Another transfer deadline day and our beloved Chairman/Owner didn’t have to spend a penny, but made a fair bit. He didn’t even have to pay for helicopter fuel this month!!!!!

It’s obvious the bridge between NUFC and Rangers is growing ever stronger, once that bridge can hold the weight of Ashley, he will run across it as fast as he can, taking as much as possible with him.

Last night saw 5 Newcastle players loaned to Rangers.

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I would argue that the Scottish second tier is about the same level as the reserve league for the EPL.

The lads will more than likely (especially Bigi and Streete) thrive in that league and at the very least, make sure Rangers go up via the play-offs. I would have to say though that I think this is Vuckic’s last chance to prove himself at any decent level.

I strongly believe that once Rangers get into the SPL, or the following season qualify for the Champions League, Ashley is gone.

He is never going to own both of us outright and it’s obvious he wants to own Rangers.

So a decent run of form from Bigi and the lads could see us get rid of Ashley for good.

So I hope with all my heart that Rangers win the league this season!!!!

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  • mrkgw

    Lets hope that you are right Ginola – we have had our fill of Ashley.

  • A lex

    He’s clearly doing everything in his power to get control, even as a minority shareholder. Once he has got them tied up by way of financing, retail contracts, board representation etc., the majority shareholders will have no choice but to cave in to his demands and sell up. This is beyond ruthless – it’s savagery.

  • RexN

    A lovely thought but there are other articles on The Mag that suggest he has other motives:  //

  • scotty63

    1957 You’re right except the notion the that it is Ashley is incorrect. It is SD that is making the loans as all the loans by MASH holdings have been repaid by the loan from SD. It is SD that have the retail rights and so on. Now we know in reality it is the FCB calling all the shots but in the eyes of the law it is one company lending to another and he isn’t doing it as an individual which would have been the case if done through MASH holdings. He has it stitched up and neither the SFA or the SPFL have the cash to disprove the situation. The takeover will continue in SD’s name circumventing the owning two clubs as he will claim he is just a shareholder in both companies. He is a cancer to football imo.

  • Conman

    Agree to most of the comments and sentiments but I just can’t see fcb selling us and moving further north. I’d love to see it but just can’t .
    Unless someone tells me why he would want to do this, I’ll just hate him from my armchair.

  • A lex

    scotty63 1957 Technically, you’re right. But the law takes into account influence / undue influence, and Ashley in his own right through MASH and SD clearly has this.
    Nevertheless, he has a great team behind him to exploit any opportunity. The SFA don’t seem to have the power or will to do much, but if it escalates to a degree where UEFA and FIFA get involved, then it could be a different ball game.


    It makes sense. As an investment person, the aim is buy low and sell high. Ashley has increased the value of NUFC a great deal and will make a handsome profit from selling the club. He will then look to buy Rangers at a time when they are still rising from the ashes. When they get back to the Scottish premier league and starting challenging for the title again, their value will sky rocket. He knows it and is planning it all out. Shrewd but it ain’t stupid.

  • JDOG1982

    As soon as Rangers get in the CL or win the SPL title, Ashley will be out of Newcastle. I think we should give them any player they want to make this happen.

  • mentalman

    Nufc currently bring in more money per season than rangers would in the champions league, surely the most likely scenario is he keeps nufc and keeps the deal with rangers as it is, he has control over the club and he’ll be getting the advertising and retail rights for rangers in the champions league that he wants.
    Nothing needs to change, the SFA can threaten him all they want but it won’t be long until rangers are further in to debt to SD or MASH and they’ll have security on the ground etc. If the SFA try to kick him out he can basically close the club so he holds the upper hand.

  • RexN

    mentalman Excellent points and very true. The differences are 1. Rangers cost base is lower 2. Champions League represents pure profit and 3. Rangers are a lot cheaper.

    Even if Ashley has to pay £100m, and the going rate is currently very much less, Champions League for Rangers gives him a 25% annual return. He is currently getting 10-15% on his Newcastle investment.

  • gazchampion

    Let’s hope the lads on loan can do the business North of the Border so we can finally be rid of Cashley. 
    Howay the ‘Gers

  • No Brainer

    Shame you just a shadow of scotlabds biggest club I think we should be cheesed off but when you have those Catholic fellas from celtic lauding it over you for so long must make you stamp you feet like a little ginger irish man

  • GeddyLee

    No chance. @shley at Spurts Erect will bleed us dry…

  • scotty63

    A lex 1957 Undue influence is where the waters muddy, I would expect that he will play its SD doing the deals and it may be very difficult to disprove especially with his legal team and resources even though it’s blindingly obvious in common sense terms what he is doing.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    I am truly puzzled by what has happened to Bigi. A couple of years ago he was the ‘mini me’ Tiote (without the plethora of yellow cards, which was encouraging) and it looked like the world was his oyster. Remember his cracking goal against Wigan. All of a sudden he found himself in the doldrums, and its inexplicable to me that he hasn’t been able to dig himself out from there. If anyone has an explanation, I’d love to know it.

  • DownUnderMag

    Nicolaus Copernicus never got a look in under Pardew once he wasn’t needed and he could rely on his tried and tested senior lot again.  The only time Pardew has ever played youth is when forced to by injuries and suspensions…then even if they play well, they are never heard from again.   Bigi looked a real prospect, and even if he didn’t improve, his performances that season were good enough for him to hold his own when compared to the likes of Obertan and others…

  • DownUnderMag

    I just can’t see Ashley giving up the easy money that is NUFC.   He now knows he can get by on minimal outlay and bleed us dry of whatever he can and we all still turn up in droves.  He knows he can scrape by with barely any squad while as long as he ensures survival then he reaps a huge TV payment and doesn’t have to spend any of it, gets free advertising and never has to clear the debt the club owes him.  I am sure his lawyers will be working overtime to find a way to hold on to both clubs…it’s not like there is ever a chance of us qualifying for Europe again under Ashley so neither us nor Rangers will be prevented from competing because we are both in that competition…just isn’t going to happen.

    The more likely scenario is that NUFC will be ran on as tight a budget as possible, feed players off to Rangers on the cheap and Rangers will be the show-pony club.   The only way he will ever sell NUFC now is if we are relegated, the TV money dries up or there is some major stupid offer comes in for us.  And even if he does sell up, I can see him ensuring we are in a dreadful state before he does as one last kick in the happy sacks…

  • Brownale69

    why walk away from a cash cow that is NUFC? 100m and maybe more from TV. worldwide FREE coverage from his tat brand, 50k every home game. Guaranteed season ticket money. Wonga etc…cant lose!

  • A lex

    And then, maybe, just maybe, some of our Platinum Club sheeple might realise they’re handing over a grand a year for nowt – apart from financing the summer Med cruise and jolly to Barbados, of course.

  • wor monga

    …’If the five loan players help Rangers get
    promotion could it help spark Mike Ashley’s departure?’….to put it bluntly …‘No’
    …There is no hard logic behind your reasoning
    to show otherwise. Only one team from the SPL will enter the CL at the 2nd
    Qualifying Round, and will more than likely advance to the 3rd Q,Rd,
    however coming up against a much higher level of opposition at this level they,
    (as recent history shows) will be unlikely to advance any further, in the early
    rounds…Not reaching the Group Stages means the revenue gained will be minimal
    (decided by low level TV coverage), and probably less than £500K, all told…
    To get any further in the qualifying rounds
    and reach the Group Stage (facing against the top UEFA club champions) where
    the big money starts, would cost a king’s ransom, for the necessary players he
    would need to get there and hopefully progress. Paying these players to compete
    in the Scottish League with no huge TV cash income each year would be tantamount
    to financial suicide
    …Ashley with only a 10% stake in the club,
    does not operate that way… Instead he will use loan players as groups, that can
    play together at a level they should  grow into quickly, which will bring their
    playing experience, and hence value up quicker, than what is happening at

  • gazchampion

    Bigi was ‘pardewed’ wasn’t he? 
    He got games when Pardew HAD to play him through shortage of players thro’ injuries, suspensions, etc. 
    I cannot believe he (and other young ‘uns) aren’t given more playing time but once you’re ‘pardewed’ you’re as good as out!

  • vbhgft

    gazchampion Rubbish. Maybe he just wasn’t any good. 

    Like Hugo Viana. Or Daniel Cordone. Or were they “Robsoned”?

    Lots of “young ‘uns” were given playing time. In the FA Cup. You all went mental.

  • vbhgft

    A lex I am handing over a grand a year for Premiership football. I am happy to do that. I don’t give a damn where the money goes.

  • gazchampion

    vbhgft A lex Nice one vbhgft! Are you happy to waste your money then? It’s ‘fans’ like you who are the root cause of this… feeding the fattie in charge of our once great club! Idiot!

  • No Brainer

    Keeganed – to over promise with excessive fueling; and vigourous abandonment before wilting without achieving full blossom.

  • gazchampion

    No Brainer – we saw some great, great football during that era, though! We’ll never enjoy that again at SJP in the foreseeable future… and by the way, what did King Kev over promise? Your name says it all.

  • gazchampion

    vbhgft gazchampion Bollox! There are always exceptions to the rule… plus Sir Bobby was an exceptional manager who should never be criticised as he was a truly professional football manager