Newcastle loan players Jamaal Lascelles and Karl Darlow have increasingly become a main topic of conversation amongst Forest players.

The pair were bought by United in the summer and instantly loaned back to Nottingham Forest, one of the stranger deals considering Newcastle were desperate for players who could go straight into the first team.

It has been such a chaotic season at St.James’ Park so far, little wonder that not too much attention has been paid to two players we won’t see until next season at the earliest.

Karl Darlow only recently got his place back after being dropped in January, the goalkeeper getting stick from Forest fans for supposedly losing interest in this season and having only eyes on Newcastle and next season.

Whilst Jamaal Lascelles has only started eight Championship matches, which is a bit worrying if he can’t get a game at that level.

However, things have now taken a further turn for the worst with Forest fans losing patience and blaming the pair as the main culprits on Saturday – Nottingham Forest conceding 4 goals in 46 minutes (final score 4-4 and Blackpool went down to ten men on 76 minutes) and failing to beat rock bottom club Blackpool.

Darlow was in goal and Lascelles came on at 0-0 to replace the injured Jack Hobbs after 42 minutes, only  3 minutes later Forest conceded the first of four goals.

This is a sample of what Forest fans had to say on Twitter after the final whistle;

“Feel sorry for Newcastle getting Darlow and Lascelles.”

“I cannot see Lascelles or Darlow getting near the NUFC team next year. They’ll be loaned out again. Hopefully not to us again though.”

“My opinion is to drop Darlow & Lascelles based on yesterday. Positional play was dreadful.”

“Dear NUFC I’d like to apologise for Darlow & Lascelles now.”

“£7million for Darlow and Lascelles…….what a genius piece of business, come and fetch them now .”

“Imagine paying £7million for darlow and lascelles hahahahahahahahaha.”

“Good luck with Darlow and Lascelles lads… you’ll need it.”

  • john oneil

    How reasuring…

  • DownUnderMag

    Easy scapegoats, but you do worry that we have made a massive error of judgement.  Time will tell and while it could be that they are now just counting down the days before moving to the Premiership, if that is indeed the problem then it says a great deal in the negative column about their overall attitude to playing.  

    Let’s hope that they are just in a bad team and being singled out as the blame as they are off in the summer anyway…

  • 2smitha

    I’am a forest supporter Darlow and Lascelles are top notch, there just having a dip in form like the rest of the squad. In my opinion they will both play for England one day. I have thought that about Lascelles from day one. Good luck to them both. Forest fan and Genuine football fan.

  • supermacsnewname

    calm down – we’ll make a profit

  • Jimmywayhay

    carr has found one or two gems ,but in general all the players he buys are similar in everyway ,size included ,no decent centre halves or centre forwards , time for the chief scout to pull his finger out !
    And what about all the centre forwards we were supposed to be trying for ? Only Bonny has stood out from a pretty awful bunch !

  • Maximus Moose

    Jimmywayhay more like time for Carr to leave

  • Cuse


    Sounds like Forest fans have got their scapegoats lined up. They’ve lost their own messiah (Pearce) and need someone to blame for their pretty poor season.

    I seem to remember articles when we signed them quoting Forest fans devastated at the news.

  • No Brainer

    Darlow pulled off some amazing saves at the weekend was a stand out man in the forest back line though I suppose you could worry that all blackpool’s goals came after lascelles went on.

    Saturday aside though you have to be concerned about how the last six months have affected the psyche of these lads having been treated awfully by the former coach, dropping them and targeting them as they were no longer his players, having been a fan of pearce for such a long time it really seems he is worthy of his title psycho.

  • SGM

    It would appear to me that Forrests fall in fortunes coincides with the sale of Darlow & Lascelles.