To cheer myself up I have used The Mag’s new NUFC team selector feature to pick my ideal Newacstle team and formation if everybody was fit.

I’m as glass half empty as the next Newcastle fan but I wondered just what this current squad could give us even without much needed signings AND with everybody fit.

A bit of a surreal concept I know.

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Check out my team below and leave any comments at the bottom, plus by following the simple instructions HERE you can do the same.

newcastle team

When using the NUFC team selector you simply click on what team formation (4-3-3, 4-4-2 etc) you want, then click each position on the pitch and choose from the Newcastle United squad.

There are then a number of great options where you can then also share your team via Twitter, or you can share the selector on Facebook with friends, family and the rest of the black and white world.

It is really that simple even I can do it! Or you have the option of simply downloading the team image to the device you are using.

Go to the NUFC team selector now and choose and share your bets Newcastle team if everybody was fit.

Before every match, simply go to the menu at the top of this screen and click features, then on the drop down list click NUFC Team Selector and choose your team for every match.

  • SGM

    One centre half! Dream on

  • supermacsnewname

    SGM half a cenre half – collos not the player he was – dare I suggest Dummet?

  • supermacsnewname

    shades of Keegan there – looks exciting, but would the front 1-2-4 out-score the goals the back 3 conceded? It’s certainly worth a go.

  • Double Carpet

    Admit it, you’ve been on the cooking sherry. Haidara on the left of a back 3? No defender who can he head it? 5 forwards?? Even Keegan only played 5 forwards once (Ferencvaros at home). and Aarons and Cabella as wing backs? Jesus wept.
    Says a lot about the fantasy football brains that a lot of our fans have.

  • amacdee

    Double Carpet FFS if you bothered your R’s to read John’s article you’d realise its part surreal selection/part promo for the Mag’s Team selector app.

    If you dont like it make your own up instead of bitching like a little girl

  • supermacsnewname

    Double Carpet do you prefer the current dreadful reality to intertesting fantasy?

  • Double Carpet

    Mind aren’t you an angry little lad. Calm down son, it’s called having a different opinion.

  • Double Carpet

    No, but I’d back our current team, as bog standard as it is, to give that one more than a good game.
    Fantasy is fine, it’s just when it’s dressed up as common sense that I have to disagree. If the writer genuinely thinks that would be our strongest team then I think he’s miles off. You might agree with him, which is fair enough. It’s one opinion versus another.

  • magpie9

    You have been reading too much about Ashleys 11 purple player plan, will never happen as even on opening day of season we have never had a full fit squad. Ashley wont spend so we will never have the luxury of even fielding a team where all players are playing in their true positions

  • supermacsnewname

    Double Carpet I’m just saying it’s worth a go – it may not be better than mid table, but worth a cup run (if anyone remembers cup runs)

  • Double Carpet

    Don’t think it would be worth it though. We should have a style of play that we get used to – like Arsenal, Chelsea, all the good sides. We shouldn’t have a fantasy-style for some games. Good team play is like a snooker player’s action, it is ingrained and becomes second nature. All of the teams in the club should play like it. (Which is what Arsenal do).Then we need players who can carry it out.
    It’s also true that if Carver played that team in a cup game, and we go caned, he would be slaughtered. Mind you, whatever he does he’ll be slaughtered as he’s the latest Ashley scapegoat not to be given a fair crack.
    As bad as things are – and actually on the pitch they’re not terrible, just tediously average and lacking in ambition – we need realism and perspective. I’m desperate for us to be a good side, but we’ve only properly been one for about 5 years in my lifetime – which is a while! If good old Joe Harvey, widely revered, was our manager now he’d get hounded out. His highest league position ever was nowhere near fifth.
    So fantasy is fine, but some people really believe that’s not just what we should aspire to, but that a team like that would actually earn us the top 5 spot which we deserve. Of course, we don’t DESERVE to be top 5. Nobody does. The team has to earn it – and there’s no evidence in our history that we can and then sustain it.

  • hettonmag

    Double Carpet  I tell you what JH might not have reached the dizzy heights  of 5th  but his teams played a lot  better football  than the likes of scapegoats Pardew and Carver ever put out.

  • Steve1221

    Let’s get back to an old fashioned 4-4-2, sadly no place for De Jong, Abeid or Tiote.

  • amacdee

    Steve1221 Good effort Steve however my concerns would be Cabella out wide, Perez as support for a static (stay in the box) Cisse and no Abeid ?

  • Jarra MIck

    What has happened to Aaron’s? he had a bit of a hamstring pull about 5 months ago. Has he got a touch of the De Jongs. I said months ago when the heads in the sand lads were pontificating about all our superstars getting fit that De Jong, Aaron’s and TIote would struggle to play again this season.

  • Steve1221

    Cisse’s makes intelligent runs if he has someone clever enough to pick them out like Cabaye was and with Cabella and Perez I think we have two players who can do that. It was a straight choice between Abeid and Colback and 2 games isn’t enough to judge someone on.

  • Albert27

    I like it. I wud b having RTaylor hanging around the team. We need his free kick and passing ability.

  • amacdee

    Albert27 I agree with Raylor playing a part but where to play him? If you have Colback, Abeid and Raylor where do we play Aarons, Sissoko and De Jong if Cabella’s at No 10

    with Perez and Cisse ?
    It’s just a shame we have (when fit) too many similar players and nowhere near enough in other key positions.

  • alreet

    Fully aggree. We need defenders. Well more to the point center backs. We have about 4 wingers 2 shadow strikers 1 main striker and 4 very questionable defenders.

  • gusjaz

    2 full backs in a back 3? Not a chance

  • gusjaz

    A summer clear out of our CB’s is a must – pack of championship defenders. Colo must go – would like to see Colback being given the captain’s armband

  • alreet

    Janmaat colo dummett haidara
    Abeid colback sissoko
    cabella de jong
    cisse needs to prove hiself again. Arrons would be fighting against de jong or cabella but it would be dependant on opposition and tactics.
    So my bench would comprise.
    Elliott. Raylor. New center back. Tiote. Aarons. Armstrong. Cisse.
    Need a clearout of ameobi. Williamson. staylor. Gouffran. Riviere. Anita and Obertan.
    get in grenier. Mensah. Lacazette and a few more young guns from our under 21s. Need a proper clear of the old wood

  • DownUnderMag

    Firstly, given our injury record, that is a pretty big IF.    Secondly, I think this highlights the underlying problem at the club…we are not short of good quality, but we are run in such a barebones way that we have very little underneath those first choice players.  We just don’t have the depth to keep form going, to rotate players and not weaken the team.  Enough quality to survive as we will get enough games out of them to gain the points to save us from relegation (we hope) but nothing more…no push for top of the table, no push in cups, no push towards a Europa league spot and the fan away-days that brings…only scraping by with the bare minimum while raking in 10’s of millions for Ashley to squirrel away (certainly not going anywhere near paying the debt off that is for sure).

  • Steve1221

    alreet Cisse’s goals per game rate this season has been unbelievable, given this is a fantasy team where everyone is fit I’m not sure what else he could do to prove himself

  • No Brainer

    Jarra MIck refusing a contract

  • NatTurner

    I agree that  with our midfield being our best asset, a back three makes the most sense, and we already know that Janmaat can play in one.  The problem is he’s the only one.  I can see MYM on the left of a back three, but he’s gone.  A back three would require two new defenders.  Buy those two players and a quality striker and we’d have a pretty good team!  Simple, isn’t it?  Even if we invested the same amount we did last summer it would be doable.  Too bad MA isn’t interested in having a pretty good team.  Instead of investing in 3 quality players, he’ll again prefer to make a handful of risky buys hoping to sell at a huge profit, regardless of the team’s actual needs.

  • RichMilburn

    Everybody fit? If only!! In my opinion the team would pick itself. Close to Brazil 1970 Formation