Thanks to everybody who helped us come up with our fans choice of the Newcastle team v Stoke.

Using our latest exciting feature,  NUFC team selector, we asked you to choose your preferred formation and starting eleven.

The response has been overwhelming with hundreds of fans making their selection and sharing it with friends, family and other Newcastle supporters around the World via social media.

You can still use our NUFC team selector to publish your formation and team by following the simple information below below.

However, the fans choice overall so far for formation and team to play on Sunday is pictured below, this was the first choice eleven by a long way. Supporters going for an attacking line-up and the only real difference of opinion was the formation, with 4-3-3 just beating off 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-1-2.

newcastle team vstoke

Recent days have seen our constantly updated Premier League recent form table added, as well as the excellent interactive player ratings feature every match.

To use our NUFC team selector, simply follow the simple instructions HERE.

When using the NUFC team selector you simply click on what team formation (4-3-3, 4-4-2 etc) you want, then click each position on the pitch and choose from the Newcastle United squad.

There are then a number of great options where you can then also share your team via Twitter, or you can share the selector on Facebook with friends, family and the rest of the black and white world.

It is really that simple even I can do it! Or you have the option of simply downloading the team image to the device you are using.

Go to the NUFC team selector now and choose and share your team selection v Stoke.

Before every match, simply go to the menu at the top of this screen and click features, then on the drop down list click NUFC Team Selector and choose your team for every match.

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  • Belfast Ali

    Williamson would have to be in my team, probably in place of Colo, as he is the only defender in the club who can head the ball. Always necessary against Stoke
    Him and Colocicini can’t play together but in my opinion Williamson is playing better at the minute

  • wor monga

    Definitely have to place all of those players on the pitch
    at some stage…the only question for me is can Pappiss start the game, and last
    the distance…other than that there is certainly enough quality out there (if JC
    can lift them) to beat the class of opposition…Stoke are …and be able to
    challenge for the higher league positions.

  • Maximus Moose

    Any team without Willo & Gouff suits me

  • Maximus Moose

    wor monga better for cisse to start & go at them from the start As you say Stoke are no mugs

  • No Brainer

    aye that will beat Stoke  nee bother haway the toon

  • cwtoon88

    Would like to see Vern keep his place as he has done well and been better than Colback in the last few games, think it could be a game to give Colback a rest. Would also like to see Willo at CB as He and Dummett are both terrible but Willo is a bit bigger against Crouch

  • Geordie Zebra

    Anita had had 1 half decent game v hull and deserves to keep his place? Nah. Against Southampton he was poor as ever. Stoke are a team of ankle biters with Whelan, Walters, n’Zonzi etc. If ever a game Colback was needed, it’s this one…

  • cwtoon88

    Geordie Zebra totally disagree he had an excellent game against southampton , his distribution was spot on and he made some key interceptions. I also think he did well against Chelsea, did a great job playing short passes and keeping the team ticking over. 

    I think with the physically of Abeid and Sissoko with him it could work very well, the speed of passing and movement they could give would run and pass those ankle biters off the field rather than playing them at their own game and fighting them

  • alreet

    Be nice to see cisse back and with a credible set of little speedsters next to him. I think that would be an awesome lineup v stoke. We are getting our core team back now and are starting to get options.
    Cisse has always needed little wingers next to him. His first season proved that althou Ba wasnt a winger wat could cisse do with perez and cabella next to him.
    Come on carver prove you know summat and get attacking with the right players.