John Carver has declared that he thought Remy Cabella was ‘brilliant again’ today against Stoke.

The Head coach being booed when he substituted the Frenchman after 69 minutes, having being up to that point the only player providing any creativity in the team.

However, Carver defended the decision by saying Cabella had ran out of steam and that some people would describe his decision as inspirational, after Obertan helped set up Colback’s goal.

John Carver

“I thought he (Remy Cabella) was brilliant again. I just thought I needed to bring some fresh legs on the pitch because he’d ran out of steam a little bit.

“He worked ever so hard and he was exciting, but you know this is a group game and it is about the squad.”

Inspirational substitution;

“As it happens, when we brought Obertan on, it actually set up our goal.

“So some people would say that was an inspirational substitution but it wasn’t to be because we’ve drawn the game.”

  • NatTurner

    Cabella was ready to come off. He’s right.

  • Carver for North Korea

    this bloke lives in a fooking bubble

  • Oliver Lam

    then why’d you bring him off?

  • Jarmin Geordie

    If Cabella had ran out of steam Ameobi had ran out of the stadium, totally invisible the 2nd half but remained on (apparently) the pitch while our main attacking option was withdrawn

  • MartinJW

    Fair result. Crouch ought to be in the circus.

  • SimonM68

    Cabella looked the part alright, whilst Obertan looks like nosferatu, but he made more of an impact in the time he was on that Cabella did for all his pretty touches. Another odd thing about Oberatn – he won every ball that was played up to him in the air …strange for a winger. Haidara and Sammy both were both poor today for me.

  • Mark Brooker

    Brilliant . He must have been the only one. A point was the least Stoke deserved. We were garbage all that’s available off the bench Obertan ( squidward ) need I say more. The heart and soul has gone from the club I love. Bring back Arthur Cox at least the team gave a hundred percent in those days. Great days home & Away

  • DownUnderMag

    Cabella has started to look a better player of late, as i’ve said before, sometimes it takes players time to adjust to the Premiership.  Having said that, he seems to be a lot freer these days in his game too and so the change in his attacking threat could be linked to us playing with a slightly more aggressive game plan. Needs more support though, as does Perez, there were times against Stoke that he was actually chasing down his own headers…he obviously has a bit of skill and pace so it would be great to see him play with a little more support and see what he can really achieve.  

    Both Perez and Cabella would have been amazing in a side with either Ba or Cabaye, but spilled milk and all that…
    I was shocked by how disinterested the crowd was though.  Acceptance of mediocrity, the new Toon Army motto it would seem!