Remy Cabella has topped Lionel Messi and Diego Costa to pick up ESPN’s European player of the month for January..

The broadcaster’s panel had nominated the Newcastle midfielder along with the Barcelona and Chelsea players as the three to choose from.

Then in an online poll of readers, a massive 59.5% voted for Cabella, easily beating Messi on  32.8% and Costa way behind with 7.7%.

Scurrilous suggestions have claimed Newcastle fans enthusiastically voted for their own player, using social media to drum up support and skew the vote.

On hearing he now owned the best player in Europe, Mike Ashley was just gutted that he hadn’t realised during the transfer window that has just closed…

For the record, Remy Cabella’s January saw him play in defeats against Southampton, Chelsea and Leicester (Cup), though he rounded it off with a man of the match display against Hull in the 3-0 win on Saturday, scoring his first ever goal for United.  The Newcastle midfielder was though also rated man of the match at Chelsea despite the defeat.

Meanwhile over in Barcelona, Lionel Messi could ‘only’ manage 8 goals in January as he helped Barca to win 6 of the 7 matches he took part in.

While at Chelsea, Diego Costa scored 4 goals last month and assisted Chelsea to win 4 of the 6 matche she played in, including reaching the League Cup final after beating Liverpool.

Obviously no contest….

  • Rich Oliver

    Ha ha! That’ll teach ’em

  • Joel Fowler

    Keegan Nufc Leigh

  • MagpieG

    A bit of good news, something to celebrate perhaps and The Mag publishes an article ridiculing the award to Cabella. I might have expected something like this from a jealous Mackem publication rather than The Mag. There are many things wrong at The Toon to moan about (something which our fans have become world class at) but this snide little article is truly sad.

  • NatTurner

    MagpieG You have to admit that Cabella getting the award is a bit ridiculous.  You want positivity?  Here: let’s all be glad that Cabella seems to be thriving under JC.  Perhaps next month he’ll be even more superb and we can say that he got the award a month too early.

  • MagpieG

    NatTurner MagpieG Of course it’s a bit bizarre him winning this but I didn’t expect one our own to write an article basically taking the mickey out of it. As I said there’s plenty wrong at The Toon to have a go at without ridiculing something positive.

  • Steve1221

    MagpieG NatTurner Its being ridiculed because its ridiculous, noones saying the lad had a bad month but he shouldnt be ranking in the top 20 players in Europe this month never mind number one.
    Mind you Coloccini did make Garth Crook’s team of the week after that shocking performance against Hull.

  • Steve1221

    1957 The player said himself he wasn’t prepared for the English game, Carver has just been able to benefit from Cabella having had 6 months to bed in. The fitness work and conditioning definitely look to be paying off and he was even chasing back regularly, exactly what Pardew would have been looking for.

  • Steve1221

    1957 I was actually surprised to see Coloccini in the team because Crooks’ criteria for defenders in the team of the week is usually “did the player score?”

  • Chris McGarry

    I’ve never laughed so much in my life !!!!!!!

  • wor monga

    This kind of thing often happens in social media polls…as we
    saw on here recently with Jackie Smithfields latest negative offering…in what
    she regarded as a Poll of 96% of the club’s ‘supporters’.

    …but why are you so dismissive of Cabella’s support for this
    award though…against Chelsea he had an outstanding game, and was our ‘Man of
    the Match’ …at Leicester he had a very good goal chalked off by a linesman, who
    basically guessed wrongly, and gave a bad decision that altered the game’s

    …The Hull game was a really crucial one for both teams, and
    although Remy was obstructed and barged over non-stop he still ended up clearly
    ‘M o t M’…and not only for the great goal he scored.

    His actions obviously meant
    enough to get those real supporters (who don’t feel the need to whinge on, and
    belittle our players) to vote for him.

  • Tonytoon

    This is The Mag doing what The Mag does best – in fact all it does, belittling everything about the club. Is there any point in getting upset about the nonsense continually written in the national media when our own(supposed) blog writes an article such as this.

  • MagpieG

    wor monga Well said, this was my point. We have enough problems at the club without our own fans belittling a genuine piece of good news. People will have their own opinions on whether the award is deserved, for the record I think it’s bit surprising, but to write something like this in one of own publications beggars belief.

  • Toon69

    Don’t forget tho that Costa was also banned for stamping on an opponents ankle during a game, so surely anyone who’s serving a suspension shouldn’t be nominated, tho I’ve no idea why Messi didn’t win, maybe he asked not to win, as he’s probably won it every month for years & will again next month :)

  • Charvers Army

    brilliant. and just think if pardew was still here he’d have been sitting on the bench and we’d be getting told he’s not suited to english football.

  • NatTurner

    MagpieG I’d imagine that the players get fined if they read The Mag.  The Mag is not good for team morale.

  • MagpieG

    NatTurner MagpieG It’s not good for my morale sometimes!