Well beforehand I would have probably taken a point, the thought of a smug Pardew tasting victory over the Newcastle fans would have been a little painful and cringeworthy.

What was disappointing last night though, was the way we surrendered to settle for a draw, removing Cabella and Cisse for defensive players was a very grim message for us.

When John Carver got the job he reiterated over and over that he would change the way we play to a more exciting variant, well the Stoke and Palace games have completely contradicted that, boring self-contained mediocre football

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Earlier this season we beat Man City at the Etihad, grabbing an early lead before soaking up the inevitable pressure and hitting them on the break, each time we went forward it looked like we could score, did we have a goal threat in the second half last night?

Last night at half time and we were winning 1 – 0, talk around me was of going for it second half, possibly bringing on Obertan and use his pace to run up the wing against tiring legs, opportunities would surely come. Instead we tried to hang on for a 1 – 0 win.

Of course we would have been delighted to win the game but inevitably the ‘let’s shoot ourselves in the foot again plan’ resurfaced. From then on Carver lost his bottle and reverted to a standard 7 – 2 – 1 formation, if Palace had got a second there was no way back.

Only a fine Tim Krul save from free transfer Brede Hangeland left us with a share of the points, oh did I say free transfer Brede Hangeland? When we needed a centre-half we did not look at him once and the fact is he is a fine player and a threat at set-pieces, clearly not in our remit!

So we have a week off as we again declined our invitation to participate past the the 3rd round of the FA cup. So let us hope one or two can be refreshed, Ayoze Perez springs to mind because he puts in solid shift after shift, topped with sublime skills.

Earlier this week I did a piece reminiscing of the old Leazes End and I thought the comments that people attached to the article were excellent and I thank you lot for that. For me sitting in the ‘A’ wing paddock looking up into the giant cavern and its goings on is a memory never to go, I must offer apologies to Denton Burn boot boys for not including them in the article!

If anyone has any tales of Leazes End adventures then I am all ears, I know the antics continued in ‘the corner’ and ‘the scoreboard’ but without the roof it somehow lost something, I now await some keyboard bashing from Gallowgate End stalwarts.

newcastle fansChanging the subject, one of our former players Joey Barton continued doing what he does best, winding up Sunderland fans. I don’t care what anyone says about Joey but I like him and I was disappointed when he left us, despite all his baggage he is a fine footballer who should have played for England many times. My best memory of him is first game back in Premier League up here and hitting a rasper past Aston Villa to set us on our way to a revenging 6 – 0 victory.

Talking of Villa, they are next up here and it was delightful to see them slide into the bottom 3, It would be joyous to see both they and their loyal fans slip from the premier league.

Do I hold a grudge from a few years ago? Clearly yes, however I won’t be painting any taunting slogans onto bed sheets, quite why they did is still a little beyond me?

Their suggestion of Ant and Dec as our new messiahs can’t be reciprocated because I can’t think of any celebrity Villa fans, apart from some spotty bloke who plays a fiddle or something.

So in conclusion, John Carver tells lies and has no bottle , the Old Leazes End was great, I clearly have a strange love for Joey Barton and I obviously dislike Aston Villa!

  • LeazesEnder

    Prince somebody is a fan…I think he was told to adopt them by the palaces PR guru.

  • LeazesEnder

    Where did you get that picture with me in it?  Bottom Centre Tam-o-shanter and a tab…

  • Brian Standen

    One for the editor that, sure he could get you a copy

  • Conman

    I thought that when given the role til the end of season that he’d have right crack at it. His substitutions are all negative as far as I can see. Taking off players who could score or create the chances we need.
    Carver said last night that he was happy with the form and results over the last six games. One win, three draws and two defeats. Anyone else happy ?…..

  • newcastle7

    No mention of the 2,762 loyal soldiers who went to the match last night.
    Stuck by the team throughout and were magnificent especially at half time when
    then sang for a full fifteen minutes.This never happened in the old Leazes end.
    Fans as good as ever and the following away a lot higher than the old days at Palace.
    Yes Carver locked up shop but after the criticism he received against Stoke who can blame him.
    Bring on Villa will be a full house.

  • jimblag

    Carver kind of criticized our negative attitude when assessing the Stoke equalizer. Playing the ball backwards at the end, but then that’s how he manages and we continually surrender leads and fail to build on any momentum . The things managers say in post-match interviews are infuriating.and utter shyt

  • jimblag

    newcastle7 If the manager thanks the fans after every match then it sounds disingenuous.
    Wenger or Mourinho don’t so I don’t see this as a valid point.

  • No Brainer

    Tick tick tick tick
    A good post Brian

  • Brian Standen

    Newcastle United away following does not need bigging up, alway was, always is and always will be magnificent!

  • grahame49

    Go on you tube and have a peak at Bolton Newcastle fa cup replay from 70s, at elland road over 20.000 mags and same for Bolton not bad for a Wednesday. The leazas end had started to be torn down before we played Norwich so hence the low crowd due to a bit of a boycott, check the attendance you might get a shock the owners did nowt then as well

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    I was at Elland Road for that replay against Bolton. I was just a teenager. In terms of being crushed by crowds, it’s the most frightened I’ve ever been at a football match. Naturally we didn’t really think we could get killed by it, just like those at White Hart Lane years later didn’t think so either, but the events at Hillsborough in ’89 showed us just how wrong we were.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Funnily enough, it’s the “Denton Burn Aggro Boys” song that sticks in my head the most. I guess it must have just the right amount of melodic balance of syllables to fit the Banana Splits song that it was sung to. 
    I never could understand all the ‘Celtic – Rangers’ nonsense either.
    Memories of seeing the checked Ben Sherman shirts, Sta-prest pants, Crombie coats, and Dr. Martens – all come flooding back.

  • No Brainer

    The spurs cup game what a cracking day out that was

  • LeazesEnder

    Nicolaus Copernicus Read some of Catherine Cookson’s novels….then you’ll understand!

  • GToon

    Interesting to hear Carver say “the lads have done everything he asked of them”. Why didnt he ask Williamson to man mark Crouch v Stoke or make sure he gets goal side of Campbell v Palace? He has cost us both goals IMO. Have a watch of the Palace goal. Campbell starts a yard behind Williamson and manages to get a yard in front of him all in about 6 yards of running. If Williamson doesn’t understand the terms “goal side”, “man mark” or “track the runner” exactly what does he understand? Perhaps just “ball at feet, kick it forward in the air”. If him and Colo are our centre half pairing next season we will go down.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    LeazesEnder Nicolaus Copernicus 
    I  get the sectarian part, and I know Glasgow and their religious bigotries well, but as a kid growing up in North Shields there was never a Christian divide between the Catholics and the Protestants. So that whole Celtic-Rangers thing went right over my head back then. 
    Maybe you’re right, I should read Catherine Cookson, but isn’t she south of the river, in mackem land :-)

  • LeazesEnder

    Nicolaus Copernicus LeazesEnder There are an awful lot of people on Tyneside with Irish roots as well as Scotish….

  • No Brainer

    To be sure
    I didn’t have a clue what the hell it was all about one match shouting rangers the next celtic until some fat bloke punched me full in the face for shouting celtic aged 14 the stupid tw*t

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    I agree, No Brainer, the Celtic-Rangers thing was probably a chant that took off when the game became dull.
    I myself have Scottish and Irish roots, LeazesEnder, but still never experienced any sectarian divisions as a kid. I’m open to reading anything but Catherine Cookson may be a stretch LOL