In this video interview, John Carver reveals he’s had a Monday morning meeting with Remy Cabella after an incident during Stoke match.

With boos ringing in his ears after substituting Remy Cabella, John Carver then had words with the Frenchman about being disrespectful when the player threw his bottle on the floor.

Now the Newcastle Head Coach reveals he’s had a meeting this morning with Cabella to sort the matter and move forward.

Watch this John Carver pre-match Crystal Palace interview below.

  • Paul Patterson

    To be honest, he shouldn’t have came off.
    It’s a Pardew tactic to bring a player off who is playing well and it’s madness, especially when the game is only 1-0.
    It’s a ‘Lets keep what we have and see the game out’ mentality and it always invites trouble.
    However, I said some time ago that I’d have bought Crouch, Defoe or even both. Sadly one has scored twice against us this season and the other is bound to later on.
    If we had one or both . .

  • ash1001

    JC – I am the boss, got to let everyone know that, I will wash internal club matters in Public – yeh JC well done, bully boy tactics again I think.

  • mrkgw

    Fed up with John Carver and wish that he would go – he isnt a manager nor, head coach. Nor will he ever be and so, he needs to be replaced.

  • foschops70

    cabella was running the game, and it was a awful decision to sub him,yes bring obertan on but for Sammy cos it was obvious to everyone that he was knackered so it was carver who dropped us points and he’s just trying to deflect the criticism on to cabella, unforgivable in my eyes

  • toonterrier

    Its not just Cabella he should have had a word with but the entire team for their woeful performance against a team with a couple of their best players missing. Cabella had a decent game and should have been kept on to assist Cisse and give us more options up front. He should then have a look in the mirror as he is the bloke who picked the team,discussed tactics and motivated the players. Nothings changed since the puppet left and we’re still a shambles.

  • Brownale69

    you dont know wot ya doin………

  • RussellHoworth

    I’m not pro Carver here at all, but don’t let the facts get in the way of a point of view. It was 0-0 when Cabella came of and fresh impetus from Obertan and Cisse led to the goal. We obviously should have scored again and/or held on at the end.

  • RussellHoworth

    Paul Patterson It was 0-0

  • whickhamrobbie

    The Guy was miffed at being subbed GOOD at least it shows he cares .Good players sacrificed for journeyman players has always been our problem .Not to see out the game again (as palace) was inept and if we cannot keep the ball for 5 mins against the likes of Stoke (no disrespect) what chance do we have against a ball playing team (like the Hammers LOL ).

  • DownUnderMag

    Mountain out of a molehill, press trying to stir up some manure to throw at us yet again.  Carver should have just said it was nothing, he’s wanted to stay and fight for the team and prove himself when he was playing well, I want players who WANT to play…and left it at that.