a game.  Way too risky.

  • toonterrier

    If the womans netball team need a manager then let the puppet have the job. He must be good at something but he’s proved its not as a football manager

  • dav_art

    The headline has quote marks around it, implying that John Carver said ‘Pardew for England’.  Yet he never actually said it.

    There’s a pattern here to headlines on The Mag, it’s misleading, disingenuous and a sad reflection on the author.