‘Harry Redknapp for Newcastle’ is the headline for a number of media this morning.

The story going that Mike Ashley wants to bring him to St. James’ Park in the summer as Alan Pardew’s permanent replacement.

Ashley had supposedly tried to bring Redknapp to Newcastle early on in his ownership at the club but ‘Arry decided against it.

Walking out on Rangers, Harry Redknapp said;

“Sadly I need immediate surgery on my knee, which is going to stop me from doing my job in the coming weeks.

“It means that I won’t be able to be out on the training pitch every day and if I can’t give 100% I feel it is better for somebody else to take over the reins.”

The fact that Rangers are relegation favourites and Harry Redknapp wasn’t given a penny to spend in January will surely not have played any part in our old mate’s decision…

The idea of Mike Ashley and Harry Redknapp working together takes some believing.

An owner who doesn’t want to spend a penny on transfers he doesn’t need to and a manager who insists on spending as much as possible, including Portsmouth who he helped to ruin and QPR who aren’t far off going the same way.

The idea as well of ‘Arry being happy not to have any say on players going in or out is also laughable, nor forgetting he will be 68 years old in the summer and gets a nosebleed if he comes north of Watford.

If these ‘small’ matters can be ironed out then I think there is every chance of Harry Redknapp coming to St. James’ Park…

  • Lee Dolman

    Nee chance thankfully

  • Dave Groves

    My worst fear. Easily the most overrated manager in the Prem. (Although Bruce pushes hard for that honour).

  • Rob Stevenson

    Yes please. …

  • Andynufc Ryan

    No thanks slavery chops U0001f631U0001f631

  • LeazesEnder

    It makes me wonder where these stories start…so I immediately go to the ‘Newsnow’ site and type the words ‘Harry Redknapp’…. and voila ….stick in a filter for the date…and you see it started with…..Rebecca Knight…. a Journalist, she finishes her article with….

    …’Newcastle fans. Would you touch Redknapp with a barge pole? Let us know your thoughts below, become a guest blogger or tweet us @LaFootyettes.’

    Then other sites take up the claptrap….like this one here!

  • scottjuice

    He would give you moaning geordies a kick up the arse, how funny U0001f604 is it now pardew is going take over u in table, now u are left with his ball boy

  • Peaco

    Your statement in incomprehensible. Learn grammar before taking to the political stage.

  • GeorgiaPeter

    Just makes me wonder wether “Mr Brown Envelope ” Took the ideal opportunity to have his knees done because “Nikey Mikey” tipped him the wink Anava Landan Geeze an awl at….!

  • Alan Richardson

    Massive step backwards.

  • GeorgiaPeter

    That would be “is ” incomprehensible would it. The grammer police are so infuriating arn’t they.

  • Gordan Nufc Burke

    please god no

  • Petri Mäkäläinen

    Never gonna happen under Ashley`s regime

  • David Harrison

    Only good when given lots of money to spend!

  • Peaco

    The “grammar” police did you say? They “aren’t” that annoying.

  • TonyMarkElsender

    Just keeps getting better, ready to give up watching on tv now

  • Hughie

    There is knee chance of the pensioner coming here– daft article.

  • Lee Dolman

    He has in the past occasionally put together a few decent sides which play ok football but always at a cost Ashley would never sanction in a million years… thank god… U0001f60f

  • David Williams

    Will his bad leg mend in time, will Ashleys money belt be deep enough.
    Will he do a drive up interview … all of these things answered in nxt weeks shoot.

  • Christopher Murphy


  • toon tony


  • shadsdad

    We need Rednap like a snowman needs the sun!

  • Mark Potter

    No crap and past it would of got qpr relegated

  • Nigel Benton

    Please no. Never.