Danny Ings was again the centre of attention at the weekend as pictures appeared apparently showing him having dinner with David Moyes in Spain.

However, the images of Ings and the Real Sociedad boss were later said to be fakes, though Moyes has admitted previously that he is interested in the player.

Newcastle United’s interest in signing Danny Ings in the summer was once again also reported in the press over the weekend, though he also continues to be linked with Spurs and Liverpool amongst others.

Following 20 Championship goals in 40 starts last season, with 9 goals in 22 Premier League matches (4 in his last 5). Ings is hot property and a striker that you would hope Newcastle could have a real go at getting, if Mike Ashley has any ambition and/or intention of realistically strengthening the squad at the end of the season.

Ings is clearly running his contract down and shown no interest in signing another at Burnley, something which manager Sean Dyche appears to accept.

The big sticking pointing will surely be wages, as Ashley would likely have to offer Danny Ings more than any other current player, apart from Fabricio Coloccini.

Though in response to the fake Moyes photos that appeared, the Burnley boss believes his star striker’s short to medium-term future will be in the Premier League, even if not at Turf Moor.

Sean Dyche talking to Sky;

“I would be very surprised if that was the path he chooses to go down.

“I think we all know his development needs to continue and that’s in the Premier League.”

La Liga not the right destination;

“The middle of La Liga is no use for a young player, I don’t personally think so, albeit it is a great standard.

“I think he is better than that – I think he is top end of the Premier League.”


  • Jimmywayhay

    For get it ,Ashley won’t pay the wages and the player won’t want to come here ,remember who we are supposed to have tried for in the past and the clubs they have ended up at , ie Bonny ,Graham ,Gomas etc !

  • prestondave

    Why even bother putting this kind of stuff on line. It is utter tripe and we know .Stop doing it please.

  • supermacsnewname

    agreed – articles like this are a waste of time

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Jimmywayhay Ba and Remy also.
    Lacazette too expensive at 16 mil, now banged in 25 from 27 games and is being touted as a 30+ mil player.
    Approach for strikers seems to be as meaningful as the 80+ people supposedly  interested in being the ‘coach’ here. 
    Makes no odds who comes. You can’t build when you in turn sell anyone who becomes successful. Carr’s pot is going to run dry of cheap youngsters with ‘development potential’ or Sky money will simply mean their values will increase accordingly.

  • SGM

    Tired, bored, out of work, sports writer