Much has been written about Mike Ashley  and his cohorts as he attempts to take over at Glasgow Rangers.

However, unlike on Tyneside, he has now endured vitriolic and sustained resistance and in addition, his representatives may have sustained physical abuse from those willing to protect the club they adore.

Personally, I think Ashley and his sycophants have had an easy ride from the supporters of Newcastle United.

We have heard in the past that he has been unable to attend games due to threats to him and his friends and family. Crucially, there is no tangible evidence of this.

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Why not, some may ask?

Is it because the fans have just had enough?

I certainly have and cancelled my season ticket last week after 40 years of unconditional support.

Since 2007, at least 20 of my friends and acquaintances have done the same. I am sure dozens would report similar instances.

So back to Ashley.

I think he is already considering his position at Ibrox and may cut his losses and head back down to Tyneside with his tail between his legs.

He will have money in his pocket that was destined to be spent in Govan. That money may be spent on Tyneside but here is the crux, will it be spent in NE1?

Watch this space…

  • Brownale69

    Just a way to broadcast the Sports Direct brand worldwide, and hey ho it works. Oh and the millions from TV. He and his cronies are all the same businessmen who Pard says knows nowt about football but def know how to make millions.
    Well not a penny more from me.

  • HD_07

    Feel for you Philip. I would have done the same

  • Geordie Zebra

    Sad state of affairs mate and obviously a
    hard decision. Welcome you back when FCB leaves us. HWTL.

  • pissed off mag

    do what me and my family did and go watch northern league, been to wembley twice in 3 years with west auckland, £60 for a season ticket and no adverts for rag shops anywhere.Philip you would love it pal

  • Conman

    I did it two seasons ago. Now I mix my Saturday’s by either watching on the to with mates or watching North shields. After a while, it becomes the norm and you don’t have to walk up to the ground feeling as though your dragging the 308 bus behind you.
    I’ve got the memories of all the great away trips in this country plus Barcelona twice, Metz , feyenoord , Marseille and others. Memories I will never forget with great friends. That’s enough for me until the fcb rolls out of town.

  • SGM

    Funny that.
    All the people who come on here saying that they quit. Still here every day tho, reading, and commenting on what’s going on.
    Sad I know but no-one will miss them.

  • Conman

    Just because we don’t go, certainly doesn’t mean we don’t want to.
    With a comment like yours, no wonder we keep getting full crowds.
    Yes, we keep watching and hoping for change. We are allowed to keep an eye on what is happening.

  • 2someitsonlyagame

    SGM  Just because they have stopped going, does not mean they no longer support Newcastle United. Fans like Philip, who have been watching Newcastle for over 40 years, are perfectly entitled to an opinion, whether they go to watch Newcastle or not.

  • Greggy164

    The fans of Newcastle must know by now what Ashley is all about. They should be standing up to him. St James should be a no-go area for him on match days. Either that or it should be empty. He has done very little to show the people of Newcastle any goodwill or respect. For as long as Newcastle are making money he will be there. He cares only for SD and profit.

  • ash1001

    Good decision Phil, was ready to do the same, my mate who I have gone to the matches with for the last 30 odd years, has always blamed me for not cancelling earlier, now I have had enough of the rubbish on the field and the even greater mess up top, I say right now’s the time to go, he now want to hang on for another year, we have been doing this for the last 10 years at least, its a disease that is only cured by termination.

    Digressing – See the Rangers Fan Forum meeting with Llambias has come out and said Llambias has had no contact with Mke Ashley for weeks, believe that if you like. 

    NUFC fans Forum is scheduled now for 2nd March.

    2 interesting points – some one will correct me if I am wrong, but Mike Ashley personally made the first loan to Rangers, whereas the second loan was made by Sports Direct against Murray Park. If Sports Direct took full control of Rangers is that still classed as a ‘conflict of Interests’.

    Final thought re TIOTE, if he stays injured for the rest of the season, Ivorie Coast FA will have to pay his wages through the Insurance scheme (injured on International duty) – more money in the MA Kitty.

  • RobBrown

    First of all congratulations Phil on voting with your feet. If a few more people did that then things might be taken seriously.

    Trouble is you have given out the wrong message here on this page.

    “Sustained physical abuse”? Sounds good but surely not what you meant.

    “Crucially there is no tangible evidence of this” – again – not really correct. Telephone calls recorded. Emails kept, Letters received and verbal threats.

    Why do  you assume that because you haven’t seen them they don’t exist? I see them every day on these pages from fans like yourself.

    Also – do you run a business of your own? I would have to assume not. I would especially have to assume that you do not run a group of businesses. The inexperienced fans seem to believe that the profits from everything just go into a big pot – along with his personal cash – and he just dips in and takes money out for whatever he pleases. Of course that’s not the way it works is it?

    It’s extremely naive to assume that because he hasn’t spent 100 million rebuilding rangers the he now has a hundred million to spend on the Toon. Apart from anything else the guy is worth 4 billion – do you think he needs scrimp over here to spend over there? Admittedly he may have sold a few shares in Sports Direct to free up some cash but that was to rebuild an SPL giant. That cash is NEVER going to go into our team.

    A have to says that I respect your decision not to renew the season ticket, but on your own it amounts to nothing, and I suspect you have done it at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons.

  • mick57

    RobBrown Your point is what exactly? Glasgow police  say that there is no evidence of an assault on Lambeezee as no complaint made to them. This is exactly what happened when Ashley alleged death threats to his family by Newcastle fans.NO EVIDENCE.  I hope that you do not run your own business if the beginning of your concluding paragraph is evidence of your literacy skills. ” A have to says”  You need a PA to check your writing or are you a one man band.
    You do not have to run your own business in order to be able to add up the simple maths to check that Ashley has spent less than he has paid out and will be able to add onto any sale price, his loan to us which is offset against his tax bill so he in fact makes a profit as he goes on loaning us the money.
    On the business side I have recently spoken to an advertising executive regarding my business and he said that if Ashley was to pay for his Sports Direct tat on the walls of St James’ it would cost him up to £10-12 million per annum. 
    I, too, surrendered my season ticket with a heavy heart  five years ago.I attended my first match in 1962-63 season aged five but will not return until Fatty goes dragging his wallet behind him. What gives you the right to question anyone’s decision to not renew in such patronising terms. Every individual has the right to withdraw their support at any time. IF YOU CARE ABOUT THE CLUB IT HURTS TO DO IT. I wonder if there will be a club by the time Fatty decides to go and what state he will leave us in.

  • v0ices

    RobBrown yup run a business and yes it does all go into a big pot, the pots just spread out in different locations so Ashley  can pay as little tax as possible but in reality its all owned by him and he can do what he wants with it.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Anyone still thinking we can’t get at Fatty just needs to read the news today. The RFC fiasco is now damaging the SD share price. That’s the way to hurt him and as I and others have suggested, using the crowd at televised games to have a go at him and SD is the only way we can force change in some way.

  • RobBrown

    mick57 RobBrown Yeah Mick, autocorrect on a Samsung phone in a moving vehicle is a fair test of my literary skills!

    So why on earth would Ashley or LyanBas’ say they have been threatened if they had not? This is not School? It does them no good to say these things, it only tarnishes their image.

    As I have said many times – why is it so difficult for fans to accept that surely Ashley’s purchase of the club and subsequent interest free loan entitles him to take advantage of the advertising space? 10-12 million per annum? Isn’t that about what the club was paying in interest before he consolidated the outstanding debts into a single INTEREST FREE loan?

    Mick – we all hate the guy – but lets hate him for the right reasons. In the top 20 wealthiest clubs list, self sufficient, freezing season ticket prices, reducing away day expenses, and with any luck we’ll still be here when the big money kicks in.

    Taking advantage of free advertising at his own club? Are you serious? Hall and Shepherd used to have big adverts up at Newcastle when they were there, and on top of that they were fleecing the club.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    RobBrown mick57 Why would they do it?

    By suggesting that their safety is at risk, they can continue to mess around with the EGM venue and date. Do you think it;s coincidence that another hotel is now reviewing their hosting of the event?

    Gives Ashley and Co more time to plot against the King bid.

    Change pages and read the “Ashley Model” post and comments. Commercial revenue turnover continues to be sickeningly low when EVERY other PL club’s has grown . Lower than when he came in. Advertising and retail is part of that so goes some way in explaining where the funds are most likely going. 

    If you think Ashley isn’t fleecing this Club then I worry about whatever business acumen you actually have.

  • magpie9

    ash1001  Llambias was very selective with his words, he said he had not spoken to Ashley, In this day & age of text  etc who needs to actually talk

  • mick57

    RobBrown they lie to paint us fans as the problem they create an image that all they want is the best for the club. We get the blame for our treatment of Ashley and pardew yet the media especially sky label us as having ridiculously high expectations without giving us a right to reply. Ashley is asset stripping and when he goes we finished. He weakens the squad every transfer window and soon we will be unable to attract good players. The fans turn up out of a sense of duty expecting nothing. Ashley has made this his mission. He wants the retail control of the club while taking away our identity. By the way in what way do you hate him as you clearly appreciate his fiscal stance even though it is to his benefit not ours.

  • mick57

    SGM we read because we still love the club and want it to be a success but cannot stand  the way it is run now. We know we are not missed but after 50 years we still have a right to comment and have an opinion. Your stance is pathetic and irrelevant. Why are you on here anyway.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    SGM  get back to licking your masters wallet.

  • Bills frollocks

    This is a very sad read. Someone who has been devoted for 40years forced out by someone who has made 40 million plus and NEVER supported or even liked this club or area. What are we doing letting this happen. Loyalty beaten by sheer greed.

  • Chemical Dave

    really ? Been to one game this season and though I’ve seen far worse sides than the one that played Everton,I can honestly say in the 40 years since my first match, I’ve never experienced a worse atmosphere in that stadium. Funnily enough SGM, I didn’t even hear your sanctimonious ‘happy clapping’ above everyone else’s, I couldn’t hear anything at all.

  • NW Mag

    Well done Phil. Filling message boards about Ashley won’t result in any change – but if enough people take action like this it might have an effect – we can only try , and hope. Fans need to realise that doing nothing results in nothing. Stop moaning if you’re not prepared to do anything about it.
    If nowt else it will make you feel a whole lot better – I can speak from personal experience.

  • Belfast Ali

    Funny that, I’ve been going for over 40 years and as yet I’ve never seen the owner running around in a Toon top
    He’s not who I go to see. .its the players, so good luck with you’re early retirement
    See you soon when things improve, as you know if you’ve been around that long, we have seen much much worse than this
    I live in hope boys!!!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Belfast Ali Never had an owner in 25 years that didn’t want to anything though. He’s just an extremely rich version of the past cretins like Westwood, McKeag and Seymour. Much harder to take now knowing he’s coining it in and sending much needed revenue to benefit another company and its shareholders.

  • Brown Bottle

    SGM ….SGM….Sycophantic Gluttons’ Mouthpiece ?

  • mick57

    Seen him sitting in one many times. Why are you having a go at fellow supporters. Agree it’s not worst I have seen but Ashley now has us looking downwards and backwards clinging to 11th as success as the 19th richest club in Europe. Many of us old lads want to return but can’t. I cannot line fat lads pockets with my hard earned cash.

  • Greggy164

    Sickandtiredstill  Any chance you get to show him or his SD brand in a bad light should be taken. Why do you allow him to sit amongst you?

  • Lenny Harbottle

    We need another 40k to do the same then the FCB might get the messageU0001f44d

  • No Brainer

    Shame eh its come to an end I suppise it does for everyobe really. Looking around the match has never been attended by many old folk so maybe 45-55 is the time people give up kind of a natural death of toon support.
    Given that we have a team with some real quality players have been hampered by injuries and the upset of the coach walking out . It cannot be done to the squad were getting.
    I hope you’re still able to watch us on the telly.

  • PaulNewsome

    Lots of fans have said something like this. I’ve supported the club since I was a bairn in the 1970s and I feel much the same as it isn’t Newcastle United anymore, though I live in London so I’m not a season ticket holder.

    The thing is that there are still crowds of 50,000 at St James’ Park so either there aren’t as many fans boycotting the game as they say, or they have been replaced by a new type of fan. If it’s the latter, who is this new kind of fan?

  • No Brainer

    Bills frollocks Not forced he decided to go of his own accord.

    I have enjoyed watching the toon beat the likes of chelsea this season and expect i will continue to do so.

  • No Brainer

    Sickandtiredstill Isn’t he likely to buy the shares up at a distressed price knowing that it will have little effect on performance

  • No Brainer

    Greggy164 Sickandtiredstill Yes

  • No Brainer

    mick57 RobBrown What they said when asked was ” there has been no incident reported until an incident is reported we have nothing to investigate”

  • No Brainer

    RobBrown mick57 7.5 million interest. Manchester united with its huge coverage world wide puts its perimeter advertising value at less than £4.5 million in total  as part of its packaged advertising. So plus for us maybe he should charge interest and pay advertising it would be financial beneficial to him slightly, however the govt’s transaction taxes would ensure that they are the only real winner of changing the from way he does things now.

  • No Brainer

    Sickandtiredstill RobBrown mick57

    this year

    Newcastle United are commercially in the strongest position in their history”, deloitte’s independent analysts

  • No Brainer

    v0ices RobBrown Not true, there are some very specific rules on governance and listed companies

  • No Brainer

    mick57 RobBrown Assets that have been stripped by ashley at nufc?

    I personally think the major assets at the club (players) are worth more than they were when he arrived

  • No Brainer

    ash1001 Ta ra

  • No Brainer

    Greggy164 Just because your club has seen its fans leave in their droves just because of relegation and shown that they are not loyal and just turn up when the is an opportunity to show sectarian bigotry. Do not try to tar the people of the northeast in the same light. Stay away we are nicer people than you lot.

  • No Brainer

    Conman There will be no space for you.

  • No Brainer

    mick57 SGM And ytou would go because it is a successful club, are you man u fans in disguise

  • No Brainer

    Conman bless

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Sickandtiredstill Spend more of his own money? Oh, i thought he was against that? Silly me, that’s only at the football club he owns.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Sickandtiredstill RobBrown mick57 Funny that, you suggested yesterday that Deloitte were not always accurate in their findings – when defending the Rangers fiasco.
    Anyway, using your own argument against you once again – 2012/13 figures which Deloitte comments allude to, included the new Wonga money. 
    Getting a new sponsor deal is hardly growing commercial revenue.  


  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer RobBrown mick57 Why the [email protected] should a business pay its owner interest for money he injects into it?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer mick57 RobBrown Coz you’re a pro regime coconut.

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer mick57 SGM  R u manu

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer ash1001  whats ta ra?

  • Conman

    No need to bless me tosspot. I’ve been there, done it and now more than enjoying myself outside the SD cash making machine.

  • No Brainer

    Good luck, we miss you come back when we start winning things.
    Or see you when Kev comes back to save us.
    Doh I kinda hooe we don’t now!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer your fat mate who you idolise is making sure of that.

  • No Brainer

    Absolute rubbish he is lying to you or you made it up. 10-12million per year for the ad space at st james its barely worth 1m.
    Ad space cost is based on oportunities to be seen
    if you wish to check it out the value of that consider that the front page ad on the chron will cost you £1350 for a one of £1200 each for a booking ten inserts or £800 per ad on a 52wk series.
    so if the chron gives 8.8m opportunities to be seen for just 52k how on earth do you dream up nufc charging £10-12 m for just 980k opportunities to be seen of people at the ground. If you add a tv audience of 1m for each sky tv audience then it will rise to a max of 4m opportunities to be seen.
    Just think man will you

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer You are using an argument about how far The Chron reaches, as opposed to PL football beamed to an estimated worldwide audience of 4.7 billion?

    An audience which Ashley/SD freely admitted they wanted access to when buying the club.

    The same company which  -Sports Direct says it is on course to hit its full-year profit target without increased investment in marketing, margin and inventory.
    The retailer says that while it could increase investment in marketing to boost growth, it will hit its full-year profit target without doing so. 
    While Sports Direct does invest in price, it spends relatively little on advertising.

    Yeah, no fookin suprise to many, other than yourself who argues about the good deal we get instead!

  • No Brainer

    Sorry dear this is my game its matterless what ever the size of the medium opportunities to be seen is what counts you can give a 30% premium for an absolute target market.
    the ratio’s across mass media remain broadly similar the variences are consider due to the amount of proof.
    for example newspapers yse ABC /VFD and or BPA to verify copies sold. This is a rigid system to control what audience publisher claims their product reachs as television use less thsn 5000 homes to make a judgement on what the nation watchs that figure us more open to inaccuracies and not representative.
    As the attendances can be verified you can be sure nufc’s opportunities to be seen are as valuable as a newspapers.
    Thanks again dreamer.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer what a [email protected]@k

    Maybe you can explain in your mumbo jumbo how come the last club accounts state a turnover of 95.9 million – yet Llambias states it was 123 million? It’s on his own profile on the Rangers website

  • mick57

    No Brainer obviously not seen old Stevie who attended right until he was in his eighties. I would still be investing money for the three season tickets I had for over 20 years. Didn’t need one in 60’s,70’s and 80’s when I stood in allocate corner. We used to be a squad of over 20 go to games home and away now down to 5. Where is this quality squad. We only have Krul who would be first choice in a top eight team. The rest are decent but not quality. Everyone has injuries you need a squad to cope. We don’t and as long waTCH is owner we never will.

  • mick57

    No Brainer you are pathetic. Fans have a right to an opinion and to voice it without your ill conceived childish comments.

  • PaulNewsome


    “Also – do you run a business of your own? I would have to assume not”
    What a patronising little c*nt.

  • No Brainer

    There are 49,000 geordies at every game so no I don’t see old Stevie I do see two obvious pensioners same ones every week I’m mid forties and would say at keast 60% are younger than me.
    as I think we will finish top 8 (7/8) I would say the is 11at least who will be top 8 players.
    Ktil colo jannmat jack moussa cisse and probs du jong if ever fit would be main stays of stoke swansea west ham any day of the week