Siem de Jong may surprisingly still give Newcastle fans a lift this season.

The Dutch midfielder had surgery for a collapsed lung last week and was expected to miss the rest of the season.

However, it is now reported by The Mirror that de Jong should be back in time for the final run-in.

The better news than that though is that by opting to have an operation now, the procedure should rule out any realistic possibility of the lung problem affecting him in the future.

The operation is normally only carried out after the problem has reoccurred a further three times but by having surgery now, The Mirror report that this gets to the bottom of the issue and makes him no more likely than anybody else to suffer from it again.

The surgery was followed by a necessity to stay in hospital for a week afterwards so he could recover and be monitored, though he is now back home recuperating.

Whilst it would be nice to see Siem de Jong back this campaign, surely the only thing that matters is that he is fit and available for the start of next season.

Unless of course Newcastle manage to do the almost impossible and get themselves into relegation trouble, in what is proving to be a pretty poor Premier League.

Though as Lee Charnley said last night, the fans have to step up and support the team rather than questioning if John Carver is good enough for the job.

Read what Charnley had to say HERE.


  • Faustino11

    “Fans need to step up” ???
    You are being sarcastic though right?

  • wor monga

    That’s good news on Siem…he’s had a rough time of it, but
    the main thing is that the underlying problem has been sorted, and it’ll be
    great to see him fit and well again, and starting matches.

    Can’t see why you tagged that bit on the end about Charnley
    though…but what’s wrong with him asking the supporters to give JC and the team
    some backing over the last 13 games…any team that hasn’t already got close
    enough to the 40 point mark already can still implode, and fall into a
    relegation scrap…

    pretty unlikely for us, but in reality the PL is no poorer/easier
    than it’s ever been.

  • No Brainer

    Really good news on Siem he must have had a really tough time this year.

    Well said Jackie wouldn’t it be great if we could show the team some support its been a morgue for 16 years at least now

  • Maximus Moose

    ill beleive it when i see him on the Pitch !

  • Jarra MIck

    No the important thing isn’t he gets better at our expense the Dutch tawt he should give us back his wages for the full year and beg our forgiveness the robbing Cnut. Don’t get your hopes up about him playing again this season, he will probably strain an eyelash or summit, nowt but a crook. If he had a shred of decency he would draw the 2 million out of the bank in tenners and walk up and down Northumberland street in his bare feet dishing it out to all and sundry. Then and only then would I feel a feel an ounce of pity for his injury/illness, Dutch Cnut.

  • RobBrown

    Jarra MIck Aye Mick – because we all know that , just like Michael Owen, De Jong is injuring himself deliberately, just so that he can sit at home and watch the matches on Sky, rather than having to go out in the cold and actually run around.

    It was close for a while there when he nearly recovered from the thigh injury, but collapsing his own lung with a toasting fork was a stroke of genius!

    That should get him another few weeks with his feet up – conniving git!

  • RobBrown

    wor monga Are you serious? Asking the fans for support?

    Is that what you think the fans are there for????

    Oh, hang on a minute…..