John Carver has declared that Fabricio Coloccini is a great captain and a great leader.

After the embarrassingly easy win for Manchester City, Carver is reacting to criticism by some fans regarding his Captain’s on and off the pitch performance.

Now in his seventh season at the club, Coloccini still refuses to do any TV interviews in English and so we have the cowardly decision last Saturday, where substitutes Mehdi Abeid and Ryan Taylor are sent out to face the media. The Captain nowhere to be seen.

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On the pitch it was little better and while the whole team has to share the responsibility, yet again there was a total absence of leadership or inspiration shown by Colo, no matter what John Carver says.

Only Burnly and QPR have conceded more Premier League goals this season and this continues a pattern of recent years, where Newcastle constantly have one of the worst defences.

Coloccini undeniably has quality and when United finished 5th in 2011/12 he was excellent but he is not that player regularly any more, plus he to me is no kind of Captain.

When Newcastle have gone on these kind of horrendous losing runs, where are the characters to get hold of the players and pull them out of it? Certainly not our Captain.

Maybe if they took the Captaincy off him, Fabricio Coloccini could maybe concentrate on his own game a bit more and show more regularly that player he was in 2011/12.

I won’t even go into him trying to jump ship in the middle of the 2012/13 season when we were fighting relegation…

John Carver:

“I think he (Coloccini) has been great for me, that goal Dzeko scores (Man City’s 3rd), he might have done a little bit better with but we didn’t have any pressure on the ball.

“He is the captain of this team and he holds us together, he has been outstanding in my opinion and the staffs’ opinion, and the players’ opinion in the games that we have been playing.”

Not many proper leaders:

“Of course he is a leader, he is huge for us, with his personality, there aren’t many proper leaders in the Premier League.

“Whenever you sit with coaches and managers that is what they are all asking for – they are all saying we need to find a leader.”

We all get criticised:

“We do rely on him and he has been a great servant to this football club and the fans do like him, as far as I’m concerned.

“Everybody is going to get criticised, I am going to get criticised and sometimes you have to take that on the chin and deal with it.”

  • supermacsnewname

    so ideal as our next head coach then? or do they just think we are all stupid?

  • supermacsnewname

    against city when we realy needed a rock he was invisible

  • Porciestreet

    Mr Charver, you are doing yourself very few favours in following this current line mate .  It’s as plain as the noses on 50,000 faces that Collo is no longer a quality C/H and just as obvious that he most certainly not a captain. There will never be any cohesion in the team so long as this situation persists and it needs sorting now beginning with the enrollment of some management material that is as far away from anything that was bourn of Alan P45due, which means i’m affraid my friend, that you have to go ASAP.

  • supermacsnewname

    we need a strong man at the back, an establish reliable PL class man who commands respect with an edge of fear – a player who would cost a fortune and demand huge wages
    but if we could get a free trasfer for a season
    say John Terry ?
    after the howls of hate – just think about it for a minute – it could work miracles

  • toon tony

    Ha ha ha….. Mr John Carver appearing at a comedy club near you. !!!

  • peterc84

    i think the only 1 thats seems deserving of the captiancy is sissoko he seems to want to do well

  • Big Al 1967

    John mate

    Watch the second goal back. Our inspirational leader on the park turns his back on the ball as Nasri shoots. Cowardice in the extreme. If he is ‘holding us together ‘ then God help us