Is Dame N’Doye the type of signing that Newcastle shouldn’t let pass them by?

Back in 2012 United were said to be interested in the striker after he’d scored 59 goals in 88 league appearances for Copenhagen.

Instead the Senegal forward was transferred to Locomotiv Moscow for around £4m.

It is always an unknown when scoring goals in a weaker league but N’Doye then added another 27 goals in only 51 league starts. A record in European league football of 88 goals in 141 league matches.

In January there were yet more reports of Newcastle interest, with claims in Senegal that United had offered £3m to help add much needed goals to the team.

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Of course, the only transfer business Mike Ashley allowed in this last window was selling Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and getting others like Santon off the wage bill.

However, Hull City took the plunge and are said to have paid between £2m and £3m and the player’s signed a two and a half year deal.

When the January interest was reported it was easy to dismiss because Dame N’Doye was 29 years of age, so outside Mike Ashley’s strict criteria of not signing players who don’t have potential to be sold on for more.

Nothing wrong with looking to buy players who have their careers ahead of them but also nothing wrong in having the flexibility to mix and match it.

N’Doye has scored in his two starts and helped Hull bank six points and climb out of the relegation zone. Maybe he will keep on scoring or maybe he will prove a flash in the pan.

However, what I do know is that buying the bare minimum of players and not allowing the manager/head coach any say in who comes and goes is definitely the road to ruin. Steve Bruce travelled to France to meet the player and convince him to go to Hull, at times Alan Pardew was clearly underwhelmed with the players handed to him, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa the stand out one as Pardew refused to give him any kind of decent run in his proper position.

Worth remembering as well that Les Ferdinand was just short of turning 29 when he came to Newcastle and what a brilliant signing he was.

Adding a striker such as Dame N’Doye with his superb scoring record would at least have given us an extra option and with only a two and a half year contract it would hardly have been the biggest risk.

Doing nothing though was thought to be the best earner for Mike Ashley and condemned Newcastle fans to yet another half season of mind numbing grinding towards forty points and Premier League cash/safety.

  • Lofty9

    I said a long time ago the transfer policy has to have tweaks to it. I remember reading about Brian Clough buying Dave McKay many years ago who was well into his thirties. His chairman nearly had a heart attack but Cloughie knew what he could bring the team and he helped turn Derby into League Champions. 
    Anyone who knows the game can see that buying young players and selling them every two years is NOT the way to build a successful football club.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Lofty9 Adhering to fatty’s plan is the problem, as you mention. There is nothing to actually build a team upon in his game plan.
    Add the fact that not only do players need to be the right age and the right price, they also have to accept the right wages.
    Quite why he thinks that is a model any decent ambitious footballer is going to want to be part of is beyond me. It’s a problem that’s only going to get worse with the tv money. Domestic and Euro clubs will pump prices up knowing PL teams will pay because they have to. Our bargains will become harder to find or will simply not be good enough once signed.

  • DarronFowler

    We paid 2.2m for N’Doye and if I’m honest he pools a bargain ! Plus from what I understand the player took a massive pay cut to come …..

  • Lofty9

    Sickandtiredstill Lofty9 Spot on my friend. This summer is a massive one in the mid to long term future of the club in my opinion. That’s not being down beat, it’s just my honest appraisal.

  • NUFC9

    We desperately need a quality striler but I’m not convinced N’Doye is the man. We’ve brought in strikers such as Luuk De Jong, Riviere and Ferreyra(!!) who had decent records in weaker leagues and they’ve flopped badly.  All three either signed for £5-7M or came on loan with a view to a permanent transfer for that kind of price. 

    Having failed with mid-priced unproven players like those I think it would have been difficult to justify taking a punt on N’Doye.  
    The problem is, we’re unlikely to put up the £15m + wages needed for a proven striker.  If the club decides we’ve lost a few gambles cheaper alternatives from Russia, Holland, etc. so we don’t want more signings like that either, where does that leave us?

  • SimonM68

    It’s not just about age is it – we identified Lacazette too and now he has more flies round him than … well you know.  Same with Bony, but again, we didn’t sign him. We can pick them sure enough – before they come to full fruition in terms of potential, but these days we are just acting like the tour guide with the brolly held in the air, alerting other clubs who actually have a quirky approach called net spend.
    Carr seems to do the initial scouting for half the league – hope he’s on commission!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Lofty9 Sickandtiredstill Totally agree with you. If he doesn’t open up the club’s profits to the needed level of spend, we’ll be competing with the bottom feeders for the foreseeable future (if not relegated).

  • Jarmin Geordie

    NUFC9 Sorry I’ve got to disagree on Riviere (he’s never been given a proper chance in a suitable formation), like Cisee he is not a lone striker but if you watch videos of his NUFC games you’ll see he works the channels ( a pointless exercise in a black and white shirt because if your the lone striker and go wide there’s no-one to cross to) and don’t forget he outscored Falcao last season, that said Like MYM the manager/coaches don’t think his face fits and I’m sure he won’t be the last signing to suffer this fate under the head coach system that Fatso wants to introduce

  • NUFC9

    Jarmin Geordie NUFC9  I hope Riviere comes good but he was a first team regular for the first quarter of the season and didn’t impress me at all. 
    Branislav Ivanovic has outscored Falcao this season, as have Mame Biram Diuof, Jon Walters, Frazier Campbell, George Boyd.  I wouldn’t have any of them playing up front for us.  Also, Luuk De Jong has scored about 20 already this season in the Dutch league but couldn’t cut it in either Germany or England.  My point is that a decent scoring record in Holland/France/Russia doesn’t automatically mean you’re good enough for the PL and, for me, N’Doye isn’t the proven goal scorer we need.