After Sammy Ameobi’s wonder strike at Hull, John Carver has challenged him to show Shola’s attitude and then he would be some player.

The newly confirmed Newcastle Head Coach says that the World could be Sammy Ameobi’s oyster if he shows the right discipline.

The winger’s 35 yard special (watch it HERE) made sure of the points for Newcastle as they condemned Steve Bruce and his Hull team to remain in the bottom three.

John Carver;

“Sammy has got ability, he has just got to start believing in himself because we all believe in him, and start producing on a regular basis.

“The World could be his oyster, he has magnificent ability and I have always said this to Shola, ‘your brother has got more ability than you’.

But Shola had a fantastic attitude, if Sammy can match the two things then we have got a player.”

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  • LeazesEnder

    Shola’s attitude was never a problem for anyone, it was his ability….and longevity!

  • Maximus Moose

    LeazesEnder And his lightening Speed

  • Phildene

    Shola’s attitude was never in question, it was his laziness and the fact he very rarely showed his ability due to his laziness. For a striker Shola’s goal tally for the years he was here and played was absolutely appalling – there’s no denying that, so the fact sammy is faster and better with seemingly the right attitude makes him a better player

  • Alsteads

    Shola needed everything within half a yard of himself otherwise his shoulders went and he couldn’t be arsxd. I remember when we nearly got 5 million from spurs for him. Could of been good business but the fact he (for what ever reason) ended up carrying on for us and in doing so done the mackems. That alone he had my vote. Lazy sod but just wanted to play for the toon.
    Sammy how ever…. No doubt has ability, but so have your lennons etc and they just seem to be at a level where they think they’ve made it. At times it looks like when Sammy is blowing his cheeks out (after something he has tried hasn’t come off) he just wants to be elsewhere than on the pitch.
    If we manage this kid right then in 2/3 years he will realise just what a fantastic opportunity he has to be a talented footballer. Hopefully with us!! There is a lot of crap in this premier league at the moment and Sammy has the ability to go past most of them and still have one or two things in his back pocket. HAWAY Sammy your never going to get a chance like this to pick up game time and develop!

  • cwtoon88

    Im sure Shola had a good attitude off the pitch but on the pitch he was one of the laziest payers Iv ever seen and he never looked that interested win or lose

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Shola’s languid style and gait certainly gave off an air of laziness, much in the same way that Chris Waddle’s posture made him look perpetually knackered.  The Waddler was anything but knackered, and I don’t think either that Shola was anywhere near as lazy as many make him out to be.
    I find it interesting that two of his former coaches, Pardew and Pulis, were chomping at the bit to bring him back this season. That speaks volumes to me.
    My opinion, for what its worth, is that Shola underachieved and fouled too much, so I’m a little nonplussed about Carver’s comments about the two brothers.

  • Crawcrooklad

    Can we PLEASE put Shola in the past, every time I see his name on this site I get an awful feeling that he might be on his way back on a rolling contract. I saw him make his debut against Chelsea, he went up for a high ball and missed it, landing in a heap, prompting a bloke a few seats away to say, “Now I can say I know what it looks like when a jellyfish falls out of a tree” –  I repeatedly hear/read what a nice guy he is and how he’s a genuine Geordie lad, but that can be said about my next-door neighbour, he’s in his nineties but is a Toon fan through and through, really lovely bloke, so let’s give him a contract. Might not score many goals, but neither did Shola, cracking bloke though from a lovely family……