You have to feel sorry for the Newcastle loan players who have been thrown into the poisonous situation at Rangers.

A real state of civil war exists at the Glasgow club with a meeting of shareholders scheduled in early March to try and remove the Mike Ashley backed board.

After the Rangers manager stated he’d been ordered to play all the Newcastle loan players if fit, all eyes were on the team selection for today’s fifth round cup match against Raith Rovers.

Shane Ferguson and Kevin Mbabu were already ruled out through injury but Haris Vuckic and Remie Streete both started, though there was no sign of Gael Bigirimana even on the bench.

Whether he is injured or the Rangers hierarchy had ordered the manager NOT to play him to prove a point, is unknown.

A goalless first half saw Remie Streete forced off just before the break with what is reported to be a groin injury.

Rangers then fell behind after 54 minutes before the one positive saw Haris Vuckic equalising eight minutes later, only for Christian Nade to strike the winner for the visitors on 75 minutes. Raith are currently 12 points below Rangers in the Scottish second tier.

A disastrous result for Rangers and the match was played out in front of a sparse 11,422 spectators, with fans boycotting and demonstrating against the board outside the ground.

I feel sorry for the Newcastle loan players who are being used as pawns in this total mess by Mike Ashley.

  • magpie9

    Newcastle fans could learn a lot & do likewise Its the only language Ashley knows, loss of face & more important to him loss of cash

  • Davidelder888

    True fans at Ibrox doing what’s right for the club and boycotting games. Shame on us sheep.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    And shame on every idiot posting on how good for the development of the players this was supposedly going to be! Thrown into the middle of Ashleys power struggle like the pawns they were. Welcome to football at Rangers lads.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    magpie9 Too true and I hope more start saying it, posting it and doing it. 
    The only thing that damages Ashley (and his baby SD) is bad press as he’s proven he couldn’t care less about anything else. The horror stories coming out of Rangers right now, along with the Scots MP questions in parliament, has him squirming already and we should ramp the pressure up at this end. 
    Under 48000 today is a start, but that’s probably just the loss of some ST holders not renewing. We need 10,000 or more to do the same and have the tv and papers reporting this day in and out.

  • PaulAllison

    Street settled in well and had a couple of decent tackles which is a shame for the lad as he looked fairly comfortable. Vuckik played ok overall and took his chance well for the goal but seemed a little off the pace. It’s a shame these lads are gonna start feeling the pressure after one game but thats Rangers 2015 for ya !!! I feel for Newcastle supporters who have had to put up with this clown Ashley for a lot longer than we have. Hopefully one month from now we will be free of the silent billionaire who obviously knows how to sweep up the cash but cares not a jot for any football club.

  • Chemical Dave


  • Chemical Dave

    Here’s how it’s going to pan out if you all let it…
    Constant stream of lies fed to a compliant local press who’ll portray Ashley as the clubs’ saviour. Ashley portrayed as the ‘victim’ as he didn’t know the extent of the problems and he’s having to prop up the club by bank rolling it to the tune of £10m a week or some other ludicrous figure. Fans’ forums will become populated by a percentage of ‘fans’ telling you you should be grateful to saviour Mike, some of them will be genuine fans taking great delight in the demise of your club as it gives them the perfect opportunity to let everyone know they’re the bestest Rangers fans there ever was. And some will be employees of fat boy, paid to populate boards like this to spin fatty in a positive light.
    Our crowd reminds me of a scene from ‘midnight express’ where the mad and the brain dead wander round a wheel in silence as they don’t know what else to do and everyone else is doing it.
    At least Rangers have the benefit of seeing what the fat parasite has done down here.. we’re gutless and broken spirited, a stadium for the lobotomised…I hope you lot fair better.
    – See more at: //

  • toon tony

    An Ashley controlled club, bowing out of a cup competition in an early round, sounds familiar !!!!

  • Conman

    The Rangers fans showed our sheep fans how to do it today.
    11 thousand there. We still have 50k there every week and sitting in complete silence to watch pure rubbish, again and again.
    The jocks show us how to do it. Good on them. They don’t deserve fcb and they will not stand for him. While we just bend over and take it. Pathetic.
    Grow some and walk.

  • jbrown76

    Boycott the fkn games is the only way to get the message across

  • Deluded

    Conman Boycott only works if NO-ONE goes. 11 thousand still went to Rangers. What is your point here? Because only 11k showed up to a cup match you think Mike Ashley will sell them tomorrow or something? 11k or 50k people are still going so your point is well, pointless.

  • Deluded

    magpie9 If they didn’t stop going after we got relegated, it will take something worse than relegation to get them to stop going

  • scotty63

    Deluded Conman I don’t like being pedantic but he doesn’t own them but controls them via SD. The boycott doesn’t affect SD but bad press might. Anything bad that happens to the FCB and his beloved tat direct is fine by me.

  • cobzmcgiver

    11 thousand folk at a Scottish cup game is still pretty good t b fair. I’m from Aberdeen an Pittodrie was lucky to get 6k a week in the league not too long ago when granted Aberdeen were terrible, but still one of the biggest names in Scottish football. Although I don’t like Ashley, he is no mug an he knows exactly what he is doing.

  • DavidDrape

    Spot on every word

  • DavidDrape

    Fact is rifc going nowhere with small crowds when they can easily pull in 50k once the right board is in place

  • DavidDrape

    Excellent davt and you been honestly blunt with your articles well done

  • Conman

    Deluded , my point is that they have been getting over 30k every week. Then they get a third of that after agreeing to protest. If we got 15 k for a match instead of 50k, it would certainly show we weren’t just going to take it over and over again.

  • RobBrown

    Sadly the 11,000 or so was hardly  the result of the protest – more an average gate for the cup.

    Rangers have averaged 30,000 at home in the league this season – even since Ashley became involved.

    Vuckic was the star player of the evening and Rangers fans have openly commented that it was a pleasure to see Streete putting in a bit of effort – more than they have seen from the rest of their players recently.

    Not quite the disaster claimed.

    How about we let Rangers get on and worry about their team and we concentrate on ours.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    RobBrown The real story isn’t about the players though is it? Its about the owner and his way of doing things and what he wants or doesn’t.
    If you want to concentrate on NUFC then yesterday was another example of what the owner gives us. Perhaps sometime soon a lot of people are going to stop buying into the BS and question that.
    Blind devotion to NUFC isn’t helping the club, only Ashley.