Reports began this morning of a mass exodus of loan players from Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United to…Mike Ashley’s Rangers.

Late this afternoon Sky Sports reported that their Newcastle sources told them that Rangers had a choice of 4 or 5 players from a list of 6.

The six they named were Curtis Good, Facundo Ferreyra, Kevin Mbabu, Gael Bigirimaina, Haris Vuckic and Remie Streete.

Now it has been confirmed that the last four named will be heading up to Glasgow on loan but sadly we aren’t going to see the slightly mad case of Chucky Ferreyra being one of them after six months of inaction at Newcastle.

Instead the fifth player to go on loan is forgotten man Shane Ferguson who hasn’t even had a squad number this season and so hasn’t even been eligible to play in any Premier League matches.

  • TonyMarkElsender

    This is so wrong, why isn’t anyone looking into this

  • Jamie Swan

    George McLean – thoughts?

  • DownUnderMag

    I don’t have  issues with us loaning a bunch of players out.  What I do have an issue with is loaning them out to the Scottish second tier of football, and what that means to the futures of these players.  Are we essentially writing them off as never going to make Premiership level?  Are we just now a feeder club for Ashley’s stake in Rangers?  

    Now all hostilities aside, if these players go there and get some regular first team action then great.  but all too frequently the past few seasons we have loaned players out who have been bench warmers at best for the period of their stay.  Hardly going to improve them as players for us.  

    But I guess as long as we lighten the wage bill a bit further, help secure Rangers a return to the top flight and subsidise their tilt for Champions League Football then all is well in the Ashley camp.  I would be very surprised if there isn’t an inquest into conflict of interest over this though…Ashley is determined to push the boundaries of what is allowed in the Rangers fiasco!

  • mentalman

    They have done nothing wrong so why would anyone look into it, Watford have done this for about 3 seasons now and with decent players not just reserves.
    Having seen the Rangers squad recently I would say they should all be the first 5 names on the team sheet so they should hopefully get plenty of game time

  • mentalman

    I’m assuming Good has jumped ahead of Streete as our 4th choice cb

  • DavidJames2211

    Regardless of the ins and outs…that means our transfer window amounts to:
    In – 0
    Out – 6 (+1)
    Outrageous, really.

  • No Brainer

    F*** this after years of abuse violence and just general S***e from hun fans i can’t give my money to buy players for the toon for them to then prop up that horrible nasty club. Will be joining the exodus tomorrow.

  • Steve1221

    Surely it’s a good thing being able to send a group of players to one club as they’ll be able to play together and possibly forge partnerships. Not sure what it means for Good or Satka.

  • DownUnderMag

    Bigi and Fergie actually showed some promise to be honest, but once more we didn’t give them a chance beyond throwing them in at the deep end. That in and of itself isn’t too bad if the manager thinks they aren’t good enough, but put into perspective when it was OK to play the likes of Shola and Obertan and it is simply not good enough.   Bigi especially played his socks off when he got a game through squad numbers and injuries…and then never got even a sniff after that.  He certainly played no worse than Tiote did this season at times.  And this is why it is so frustrating when we are seeing players never given a chance effectively shown the door…maybe they wouldn’t have been good enough, but it would have been nice for the ones that did show promise to actually get a chance to prove it!