I can remember it, just, the older boy said ‘and who are you’?

‘Jackie Milburn’ I replied, ‘oh United then’, he said.

See back then there was only one United, Newcastle!

Sure there was Manchester but that’s what they were, United was Newcastle.

Eleven full internationals and those in reserve would be Internationals.

Simpson, Scoular, Keeble, Milburn, McMichael, Mitchell, everyone playing their hearts out.

No falling down, no conning the ref. Honest pros playing honest pros.

Friday:  wondering what the team would be, not much info on formations.

Waiting for the results on the radio Saturday at five.

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Knowing your team would give their all, knowing that you were as good as any side in the land.

By now you may have guessed I’m a southerner, but as big a fan as anyone, but times change and society with it.

Money is God, players are mercenaries ,kissing the badge and conning the ref, it’s how society is now.

Look at the morons wanting Pardew out. What did that achieve? A half decent manager goes to be replaced by what? Many fans now abuse everything and everyone, you pays your money and it’s your right. Society again.

What’s the answer ? For sure we won’t change the top, that will only happen if everyone stops paying to watch, and then maybe not, with all the T V money.

Screaming abuse at the manager/head coach won’t help because he isn’t in charge.

The players? They are here for the money and a chance to push on to better things, not play their hearts out – the Manchester City game proved that.

So my friends we are no longer what we were, and not likely to be again, look in the mirror…look at society, that’s life.


  • Woffy

    ‘ My worst sin. I was a Pardew fan, I thought a decent man doing an impossible job, probably still do….but after Southampton he has to GO. – See more at: //www.themag.co.uk/2014/09/forgive-sins/#sthash.yN82bGbq.dpuf

    I’m quoting the author of this article, writing on this site, just a few weeks ago.  Moron?  By his own standards he is.

    Click-bait article?

  • Hope541

    TeamToon it achieved nothing cause we kept his coaching staff

  • Andy Gray

    Nobody ‘got rid’ of Pardew, he walked; finally having enough
    of the Ashley regime and all that goes with it, albeit with a mood of
    understandable unhappiness from the crowd. Do you think the supporters should
    just blindly turn up every week and pretend there is nothing wrong? We’re left
    with a great void because Ashley thinks we’re safe and so why spend a single
    penny, but would it have been any better if he’s stayed- at least the last few
    weeks have (hopefully) shown we need a proper manager, otherwise we’ll go the
    way of Richard Dinnis’ team of the late 70s. Whilst the owners thinks its ok to
    sanction 3 defenders to leave in the transfer window whilst 2 others are long
    term injured, we’re left with a situation we can’t understand or do anything

  • NUFC9

    Woffy  Good spot.  Doesn’t quite fit with the “Look at the morons wanting Pardew out” line from this current article.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Woffy Plainly one of the morons himself. Well spotted, mate. There’s a few more on this board posting the same dual and argumentative views.

    Anyone believing that we can’t force change needs simply read Ashley’s one and only statement. He’s wanted out of this club three times because of discontent.

  • LeazesEnder

    Woffy Oh dear, I bet her feels a bit of a twit now!

  • SGM

    LeazesEnder Woffy Is that you with the quiff?

  • Corkyjohn

    Richard Birs, a silly old moronic fart who can’t even remember his hypocritical contributions from week to week. Enjoy your retirement but please refrain from forcing your crap on us ever again….

  • LeazesEnder

    SGM LeazesEnder Woffy I’ve never worn a tie to a match.

  • ArtyH

    Its quite simple now we know or should know what the owners game is, some have known it for years, some still need educating. No matter who coaches NUFC they will still be constrained by the regime, but some will do it better than others. Unless we get a new owner we are doomed to mediocrity, that there is no doubt. Its gone to far to kiss and make up now, with the constant humiliation metered out by this regime. If fans could only admit to the bullying and take a stand, stay away for a few games especially the televised ones, it would send a measage to the owner we will not be treated like slaves or stupid money making machines. He prayes on your stupidity, not mine as I stopped going a few years ago, and will not go again until there is a new owner. I pity season ticket holders for the money they have spent, wasted, on knowing what will be served up to them on the football field, at the moment I consider you not as fans as you are hurting the club, just lining the owners pocket,, nothing more. Pardew was a symptom, and I was glad he left, Carver is a symptom too but not as capable, so where does that leave us….in the brown stinky stuff, up to the neck! It was a disgrace yesterday and it was not the first time as a club we threw in the towel. Those who attend the games, I ask, do you enjoy what you watch, is it exciting football, are you pleased after any game, do you look forward to the next game with any confidence? Its no good turning up and chanting anything or waving any banners, why, because you have paid to get in and shown you support the regime, its recorded. The only way to get change is to take action, and that is to stay away, it will send a much more powerfull measage than anything else, as he wont be able to change anything. Things will only get worse if this inaction is allowed to continue. True fans will stay away untill the measage is understood. Be a true fan at least for a few games. I want to go back to watch my team but that is impossible under this owner!

  • PhilYare

    £3.5 million in fatty’s pocket (not bad for a puppet)

    now we have another puppet with the same tactics and BS

  • AndyMac1

    I was one of the morons who never accepted Pardwho primarily because he wasnt good enough to manage my club but he was also a very unpleasant character who thought nothing of belittling his players and staff.

    The four years in charge, accepting the First Full Season Syndrome where Pardwho seems to do well at almost every club he’s involved in, were full of expectation but ultimate disappointment. Yet during that period he’s had the rare luxury of working with some of the best players in the Premier League. The fact he couldnt get the best out of them and constantly reverted to his old faithfuls speaks volumes about the bloke and his managerial abilities.

    Are we better off without him ? Of course we’re not. Carver unfortunately isnt even good enough to be called Pardwho Mark 2 and that’s a major problem with the last twelve games coming up. However just to compare Pardwho with Carver and claim we’re better off with the silver haired numpty is missing the point by a country mile. NEITHER CURRENT NOR FORMER COACH IS GOOD ENOUGH TO MANAGE THIS CLUB. Hopefully, very soon, the sheep will realise they’re being taken for mugs and stay away in protest at the ownership and direction of the club.

    As the sign said “We dont crave Titles and Trophies but we do want a club that matches our passion and ambition” Pardwho wasnt the man to do that.

  • Alexh1984

    Look at the morons wanting Pardew out. What did that achieve?
    Well we only lost by 5 yesterday. Not quite the 6 at HOME against Liverpool or 7 at arsenal we managed under Pardew.
    You remember the decades ago but, as many fans have, seem to only remember the good times under pardew (that takes some talent in itself)
    Maybe you have short term memory loss. I’d go to the Dr.

  • Alexh1984

    Great spot. This is the worst type of fan, one who has no opinion of there own but just like to blame others. Not really a fan at all.

  • GToon

    For years i have moaned on about wanting us to play in a particular style rather than rely on individual players. The noises coming out of SJP suggest that this is how it needs to be too. The coach and ultimately the team too need to be immune to the sale of individuals. We need a style of play that players fit into. If a player leaves or is missing we simply replace him with another one who has ben coached and drilled in the requirements of the position. This is the Swansea style. This is what we need to adopt too. Pardew was not a good manager or coach. Statistics and history prove this and watching the performances of the team too. I’ve nothing against him other than he wasn’t good enough. And nor is Carver.

  • Brownale69

    Morons that watched a record against the Mackems? And a  first for NUFC we sold a manager!!! we are up the creek without a paddle because the owner gambles on staying up with the shower that are “coaches”? Go join the “experts” who say poor Pard was driven  away by those nasty supporters! And not cos he was getting more money. Do you really expect him to be there at Palace the length of his contract?

  • partworntyres

    carver – the man says pelanty  – nothing more to say!

  • NUFCinnocent

    TeamToon – got rid of a hugely negative coach, who’s also a very poor defensive coach – #Pardew #NUFC

  • Cornflake

    Pardew was a joke when it came to tactics.  This year is a wash at this point, just like last year.  Seeing the worth of getting rid of Pardew won’t be evident either way until say Christmas time next year.  Should have a new manager, at maybe 1-2 new squad players…just so people think we’re moving forward (probably at the expense of selling others).

  • KevinTaylor1

    1957 Sorry but must disagree this club will never move forward while Cashley is in charge

  • Toon Magpie

    We didn’t get rid of him, he walked for better pay, for a better team and more pride. I wish Carver would walk now. We need the ball played right back at Ashley for this whole situation.  He was grossly underpaying Pardew if Palace can more than double his wages.

  • Toon Magpie

    Cornflake I think it is worse under Carver, Carver did nothing to change the course of the game.

  • Toon Magpie

    Alexh1984 Sad facts that you are arguing over who is worse Carver or Pardew and you say Pardew because we lost 6 or 7 goals instead of only 5 and you are getting some pats on the back for saying that. You’re a mugpie, it is unacceptable. It is not getting better because we let in one or two less goals. It is a fecking disgrace that you have defended a 5 goal loss with your patter. You fail to see under Ashley it is never going to change whatever manager we get it is going to be the same, the most we can hope for is staying in the league.

  • Toon Magpie

    KevinTaylor1  Look how Pardew does away from Newcastle while we continue down the same path as before. Nothing has changed and Carver isn’t a proper manager head coach so I’d say we are marginally worse than before.

  • Alexh1984

    Calm yourself down toon magpie. Does it sound like I’m defending a 5 goal loss? I’m simply saying no one should mourn the loss of Pardews useless management.
    Any fan with half a brain knows the problem starts and finishes at mike Ashley’s door.
    Considering I’ve researched and written articles, started petitions, marched and walked out in protest at Ashley’s running of the club I don’t think I ‘fail to see’ anything.
    What have you done?

  • A lex

    Pardew was just a brick in the wall, Ashley’s wall. He had to be forced out, and that was, ultimately, acehived by all the negativity we created for Pardew.

    We should keep kicking (metaphorically speaking) at the wall until it falls down. Ashley wouldn’t survive constant loud and negative abuse.

  • Toon Magpie

    A lex we didn’t force him out though, he left for more money, Pardew wouldn’t have walked for no money. I agree it is Ashley’s wall that is being dismantled. We must put pressure on Carver to go now and that will put pressure on Ashley to pick a proper Coach not a makeshift.

  • A lex

    Toon Magpie A lex Strictly speaking, you’re correct. And, as Pardew’s contract remaining term got shorter, the issue of salary was always going to be further forward in his mind.
    However, the Sack Pardew campaign was magnificent in creating pressure and negativity around his whole tenure at NUFC. At the time, what with results and protests, virutally all media pundits said his position was untenable. However, with support from Ashley, he survived.
    Nevertheless, don’t underestimate that negative aura that the campaign and Chronicle and other media created for his day-to-day job at NUFC. He jumped ship of his own accord, we know that, but if it wasn’t for such hassle he was getting, then his decision to leave wouldn’t have been so easy for him.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, and delighted that a part was played by fans that care.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    A lex Toon Magpie You’re all missing the point here. The article writer himself wrote previously for Pardew to get out. Calls people morons now when that’s exact;ly what he wanted before.

  • A lex

    Sickandtiredstill A lex Toon Magpie Yes, thanks. Did see the other postings informing of this after I wrote mine. Bloody pathetic – one of these people whose mind changes game by game and never sees the bigger picture.

  • toon tony

    Like in chess you have to remo a few pawns to get to the king.

  • paul janes

    I’m not saying this in an argumentative way cos I always thought Pardew was a c**t , but how do you know he belittled his staff,is the I’ll have your plateful because it looks better than mine true? or just another story of dubious origin.

  • A lex

    Great analogy.

  • DownUnderMag

    Pardew leaving may not have made an immediate impact, but that doesn’t mean he should still be here.  It’s like saying that because you have a thorn in your side, you should just leave that splinter in your finger….it’s going to get infected no matter how small it is and eventually will be a much bigger problem.

    Carver, has not been backed by the owner and board in the last window and so is making do with scraps…it is hardly fair on him.  Even so, he is not the candidate we all wanted, needed or thought we would be going after.  Let’s hope we get someone in during the summer who is more capable…but it will matter not if the owner doesn’t strengthen the squad!

  • newcastle7

    Best article I have read on hear.Myself would like us to get relegated and go back to the bottom of the second division to get rid of these glory hunters so they can go off and support Man City Chelsea or Man Utd .
    Hate the moaners.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 Sound thinking, Simon.
    Get relegated to get rid of the moaners, not the parasite who is responsible? [email protected]@K

  • Chemical Dave


  • ArtyH

    A lex Toon Magpie 

    Well said A lex. I just wish there were more ” fans ” who put the club first instead of their own misguided selfish interests, these are not true fans! They just want to be part of a group who get together and claim to be fans who like to talk about how the game went. These ” fans ” have not seen good football for years under the current regimen, its just football on a budget to cream the profits off stupid ” loyal ” Geordies. Alas its been done before and by a Geordie….but at least FFS paid the going rate and more for a player, but there were far to many over the hill when they came. We have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous in one fell swoop.