Hopefully the Newcastle Fans Forum members are looking at what has happening with Rangers fans north of the border and our old friend Derek Llambias’ latest dirty tricks on behalf of Mike Ashley.

Their equivalent north of the border, the official Rangers Fan Board (RFB), have been dissolved by Derek Llambias because they have refused to tow the party line and have questioned the nonsense going on at their club.

Mike Ashley’s man Derek Llambias has banned the FCB because they published the full minutes of their last meeting with Derek Llambias and Ashley’s other nominee Barry Leach. Even though the club haven’t claimed that anything was untrue, the two directors have been ridiculed to an even greater extent by the club’s fans thanks to what they had t say at the meeting with supporters.

Not content with banning the Fan Board, Llambias has informed the supporters that legal action would be taken against them if their Facebook page, which contains the minutes of that last meeting where the pair embarrassed themselves, wasn’t removed within hours of them giving notice.

The letter reading:

‘The club has decided to exercise its right in terms of clause 23.1 of the constitution to dissolve RFB with immediate effect.

Your RFB e-mail address shall be discounted by the club immediately and all objects of the RFB shall cease. We note that the elected representatives created a Facebook page purportedly on behalf of RFB. The RFB has no permission of the club to publish a Facebook page on behalf of RFB.

Please ensure the Facebook page is removed by 6pm on February 26, failing which the club will have no option but to take the necessary court action against you and your fellow elected representatives.’

A fan spokesman said:

“Not only has Llambias sacked lifelong supporters but now he’s threatening to sue us into the bargain.

“As we have only been officially dissolved today, this threat is completely over the top and unbelievably aggressive.”

So what will the members of the Newcastle Fans Forum do on Monday as our own club is ran into the ground by Mike Ashley?

NUST (Newcastle United Supporters Trust) were banned from the NUFC Fans Forum for doing exactly what the Rangers Fan Board have done, which was basically letting the fanbase know what had happened at the meeting, rather than just a club sanitised version.

Sadly the other NUFC Fans Forum members didn’t collectively insist on NUST keeping their place and failed to resign en masse when the club carried out the move. Which has meant that meetings since then have led fans to rely almost solely on what the club publish themselves.

It is vital that the NUFC Fans Forum members get together away from the actual meetings with  club officials,  to ensure that they go to the official meetings to speak collectively with one voice in insisting that they aren’t simply stooges for the likes of Mike Ashley and by association Lee Charnley.


  • Paul Patterson

    Animal Farm?

  • StephenBowers

    This could get nasty

  • Seventy2

    NUFC Fans Forum
    I agree that the members need to agree their own agenda jointly prior to the official meeting, to agree on a major topic and associated questions that is not moved on from until detailed and specific answers are given. The dissociation of members leads to each wanting to make a different, or slightly different point and the event turn in to an unproductive Q&A session.
    The second point I would like to make is that rather than the meeting mirroring ‘Question Time’ where it is them and us, perhaps a better format would be to discuss topics that effect the club and supporters to reach some resolutions together. For example, agreeing a Mission Statement, increasing match day support and community projects.
    The current format does not create any sense of trust and has not generated a more positive relationship between the business side of the club and fans which is the role I imagine UEFA envisaged the forums performing.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Good on them for getting the minutes out into the open while they could. It’s now public record and that is the important part of it all. We learnt more about SD intentions and how Ashley’s stooges operate in one post than we have in 8 years of him at this Club.

  • popus32

    This is one of those situations where, regardless of the outcome in court, the company will lose. Fan bases are crucial to sports franchises and threatening to sue a relatively popular fan group for speaking the truth will only make the rest of the fan base more difficult to manage. Was there seriously no one in the front office who thought this would monumentally backfire and do nothing but sow the seeds of mistrust amongst the average fan. Its the only realistic outcome. Saying nothing about the post would have been the best option. The lawsuit and threats do nothing but show the average fan you can’t be trusted. Which isn’t a good thing when control of the company is about to come to a vote.

  • Brownale69

    Answerable to no one. they have the money/power and do whatever they want.

  • Jarra MIck

    Seventy this is exactly what the club want, they want to make it appear that they are engaging with the fans but all they seem to get asked at these get togethers is a series of non controversial questions which are easily answered. The people who go are of course well meaning and do believe they are representing us but they are not. They are not elected by anyone but chosen by the club so obviously they don’t want to upset the club representatives at meetings. If Chanley or any of them thought that those on the “fans side” we’re trying to get together to form a proper committee they would have kittens and all the “fans” would soon get the archers elbow. You are falling into the trap of believing the meetings are anything to do with communicating with the fans, the true fans were removed as soon as they upset the club. To be honest any “supporter” who gets involved in dialogue with the club is deluded and is by definition supporting this truly rotten regime. These people should hang their heads in shame.