John Carver has revealed that Remy Cabella was told pre-Hull that he had to start ‘producing the goods’.

After his first goal and a top performance on Saturday, the newly appointed head coach was full of praise both for the Frenchman’s ability and his commitment.

However, Carver has warned that anybody who isn’t prepared to fit into the way he wants the team to operate, will be out!

Whether that is just a general warning or he has certain players in mind is an unknown…

John Carver;

“It was a great away performance; first half not much in it, super save by Tim Krul and we go down the other end and get a great goal from Remy Cabella.

“Second half, totally dominated and I think they reverted to the long ball. We just stayed nice and solid and played on the counter.”

Producing the goods;

“I have said to him (Cabella), we know he has ability but he’s got to start producing the goods, whether it is a cross, whether it is a shot and goal – he’s done that today.

“His time was up and that is why I brought him off and I said to the guys in the dressing room, it is very important we are getting players fit and you have to fit into the way the team is going to play, if you don’t you are off the pitch.

Gouffran fantastic…;

“But he gave everything, he (Cabella) gave 100%, he was out on his feet and Gouffran came on, who was fantastic.”

Watch Remy Cabella’s quality first Newcastle goal HERE.

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  • He had an ok game but before his goal we all wondered where he was……not the world beating performance that J C is raving about and against the worst side ive seen this season.

    But a wins a win and lets enjoy it and take the feeling into the Stoke game

  • wor monga

    There they go…a great performance away from home on a
    shocking day, and straight off all the bloggers on here can come up with was
    how bad the opposition were…and how many they should have scored…did nobody
    ever tell these people that’s not how football works…you score more goals than
    them, and everything else just doesn’t come into it…great goals great win, even