Bayern Munich pay Pep Guardiola £14.8m a year, making him the best paid in the World.

Three of the next four spots go to Premier League managers with Chelsea the second biggets payers, followed by Arsenal in third and Manchester United in fifth.

Eyewatering amounts but when clubs are paying astronomical transfer fees and wages out for players, any sensible club is going to pay their manager accordingly.

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This is the top ten in the World with figures compiled by sports website Turnstyle:

1st £14.8m Pep Guardiola (Bayern Munich)

2nd £13.4m Jose Mourinho (Chelsea)

3rd £8.0m Arsene Wenger (Arsenal)

4th £7.8m Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid)

5th £7.5m Louis van Gaal (Manchester United)

6th £7.0m Luis Enrique (Barcelona)

7th £6.5m Fabio Capello (Russia)

8th £6.2m Andre Villas-Boas (Zenit St Petersburg)

9th £4.3m Roberto Mancini (Inter Milan)

10th £4.0m Jurgen Klopp (Borussia Dortmund

We are reliably informed that a little bit further down the list is….

1753rd Minimum wage John Carver (Newcastle United) plus is keeping NUFC in the Premier League the United Head Coach is entitled to a pack of five pairs of white sports socks from Sports Direct, plus any two t-shirts from the two for a pound range.

Whilst we aren’t privy to what Mike Ashley is paying John Carver, it won’t be too far off the mark if we guess that his yearly pay will amount to around a week or two of Fabricio Coloccini’s eighty grand a week.

When Alan Pardew moved to Crystal Palace it was reported that he’d trebled his pay.

Yet another reason why the way Newcastle United is being ran is sure to end in disaster, sooner or later.

  • PhilYare

    I think the minimum wage is £6.31 an hour 

    and that wage is a bit harsh on carver considering he was promoted from bog cleaner to Head Coach

  • dont believe the hype

    I saw Honest ‘Geordie’ John asking who should be blaming who but there was no mention of blaming the owner for effectively ending our season by instructing the coach to throw that FA cup game and removing any remote chance of a top seven finish by letting more players go and not spending a penny. Can the players really be blamed for giving up.

  • mick57

    Peanuts and monkeys

  • Denbr

    Wikipedia shows John Carver has a management record covering 57 games played at 4 clubs in 3 different leagues. His stats are wins 16, draws 15 and losses 26 giving him a success ratio of just 28% or if you wish to be cruel, and assume that you send out your teams to try to win every game, a fail rate of 72%. Therefore the question should be not what he is paid but how the hell did he get there in the first place?

  • alreet

    True. I really wonder how charns and ash promote the place now for merchandise and for player trading. When we want to be mid table and hover till the oaf has creamed enough for his next scottish venture.
    I really do look forward to his exit strategy being played out. Might get a bottle of bolly in and wave a few flags.
    Itll happen but probs not till the club is “stable”. Or devoid of hope.

  • dont believe the hype

    There are some very good reasons why we will struggle to find a decent manager to come in during the summer, they must be praying Honest ‘Geordie’ John hits 45 points so that they can justify giving him the job.

  • A lex

    dont believe the hype Same is happening this year as last year. At least the year before that, there was the relegation scrap to savour.
    It’ll be same again next year. Why do sheople support this by turning up?

  • dont believe the hype

    A lex dont believe the hype 
    I’m not sure how long this will continue, what manager in his right mind will want to come here knowing that if the team is looking good by January and in a position to push for Europe that the campaign will be deliberately derailed. Most modern managers are quite wealthy and are driven by success, how many managers want successive top sixteen finishes and third round cup exits on their CV’s.

  • A lex

    dont believe the hype A lex I wish you could go back 2 or more years to see my comments on this forum. It’s playing out exactly as I said it would. 
    We’re now at the point where Ashley is exposed through the lack of a ‘manager’. Nobody will want to work in his environment because everyone hopes to progress their career. And exactly how will taking this job, with no prospect of cups, trophies, Europe qaulification, etc, enhance anybody’s CV?

    He is delicately balanced between survival this term, and the big question of what to do for next season. Carver, starting a season afresh with little or no squad improvement, is a car crash waiting to happen. I’m sure even Ashley will now see that.

    The other point I’ve contiually made for 2 years is that Ashley has proved he doesn’t like being put in the spotlight. Many considered the march last year a failure, but look at the reaction of Ashley – totally threw his toys out by banning newspapers and other childish reactions. If ‘true’ fans properly and consistently and noisily make their feelings known, he’ll be in a very awkward position and he wonlt like it one bit.
    Like many, having had the arrogance to refuse a meeting with Newcastle Central MP, Chi Onuwura, I’m seriously looking forward to seeing him in front of a Parliamentary Committee to answer queries about his dealings in Scotland.

    In a nutshell, the sooner things get bad, the sooner Ashley will go. Only then can we look forward to a better future where we may actually have a go at winning something.

    My opinion is that it’s the duty of fans to accelerate this by negative action to Ashley before, during and after games. Then, we’ll see the back of him, and our kids have a proper club to follow.

  • dont believe the hype

    A lex dont believe the hype 
    I’ve only just started posting on here. I would love to see some concerted efforts to put pressure on him to at least try and deliver some success, people say he’s not bothered by criticism but look how they reacted to Linekers tweets, there were far too many people ready to put the boot in over MAoc efforts, the same people that moan about Ashleys disastrous reign yet not only do nothing themselves but slate others that do.

  • Toon Magpie

    He is probably on one of those zero hour contracts.

  • Greggy164

    He gets his Donnay golf balls for free

  • Sickandtiredstill
  • alreet

    Unfortunately alot of the die hards wont see it like that. They support the team blindly instead of the club as a whole or to even see success of any kind. A low score loss is considered good by such fans and anything more than a 2-0 win is like a magical cricket score.
    We have such a good history of entertainment for the right reasons but these last 7 or 8 years will be known for so many bad reasons. The local and national media clinging on to 5th place season like it was the magical 96 almost season and the champs league seasons with legend bobby.
    Ive said it too many times on all forums this is an entertainment business and if you arent giving goals. Good tactics. Tough ball playing. Running at defences and scoring 20 yard screamers and all that then wats the point.
    Anyone remember goal of the month/season and we had at least 3 in the top 10. Ohhh to dream