After breaking into the Newcastle first team in August 2014 with a number of encouraging displays and a first senior goal against Schalke in the summer pre-season tournament, young Rolando Aarons fell by the wayside of Pardewism.

However, he managed a few memorable games, mainly as a sub, before picking up a hamstring injury on international duty.

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He then returned for two games in late October/early November (wins over Man City and Liverpool) before being ruled out again with the same ailment

The winger was reported to be back in training last month but is yet to even begin his comeback with the reserves.

The promising youngster who turned  19 in October, found himself the subject of media reports suggesting conflict over the terms of his new proposed deal at SJP.

The last we heard of the boy was that he was refusing to sign one of Mike Ashley’s bargain basement contracts (after all how many SD socks can a boy use ???).

So with a total lack of updates on his progress to fitness and not even a single reserve team appearance, no wonder some of us are asking  if just possibly the two things are related ?

Ashley claims he wants to field a team of (cheap) young local lads who have made it through the turmoil of the Academy.

Yet when the first signs of real true potential arrives, there’s a cloak of secrecy surrounding the whole issue that Mossad or MI6 would be proud of !

So Mag readers, does the owner want youngsters to be brought through, or is this just more of his BS ?

How happy would you be if Rolando sailed off to the Etihad without ever making a name for himself at SJP?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    We could produce the next Ronaldo (unlikely I know!) but if Fatty won’t pay the going rate for quality, we’ll never keep them. 
    It’s another example of why this so called ‘model’ is a complete sham.
    He wants a team of journeymen capable of keeping the club in the PL, nothing more or less.

  • mentalman

    Here’s another angle to the story, he’s not fully recovered from his previous injury so they don’t want to rush him and risk causing further damage unlike our previous manager

  • Sickandtiredstill

    mentalman Or the same angle – Jonas wasn’t up to making the squad on Wednesday and had to prove himself all over again (to quote JC).
    On Thursday he magically has a seat on the bench for Saturday (JC again). 
    Aarons in training with the first team since last week, but his contract talks are still ongoing.

  • Brownale69

    Jonas was part of Carvers cunning plan!

  • ash1001

    According to the Physio Room website ( there’s is not even a scheduled day for him to return to training, so it’s anyone’s guess what’s going on.
    See Calum Roberts has been returned to NUFC after NUFC would not let him play for Gateshead reserves, that was after getting hauled off in the second half of Gatesheads last conference match. Adam Campbell is not getting many 90 minutes at Gateshead either. You naturally start to wonder have they got it in them, certainly hope so.

  • Wingpaddock

    Ash1001 – do you and other members of the Fans Forum meet independently of the meetings at SJP.
    Do you always get emails (in an original state) from fans after they have been “processed” by Lee Marshall. Are you happy with the email set up.

  • mentalman

    He’s in the squad, he hasn’t got a seat on the bench
    Jonas’ situation differs depending on which article you read as in JC either says he isn’t ready or hasn’t been ready. Add to that the situation where we are pretty short on central midfielders they may be willing to take more of a chance on a non saleable asset over a valuable asset

  • No Brainer

    He is on his way out

  • Porciestreet

    No Brainer 
    Iv’e got a strange feeling that this is injury related and perhaps worse than at first thought.
    As per the regime, no info coming out leads to speculation which then relates to further speculation, inuendo, threat and counter threat and eventually, fan turning against fan which is quite a common theme today. Who knows, but there will be a reason ….!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    mentalman Haha, you were saying?