Fair play to Rangers fans who aren’t letting Mike Ashley have it easy as he and his allies desperately try to keep control of the Glasgow club’s board.

Copying a trick John Hall and Freddy Shepherd used when at Newcastle, the Rangers board had moved their upcoming General Meeting to a Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London.

The United pair moved the NUFC AGMs to London after starting to get asked awkward questions once the club was on the slide and they were still taking out fortunes in salaries and dividends, despite the business losing money.

Similarly, Ashley and the Rangers board had moved their meeting over 400 miles from Ibrox as rival shareholder Dave King has proposed the removal of the board and with over 5,000 small shareholders, Chief Executive Derek Llambias and the rest of the Directors are desperate to stop as many of them attending as possible and/or voting.

However, Rangers have now admitted that they are having to look for an alternative venue (still in London!) as the Millennium Gloucester Hotel has pulled out of hosting the 4th March meeting

Rangers have blamed ‘complaints and false information’ which has led the Millennium Gloucester Hotel to believe it likely that there would be ‘disruption to guests and neighbours’.

With no sense of irony, the Rangers hierarchy have stated that

“The board apologises for any inconvenience!”

Maybe they should be saying that to the thousands of their fans who are also shareholders.

The Rangers board releasing the following;

“The hotel management at the Millennium Gloucester has taken advice from different quarters and concluded that the GM cannot be managed without significant disruption to guests and neighbours.

“The hotel management felt it necessary to take this position after receiving numerous complaints and false information from individuals purporting to be shareholders.”

Irresponsible and inaccurate media…;

“The board is concerned the situation was exacerbated by irresponsible and inaccurate media coverage.

“An alternative venue is currently being sought in the London area and will be announced as soon as possible.”

Of only Newcastle fans were in a similar position to Rangers fans and had some means of fighting what is happening at our club.

However, with Mike Ashley owning United 100% after Hall and Shepherd sold out to him and banked a fortune, the only option to make any kind of protest is to stop going to matches and that is far too big a step for most fans to take.

It will be interesting to see if any other London venue is prepared to step into the void…

  • MikeAshleyLies

    Jumping from venue to venue, like a gypsy wedding.

  • Nath_1872

    MikeAshleyLies NUFCTheMag quality piece that!

  • D_Clacher

    MikeAshleyLies NUFCTheMag he has just banned Daily_Record

  • homer994

    wee_mic what’s the bets the fire alarms go off when they do find a hotel.

  • PaulNewsome

    only Newcastle fans were in a similar position to Rangers fans and had
    some means of fighting what is happening at our club.”
    You can’t be serious. The reason Geordies don’t fight Mike Ashley is because they don’t have in them any more. They had their bo**cks removed by Thatcher decades ago. They can’t even boycott a game, they’re like the zombies in ‘Dawn of the Dead’ when they’re not working in a call centre.

  • magpie9

    Good luck to Rangers fans. This leech has to be shown for what a low down sleaze he is

  • No Brainer

    PaulNewsome My bolarks are still very much intact, as for rangers fans boycotting the club its more likely that the thing they are offered to watch is so dire it can’t be watched. 
    Could it be that actually they do not have such a great fan base as everybody said they have, are they only able to support the club when it is in the top two of the table, are they so fickle that they can’t show a love for the club that transcends two years no trophy.

    The problem is so many Newcastle people who think they are clever have moved away, to join the smarmy ****ers.  However its clear they feel the pain of being so far away so much that they have to come on here and whinge whinge to ensure they have some way to justify moving away, in their pretty little heads.

    Well ya nar what kidda, the beech is fab the countyside is fab the art and culture is so many top quality restaurants to eat in, all of that is true (so i am told) and its a great place for bender. 

    But in reference to the AGM being in London ****ing disgrace its the sort of thing a smarmy southern living TW*T would do

  • Demented_Man

    PaulNewsome Absolutely spot on.  Ashley could change the ground name, the team name, the team colours to red and white stripes, knock part of the stadium down and replace it with a SD supermarket, threaten to move the club down south, and still there would be only meek submission on the part of the fans. Moreover, you’d still you’d get people on forums and phone-ins arguing that things are really not so bad, we must praise Mr Ashley’s ‘financial prudence, spitting fire against the ‘bed sheet brigade’ etc.
    At least the Rangers’ fans are fighting back.  I’ll give them that.

  • Gordonthetoony

    Haven’t the hotel now changed their mind ?

  • magpie9

    Its a real testament to one of the richest men in the worlds character when his reputation prevents him booking a hotel