Using our new NUFC team selector feature, choose and share your Newcastle team v Crystal Palace.

I have used it to pick my team which you can see below, and you can do the same by following the simple instructions HERE and then there are a number of great options where you can then also share your team via Twitter (include @nufcthemag in your tweet and we will share some of them with our 13k+ followers) , or you can share the selector on Facebook with friends, family and the rest of the black and white world.

Or you have the option of simply downloading the team image to the device you are using.

When using the NUFC team selector you simply click on what team formation (4-3-3, 4-4-2 etc) you want, then click each position on the pitch and choose from the Newcastle United squad.

Go to the NUFC team selector now and choose and share your team selection v Crystal Palace.

We will also collate the results and announce the most popular team selection and formation in the lead up to the match.

Before every match, simply go to the menu at the top of this screen and click features, then on the drop down list click NUFC Team Selector and choose your team for every match.
newcastle team v crystal palace

  • DownUnderMag

    That’s pretty much our best XI if you ask me.  Sammy, Obertan, Gouffran…they are all bench players at best but I will guess that Abeid won’t start, neither will Cisse.  that probably leaves Perez up on his own, Sissokko in the central midfield role he can’t really play and more than likely Sammy or Gouffran on the left-wing.  Apart from Ryan Taylor to come back in and De Jong when he’s back to match fitness, the team pretty much picks itself – that’s how paper thin our squad is!

  • NatTurner

    DownUnderMag  Agree completely.  A couple injuries and it’s been picking itself for a while now.  I remember when choosing the team was fun, now it’s just boring.  If only Pardew wasn’t such a moron.  I remember knowing if we would have a chance simply depending on the team he put out.  At least Carver seems to be an improvement in the team-selection regard.

  • Steve1221

    I’m confused by where  this clamour for Abeid has come from, he had a couple of good games then got injured. By not playing he seems to have become a star in some people’s eyes

  • Steve1221

    After one good game against Hull , Haidara was back to being awful on Sunday so if Good or Satka are showing any signs of being a Premier League defender then it’s time to step up and push Dummet back out to full back.
    Something Pardew was never good at was rotating the squad and both Sammy and Perez looked dead on their feet by the end of the game so of Cisse is fit to start I’d like to see Armstrong given a chance to play off him.

  • CMRowley

    Steve1221 What he showed in those couple of games was vastly superior to any offering from some of the more senior players.  He needs to be in the team in order to repeat those performances are be discovered that they were exceptions.

    I’d have him in ahead of Anita and Tiote all day.

    Same goes for Rolando, he showed more in a few appearances than Obertan, Gouff, Sammy etc have done in years.

  • CMRowley

    That’s my eleven (thought long and hard about Cisse being in there but lack of options forces hand).  I’d line them up differently though, diamond with Abied Holding, flanked by Sissoko and Colback with Cabella in the ‘hole’.  
    Two up front.