I was down in London for the weekend and, during a journey on the Tube, found myself inside St James Park station. In a strange way it reminded me of our own St James’ Park.

The atmosphere was slightly tense, no one knew who was driving us forward and everyone was there just as long as they needed to be before they could move on to their desired destination.

I’ve got some serious concerns about the summer. The Newcastle circus has been in full swing and unless Ashley does leave/have a change of heart come June, I can see it continuing into next season.

For a start we’ve got a few prize assets who could well be fed up of the ongoing shambles at our club. For me Sissoko, Perez and Janmaat could all be in Champions League teams. Maybe not the elite teams in Europe but they could certainly play at a higher level than the mid-table scrapping we’ve become accustomed to of late.

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Colback is probably one of our best and most understated players and I’d like to think that being a Geordie he’ll be around for the long haul, but then we’ve seen former loyalists such as Joey Barton and Kevin Nolan pushed out when deemed surplus to requirements.

If players like Cabella, Abeid and Haidara can build on their undoubted quality then we really do have a decent spine to our team to move forward. Dead weights such as Williamson and Gouffran need to become peripheral figures at best. Everyone has their say on these two, as well as Anita and Obertan, but Williamson infuriates me the most of all of them. Every game he plays he looks petrified with the ball at his feet and despite his enormity doesn’t win that many headers in either box.

Then there’s the management situation.

When a manager leaves a club normal protocol is to hire a new one. Now sometimes the best options aren’t available straight away so an interim manager is brought in (think Chelsea with Hiddink/Benitez), or sometimes the caretaker manager is so successful that he’s given the job until the end of the season/permanently (think Chelsea again with Di Matteo).

What we get is something different. Three losses and a draw with another limp FA Cup exit in amongst those stats. Despite what couldn’t be a much worse showing, John Carver is offered the job until the end of the season. No pun intended here but why can’t we follow the Chelsea blueprint a little more closely.

Obviously Chelsea have a lot more pulling power but there’s surely a few experienced managers twiddling their thumbs, that would be happy to take a six month shot at it with the option of securing full-time employment. Saving that, why not give Beardsley a few games to see if he could cut it before any decision is made. He’s doing a good job with the kids. Why not give him a go? What qualifies Carver over everyone else?

My personal fear is that JC will get the job full-time in the summer. This wouldn’t bother me if he did go on to get a bunch of good results and lead us to a respectable sixth or seventh. I think even the most optimistic of us can’t see that happening though.

We’d all like to think that with Newcastle making a serious profit for the last couple of years and more guaranteed TV money pouring in over the next few years that Ashley, if he doesn’t sell up, will bring in a high calibre manager and spend the necessary money on the depleted areas in our squad.

The core of the team is strong and there’s some real talent there. If we could just bring in a decent man to manage them and a few quality players to join them, then things wouldn’t have to be so damn depressing.

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  • supermacsnewname

    keep taking the tablets Billy

  • Billy bob three teeth

    If it hadn’t been for the little purple patch we had in October and the even longer purple patch we had last season the last two seasons would have been relegation scraps, we can’t get these lucky patches every season, we are going to get caught out. If the Fat [email protected]&#^%d dosnt spend some money this summer we could relegate horrifically next year……it’s coming!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Message is right but get your facts lined up as well. Beardsley doesn’t have the necessary quals to take on the top spot. Rookie mistake for an article writer.

    I’m sure most of us wished the best for JC and any possible improvement he could bring. Sadly he is just continuing in exactly the same way as before. He’s part of the problem.

  • Brownale69

    Judge at the end of the season and for a change lets see some motivation and get at em in April against the Mackems!!!

  • Adam_B

    “We’d all like to think….that Ashley…..will bring in a high calibre manager and spend the necessary money on the depleted areas in our squad”
    Billy, no insult meant, but I am frankly astonished that you and many like you seem to think that suddenly, our owner is going to start acting responsibly.  What possible reason can there be for harbouring such thoughts? There is no reason to suspect we are suddenly going to have credible investment in line with the size of the club’s support to put us where we “ought to be” in the league. None. There is every reason to believe that as long as our owner is here, the only concern is him pocketing Sky’s blood money and making a profit on transfers, (as if +/- £15m actually meant something to him….).
    The Rangers fans seem to have realised what is going on and the really terrible threat of inviting the monster into your house. In general, Newcastle fans have handed him the keys and your appeasement of his actions in Newcastle, for that is what it is, only serve to emphasise just what a dreadful state our club is in.
    Let me be very clear, under this regime we can expect no cup success, no high quality manager, no chance of acquiring and retaining significant quality in the squad to enable NUFC to challenge for top 7. To believe otherwise is simply madness. If anybody really cared about the future of our club, they should, they must:Protest about the current owner’s behaviour (by letter writing to the FA, PL, media and club sponsors), demanding that they either hold the owner to account or expose exactly what he is doingAvoid St James’ Park or at the very least make your presence felt by singing anti SD songs (in my opinion the only thing the owner may be concerned about)Fully supporting the NUSTProtesting outside SD stores
    So, please Billy, and any others who believe in miracles, please stop living in cloud cuckoo land. We know pretty well what our owner’s raison d’être is by now and unless WE do something about it, we are not going to be able to be happy supporting our football club for possibly a generation.

  • wor monga

    Adam_B  Get
    a dose of realism Adam…what parallel universe are you living in…because from
    your posting it comes over a bit like you could be in 1917 Moscow (or 2015
    Glasgow)…this is PL football in the 21st Century, now the richest
    league in the World, and writing to your MP’s, or singing ‘We shall not be
    moved’ in either the Metro Centre or wherever isn’t going to change anything is
    is supporting NUST…this is just football…sport…now purely an entertainment
    aimed for a paying TV audience, but still something those like myself have
    enjoyed watching since we weren’t young enough to keep on playing …and hope to
    do so well into the future even if it means we don’t have the ‘buzz’ of winning
    cups or whatever…who cares? .

  • Adam_B

    Shouldn’t that be more Wonga…?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga Adam_B “Who cares”?
    Why do you bother even posting anything if you don’t care what you pay to watch? 
    An indicative view of all that is wrong with so many going along these days.