David Moyes is in talks to sign Newcastle forward Sammy Ameobi.

The Real Sociedad manager has met the United player’s agent in Spain this week according to The Telegraph.

Moyes is working within a tight budget at the Spanish club and can sign Ameobi on a pre-contract now, ahead of the summer when his contract comes to an end.

Money would still have to be paid in the form of compensation for his development but it would be well within the former Everton manager’s budget.

Newcastle United are believed to have made a new offer but left Sammy Ameobi underwhelmed, not in terms of the length of the contract but the money on offer.

  • AndyMac1

    So Fatman has given Sammi an offer he can refuse ? I could be wrong here but although Sammi is a bit “Marmite” arent we better off having a player like him in the squad even though, with alleged new players coming in, he may not get too many starts ?

  • PeterParker2

    A long contract on shite terms from Jabba? Surely not! At any other EPL team – and most Championship sides – he’d be a squad player and bench warmer but with Jabba seemingly intent on running a first team squad of 16 players, he’s indispensable to us. Shows what a whole we’re in with the fat, greedy c*nt in charge.

  • AshfordDeanoP

    I’d thank Moyes to take him off our hands to be honest

  • Brown Bottle

    I’ll be glad to see the back of the Ameobi clan. He learned  well from big brother Shola. Neither one was worth a light until they reached the last 6 months of their contracts. Even then, not much to shout about.

  • toonterrier

    When I saw the headline with Moyes in talks with Newcastle it pleased me immensely and then I finished reading the article and it said he was in talks with the Toon with regards to signing Sammy which pleased me even more. Can still see Charva keeping him at the club as he is a twenty three year old with potential. Heard the same thing about his brother for years and nowt happened.

  • scotty63

    Sammi’s no great shakes but what will replace him if we won’t offer enough to keep him at the club? I think Aarons is probably being offered a pittance too as he seems reluctant to sign a contract and that’s more worrying. With all the money in the PL and about to be increased it seems to me that the minimum wage approach we have is only going to take us on a downward spiral. I just hate Ashley and all his cronies and their penny pinching approach.

  • No Brainer

    You miss that newcastle have the 8th highest wage bill in the pl if they are minimum wage payers who is getting all the cash? I hope sammi stays but no great shakes if he goes. As for Aarobs he has refused a massive deal for a kid with a couple of games to go to leave in the summer.

  • scotty63

    No Brainer Nope I didn’t miss anything and the wages will be those agreed for “Purples”. If we don’t pay the going rate, and everyone has an opinion on what that should be, then we will fail.

  • No Brainer

    Eh, is what you are saying that nufc pay over the odds for their good players and under the odds for players who aren’t ‘great shakes’.
    Does tgat mean you want sammi -no great shakes-ameobi to be paid a whole load more than he gets now?

  • Hez

    8th highest wage bill? You sure? Man U, Man C, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal will all be higher without considering Everton, West Ham, Southampton who all have high wage earners. We don’t really have a large expensive sqaud with players on big money, it wouldn’t suprise me if teams like Hull and the mackems had bigger wage bills then ours, especially in terms of % of revenue

  • Maximus Moose

    1957 He`s worth more than a Tena a week though !

  • Maximus Moose

    Shyte Direct contracts ! work for Nowt

  • TonyMarkElsender

    I know what you mean Sammy, I wouldn’t get out of bed for a kick around and 2 hours training a day either,for£100 an hour, maybe we should swap, you can have a go at getting out of bed at 5 30 every morning 63 hours a week for less than£7 an hour, don’t even know you’re born son

  • scotty63

    No Brainer Didn’t say that please don’t try and put words in my mouth.