John Carver has said that Jack Colback will have to ‘suffer the consequences’ after picking up his latest suspension.

The Newcastle midfielder will miss the home matches against Aston Villa and Manchester United after picking up a yellow card on Saturday.

Colback picked up his tenth booking of the season against Man City for throwing the ball away in the 28th minute with Newcastle already three goals down.

However, Carver says he specifically warned Colback not to do anything stupid that would lead to a suspension, the Newcastle head coach appearing to indicate the player will be facing a heavy fine for his moment of madness/frustration:

“It was stupid and I’ve told Jack that. I could understand it if it had been for a tackle but to throw the ball away…

“I’d spoken to him as well, I said to him that we can’t afford to lose you for the two home games.”

Suffer the consequences:

“Be available, don’t do anything stupid and he did…something stupid.

“So he will have to suffer the consequences.”


  • Paul Patterson

    Er, John? Why play him in the first place then . .
    An away game, with no hope of getting anything from it?
    With a winnable home game next up, against one of the poorest sides the Premier League has seen in it’s history?
    Agreed, Jack was stupid to do it, but footballers aren’t robots, they will react if circumstances dictate. Look at Matic for Chelsea? Silly reaction, but I’d probably have done the same.
    Sorry John, your fault on this one.

  • Brownale69

    Good coaching did you tell Anita and Collo how to defend?

  • No Brainer

    Stupid kid if it was a late tackle fair enough he should know not to react, In fact he did know as soon as he did it a game we were never going to get anything from.

    Now we are short against a banker who will be geed up by their new manager and the game after one which we probably had a good chance of getting something from given their form.

    Absolute cracker jack

  • prestondave

    “Carver says he specifically warned Colback not to do anything stupid”- like call me a coach or think I know what Im doing. But hey, Im a Geordie so I deserve it the job cos I understand what the club and fans need. I wont deliver it though cos fatty wont let me.