Ex-players joined Friday night protests against Mike Ashley and the Rangers board.

Before their game against Hibs, fans massed outside Ibrox to protest against those running the Glasgow club.

You have to hand it to the Rangers fans who are now throwing everything at the problem in an attempt to avoid falling under Ashley’s permanent control.

The fans cheered as one fan dressed as a rat and waving a wad of money was turned away Rangers security staff.

Popular former players Nacho Novo and John Brown joined the thousands of protesting supporters, keeping up the pressure as the meeting draws closer where rival shareholders are aiming to wrestle control from Ashley and his allies, by removing the board which includes the Newcastle owner’s men, Derek Llambias and Barry Leach.

One banner read;

“Parasites and leeches out…not a penny more. Ashley, Easedales, Llambias. Rats.”

With shares in Rangers split between so many different shareholders, as well as thousand of supporters who also hold a handful, it does give the Scottish fans a chance to fight back against the attempt by Mike Ashley and his accomplices.

Sadly, with Ashley owning Newcastle in its entirety, this is an avenue not open to United fans.

Stopping going to the matches is the only viable option remaining and it remains to be seen if five thousand empty seats against Stoke is the first sign that cracks are appearing in United fans’ ongoing blind loyalty to supporting the team…if not the regime.


  • Greekgeordie

    The team on show will never survive Ashley or no Ashley, maybe the 5 lads from NUFC will make the difference.

  • LeazesEnder

    They seem to have sussed Ashley and Llambias very quickly….. some of OUR fans are still calling him a savior,  them again Lee Ryder isn’t the local Hack!

  • stephen richards

    If only we had known what a parasite he was before he got his grubby hands on our club

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Empty seats aren’t enough. The only time Ashley reacts to publicity is when it is likely to damage SD’s image. SD is his baby, just as much as NUFC is ours. That’s why we and Rangers have had press bans.
    Anything which can take place in the ground which gets at him and the SD link would be effective, thanks to using the tv against him for a change, instead of just advertising his brands.

  • newcastle7

    We are averaging over fifty one thousand and Villa is set for a sell out.Stoke sent two thousand back and the rest was corporate so do not talk rubbish 51,000 strong.

  • PeterParker2
  • hate the mackems

    newcastle7 mugs

  • hate the mackems

    Greekgeordie of the 5 only streete may be exempt from being dross. the others have been there years & made no impact. vukic & ferguson are just to soft & old to be called young players with potential

  • magpie9

    Sickandtiredstill  Ashley hates to lose face in public, look how he reacted to FCB banners & any press reporting a protest against him. Any of the mugs who attend the home games should have some very visual form of relaying the feelings towards this leech

  • No Brainer

    Every time we have a run of three or more wins you lot all disappear. That suggests that you all just want a sugar daddy to buy you a cup or championship, there appears to be nothingbother than shallow roots to your arguments.
    Thst kind of makes you all irrelevant.