Former Newcastle manager Alan Pardew had some interesting quotes in the match programme on Wednesday night.

Addressing the Newcastle fans, Pardew said that he didn’t bear any grudges and hoped that everybody could move on.

However, it was his comments about the net spend while he was at St. James’ Park and having established a platform to go to the ‘next level’, which interested me.

Pardew believes he was successful relative to the lack of money available (net spend) and now talks although Newcastle could now take a step above that.

However, with pretty much every other club spending big in the transfer market, unless Mike Ashley radically alters his narrow strategy with regard to investing in the squad, it is impossible to see how realistically Newcastle United can out-perform their rivals.

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If Pardew is indicating that a lot more money would be available in the future then you would have to question whey would he then have jumped ship at this point, after going through all those years of being undermined by Ashley refusing to properly fund the team/squad. Particularly after that fifth place finish and when United were in a similar postionmidway through last season.

The new TV deal will no doubt see some quite eyewatering deals been made for players, both in terms of transfer fees and wages, as clubs scramble to make sure they will still be around in 2016 to share the massive new broadcasting revenues.

Maybe there will indeed be a chance of realistic funds being made available to take United to the ‘next level’ but via new owners, with Mike Ashley just maybe seeing this new TV deal as the clincher to maximise his return by selling the club in the next 18 months.

Alan Pardew writing in the Crystal Palace v Newcastle match programme;

“For a variety of reasons the Newcastle supporters ran out of patience with me as manager of their club.

“I can assure each and every one of them who have travelled to Selhurst Park, I bear you no grudge.

Remember the good times;

“You love your club more than any owner or manager and the pressure that goes with a massive job like that is well known before you take the challenge.

“Let’s all move on and try and cherish the good days we had together.”

Southampton a similar story;

“We took the team to fifth place in the Premier League and it is an achievement that can never be taken away from any of us who were involved.

“Southampton’s push for a top four finish this season is probably the only comparable story in recent years.”

Net spend;

“If you look at the net spend we had in my time at Newcastle, you can only conclude it was a successful period because the club I left are established in the Premier League with a platform to go to the next level.

“It is a legacy that I am proud to have on my record.

  • Paul Patterson

    Like I’ve said in the past- Alan Pardew wasn’t the problem at Newcastle.
    The problem still remains . .

  • LeazesEnder

    Hang on…we were established in the Premiership before the obese owner orchestrated our downsizing!

  • Paul Patterson

    LeazesEnder  Agreed. We were established, willing to have a cup run, qualifying for Europe on a regular basis (And having a good run at it) The atmosphere wasn’t toxic at matchdays, the whole situation at the club was good.
    Bad managers were appointed (Yet we STILL had ambition and did reasonably well- Remember the FA and UEFA Cup runs under Souness and the UEFA cup run under Roeder?)
    And our so called good financial footing in a smokescreen and a con.

  • A lex

    Whatever anyone says, just always think back to the plans and speeches made by Charnley. That’s the policy, that’s the way forward – it ain’t going to change.

  • wor monga

    Pardew knows it’s not going to change…even though the new
    money will mean the prices that clubs are asking will rise, and some clubs will
    pay. Ashley will keep scouring the market for players that go under the radar, with
    his ‘some you win some you lose’ policy… it could have worked this season if Siem
    De Jong had of proved fit enough, and he will gamble on reinforcing this policy
    with good young players coming through from the academy.

    It may work well enough providing among the lads coming
    through there might be the odd one who can quickly grow up to become another ‘Local
    Hero’… like Shearer, ‘Beardo’, Waddell…or Gazza, but if not…then the best
    option was to take the easy way out to somebody who would value his services…and
    supporters who would give him an easier ride!!!

  • wor monga

    A lex       ….and the rest are those that have walked away…stayed at
    home crying about the situation interminably like yourself…hoping for others to
    follow your example…when you know for certain now that nothing will turn Ashley
    away from the pure goldmine that is the PL…

    even with a relegation he will
    strive to get the club back up there…because it is easy…easy money, and he
    knows it!!

  • wor monga

    Paul Patterson LeazesEnder     Take the rose tinted specs of Paul…you know the score, and
    things were never that good then ….that’s why the last owners bailed out…it was
    an extremely ‘toxic’ environment (the club was deep in debt and players even
    ended up fighting each other on TV… Sunday league after a heavy Saturday night
    type stuff!!).

    The erstwhile owners couldn’t
    foresee any sign of any new TV deals beyond the horizon, and so they couldn’t dump
    it quick enough to the only village idiot that came along…sad to say, but that’s
    about all it was…

  • LeazesEnder

    wor monga Paul Patterson LeazesEnder The club were not’deep in debt’…. if there was a debt then itemise it for me!

  • Paul Patterson

    wor monga Paul Patterson LeazesEnder  @Things were not that good then’?
    How about 4th, 3rd, 5th? Beating Sheff Wed 8-0, Man Utd 3-0, Rob Lee scoring in the semi-final against Chelsea? 4-3 Man Utd? The two Leeds victories? Arsenal, Spurs and Sunderland away? One of the best away records we’ve had in many years resulting in Champions League qualification? Twice? An epic Champions league campaign? Milan and Feyenoord away? Beating Sunderland home and away? Semi Final of the UEFA Cup? Quarter Final in the UEFA Cup and Semi Final of the FA Cup in the same season under Souness? Shearers record breaking goal and penalty against Sunderland in a 4-1 win? Just the sight of him standing there with his arms aloft on Wearside will stay with me. His Testimonial?
    Yeah, we won nowt, but compared to now? We had everything . .

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga A lex Strive? 8 years has shown he hasn’t striven for very much at all. All that financial stability (if it actually exists due to the ‘loan’ he holds over us) has brought is a more profitable looking asset for himself.
    The only thing that gets to the man is publicity. Saying nothing just keeps his position as secure as it has been.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga Paul Patterson LeazesEnder Village idiot? Oh aye, I’m real sure Ashley and his troop of advisors had no clue at all at what they were buying. A financial ‘genius’ and he (and they) couldn’t even find out if the club had mortgages? 
    Now, who is kidding who? He knew what he was buying, down to the last penny. Lock, stock and barrel,  But go ahead, keep buying the line he was hoodwinked and in reality saved us.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Paul Patterson In fairness, he was part of the problem at least.
    Trouble is he wants to argue he wasn’t responsible for signings, then on the good ones he says he was.
    Most of all he defended the regime but now that is in print as to why (Charnley’s statement). He couldn’t afford to walk away from the contract, but given an out by Palace which ticked all the boxes, off he was.
    The problem is Ashley and his refusal to have genuine football people (like a good manager) make the decisions. He has preferred to trust Wise and Kinnear, now Charnley and Carr in that respect. Firstly they were stooges who were simply awful and cost him money. Now we have people toeing the party line under his direct beady eye.

  • A lex

    wor monga Waddell???? Ah, you mean Sid :-)