The FA have come to a decision following Fabricio Coloccini being struck by a coin as the players celebrated Papiss Cisse’s goal at Selhurst Park.

Rather than punishing the club for the actions of one of their supporters, instead the FA are concentrating on working with Crystal Palace to identify the culprit.

The coin thrown from the Holmesdale Road end of the stadium,  struck the Newcastle Captain in the face, narrowly missing his eye.

CCTV footage has been examined in a bid to find the person responsible, as well as asking other fans to come forward to name and shame.

The good news is that an incident like this makes such big news because it is so rare, unlike the problems experienced in the 1970s in England and in the present day at matches in certain other European countries.

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  • For once I do agree with the FA on this one – 1 idiot shouldn’t see the club as a whole punished although saying that if this had happened at SJP I wouldn’t expect them to be so lenient.

  • robinlwoods

    so they are not punishing Newcastle for Coloccini for getting his head in the way of the coin.

  • Porciestreet

    It’s a given that had we been a London or a Manchester club,  there would have been a much bigger stink.

  • Albert27

    Agree 100%. Its bad but i chuck worse at me mates on a regular basis.

  • toonterrier

    The lad sitting next to me at the toon was struck by a paper dart a couple of years ago and it split his nose open and it could well have been his eye. A complaint to the club was answered by an offer of a signed photo of the team. It was refused but the lad asked the club to give it to the Sir Bobby fund to raise a few pounds. Whether it happened ot not we’ll never know. It still happens now whenever pieces of paper are left on the seats to either promote or sell something so the club haven’t learnt anything. These things should be banned before something serious occurs and the club are sued for mega bucks.

  • Greekgeordie

    The Club should be punished if no action has been taken with a certain period of time.
    The cameras were in perfect position to catch the idiot, and stewards were posted at the perimeter with the sole job to prevent incidents such this to occur on goal celebrations.
    If the incident had happened at SJP the sports channels and national press would have devoted hours of comments and explicit analysis to why it happened.
    Coloccini should be encouraged to take a personal pursuit against Palace for failing to take appropriate measures to protect the players safety.