A strange situation has now developed with John Carver reacting to Jonas Gutierrez saying he had been fit and available for weeks to get back involved with first team football.

Jonas having said:

“I am available as of a few weeks ago – I have a situation in my contract and things like that which mean that I am not sure if I’m going to get the opportunity to play.”

The situation with his contract would appear to be the previously much reported clause that if he the Argentine winger plays a certain number of matches then he is entitled to a contract extension.

However, John Carver says that Gutierrez isn’t ready to play first team football, so who do you believe?:

John Carver speaking to the Shields Gazette:

“I am waiting for the right time and it’s not right at the moment.

“I can see that on the training ground – he has come back from a serious situation and I am not putting any pressure on him.”

A lot of competition:

“I don’t know (Jonas play for Newcastle again?), I would like to think so but it has got to be right.

“He’s got to compete to get on the left hand side and there is a lot of competition there, more than we have had for a long time.”

Ironically, when interviewed Jonas actually was at pains to say how much he wanted Carver to get the job on a longer term basis:

“You always want the best for the manager, I have known John from five years ago, I hope that they (Carver and current set-up) can get it and stay permanent.”

I suppose there may be also a middle ground. For example I don’t think there is any way that Ryan Taylor could have played a full game against Manchester City but he was fit enough to come on as a substitute.

With Jonas, he has been back training for around two and a half months now and played a number of Under 21 and behind closed doors friendly matches, so it is doubtful he is going to be in any better condition in a few weeks time.

I don’t think Jonas Gutierrez is the player he was a few years ago but then there again, our team isn’t either.

As for John Carver’s claims that there has never been more competition, when you see Vurnon Anita and Yoan Gouffran in the team, I fail to see how Jonas Gutierrez could do any worse.


  • Conman

    I think it’s common knowledge/rumour that he cannot play again for us or he will trigger the extension clause.
    Therefore, he will not play for us again. No chance.

  • tjw4353

    TeamToon I frankly don’t give a toss what carver says who on earth will want to sign for toon in close season with WHO ! In charge

  • Corkyjohn

    John Carver has proven he is another thick, spineless liar controlled by the fat slave driver. Guti has loads of game time for the reserves & has played well by all accounts. In no way am I saying he is the answer to our prayers but I’d rather start him than Gouffran or Anita. Its probably better we don’t change though as the sooner we rack up more defeats then the better the chance we have of replacing JC with someone who can actually get the best of the players we have. Again Ashley has a lot (£130m+) to lose if we are relegated…

  • Steve1221

    Conman If he really wanted to play he would waive the clause then, while I’d love to see him given a farewell appearance as a substitute, he wasn’t good enough before the illness so I dont see much chance of him being good enough now.

  • mrkgw

    I believe Jonas over Charver anyday of the week. He isnt capable of holding the Manager position and needs to step down. He is out of his depth.

  • NatTurner

    Simple solution – sack John and install Jonas as caretaker for the rest of the season.  Maybe he could inject some of that South American flair.

  • alreet

    Give the lad a farewell you sh*te. Last home game of the season if nowt else. Hes been with us too long and given us alot of his career to just leave him out in the cold. Be a better option than gouffran.
    Do the right thing carvs.

  • mentalman

    Is Jonas fit or is he trying to convince himself he is fit! Why did the move to the Argentina club collapse?
    Is it because of the contract clause?
    So many questions and we’ll never get a proper answer!
    The only thing we can be sure of was Jonas is no longer good enough even before his illness and most on here wanted him dropped