A 1-1 bore draw today and we want your Newcastle v Stoke player ratings.

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  • NatTurner

    The match made me so glad that Pardew’s gone.  Not about to change my name to JC’s Black and White Army but I thought Carver picked a perfect team and made the perfect subs.  The only thing missing from the first half was a goal.  My only criticism is that Sissoko was positioned very far back again and wasn’t in the game enough for my liking.  I bit too cautious that.  It was 100% Squidward’s fault that we lost.  Nothing could’ve prevented their goal.  Colback MotM for me.

  • amacdee

    I couldnt disagree more. 
    Carver was either blind to the fact that Hull City gave us all three goals last week in what was probably one of the worst performances by a PL side or he felt a loyalty to those who trod the KC turf ?
    Either way the side he put out today said “Contain” and hit on the run. Playing two DM’s at home says we’re here for a point maybe three if we get lucky ?. FFS this was a Stoke side shorn of its two best players in Bojan and Shawcross. It was our duty to create havoc within the Stoke defence from the outset yet by 60 minutes Stoke had 61% of possession.

  • NatTurner

    amacdee  Fair points but isn’t the game simply about beating the other side?  We created chances the whole game.  They didn’t.  We contained them well and broke fluidly.  A bit more directness in the final third and we easily could’ve scored a couple in the first half.  Same in the second half where we could’ve scored at least two more after Colback’s. 

    Carver has to play with the player’s he has.  Hate to say it but the CBs can’t be given too much responsibility.  And wasn’t Cisse for Anita a bold substitution?  You say two DMs but Anita and Colback were attacking regularly. 

    e don’t have the best players in the world.  If JC can find a way to get three points each game I won’t complain about his tactics.  He did against Hull.  And he did here.  It wasn’t his fault we threw the points away.

  • toonterrier

    The highlight of the game was the final whistle. Two lousy sides with Newcastle playing at home but looking for a draw. If they had played Crouch from the off we would have lost. If this is what we pay good money to watch then its money down the plughole. Thought the puppet had gone but his shadow still hangs over the team.

  • Jarmin Geordie

    NatTurner “Perfect subs”, Ameobi was invisible the 2nd half but remained on the pitch when Cabella was hooked

  • NatTurner

    Jarmin Geordie The problem is we’re so thin there’s not replacements for both.

  • jimblag

    NatTurner Jarmin Geordie Obviously take off Ameobi, who was also on a booking and leave Cabella on. It wasn’t Obertans fault we lost, he looked alright when he came on tbf. I can’t really remember Anita doing too much attacking to be honest. If Cisse isn’t fit enough to start then play Riviere, Perez is far too isolated, we have no options in the box. We’re paying Riviere’s wages and paid money to sign him, he’s not gonna get up to speed on the bench.

  • BarryCollins

    Load of crap as usual. I’ll start to dream of success when Ashley pisses off.

  • NatTurner

    jimblag I just think Cabella looked knackered before he got taken off.  I was starting to wince watching him.  I do think it was Obertan’s fault because that was a goal 90% of the time at least and he blew it.  Riviere looks useless every time he gets on the pitch do you give up or keep throwing him on there?  I’m leaning towards the former … wait for a fit De Jong.  The season’s too short to have useless players on the pitch for extended periods of time.  I would’ve played Abeid over Anita but maybe he wasn’t fit enough for 90.  Anita wasn’t terrible.  As you said not great either.

  • amacdee

    I understand the need to not lose in front of your home fans but there is the necessary requirement of getting this docile crowd on board. You dont do that by sitting deep, waiting for the mighty Stoke to push forward then hit them on the break.
    FFS thats not football its chess !

  • Jarra MIck

    I thought we looked a more attacking outfit once squigwad came on. I have never been his biggest fan but he did make a difference. Looked composed on the ball just a shame he picked the wrong pass when he tried to set up sissoko. If he had been on for longer I think we would have won comfortably. Anita didn’t play bad just doesn’t seem to contribute much, if he had come off for Obertan earlier it might have turned out differently. As many have suggested too defensive against a pss poor Stoke team.