It was 30 September 2000, 74 minutes into the match at Maine Road, Alan Shearer notched the only goal of the game to give Newcastle a 1-0 win.

Fifteen years later and sadly the United legend isn’t on the pitch any longer to dig us out of trouble.

However, he is in there fighting our corner still, he is a proper Newcastle United fan just like us, and he’s hurting.

In the past Shearer has been accused of sitting on the fence far too often but he was well and truly off it last night on Match of The Day, the Number 9 legend telling it as it is.

This is what Alan Shearer had to say about what happened at the Etihad and I can’t disagree with a single word:

“They didn’t fancy it, they were pathetic and it was embarrassing, from the first minute to the last.

“I can just imagine the Newcastle team talk before the game… ‘Right lads, this team have got Barcelona on Tuesday, let us just keep it tight for the first 10 or 15 minutes. Get in among them and put one or two tackles in, see if they fancy it, but after 20 or 30 seconds, that is out of the window. Newcastle just didn’t get near them.”


“It was just far, far too easy for City. These are top players and you cannot give them time on the ball like that.

“City showed so much hunger to get the ball back, even when they were 3-0 up. I never saw that once from Newcastle – it was pathetic.”

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  • Brown Bottle

    Where ya been for the last few years Al ? What you been watching then ? This is not a new phenomena.

  • toon tony

    Pathetic and embarrassing. ….We weren’t that good! !!

  • GToon

    Unfortunately this is how it’s going to be from now until the end of the season. Any team we play will be up for the fight and will have more to play for than us. I don’t blame JC. He is on a hiding to nothing with fewer defenders than a Sunday league team and the rest of the players wondering what on earth they are doing with us and if they can leave in the summer.

  • wor monga

    No excuses here…Pardew must have seen into the future, and got
    out, but the writing must surely be on the wall now for Carver if he can’t get
    more out of the players than that…

    A defeat was always going to be on the cards down there, but
    not in so unprofessional a manner as that.

  • Hughie

    The team is devoid of character, as it was in the last half of last season when we also had the third worst defence in the PL. Krul for skipper might help, because Collo is a nonentity as a motivational leader. Their pay should be docked after that. Anita, Gouffran , Willo, Collocini, are not PL standard. Haidara and Perez are rookies. Why did he not play Sammy, Abeid and Obertan from the start? The back 6 –yes 6–can’t defend, and were totally confused, none worse than Haidara and Perez on the left. Until yesterday I wanted to give Carver and co a chance, but I now know he is not the answer. The place needs a complete overhaul, with a totally new coaching team, a new back 4–Janmaat excepted– and a clearout of the Anita, Williamson, Collo, Gouffran passengers. Won’t happen of course because no-one will want them. Another sad embarrassing day. Suggestion is to wait until the club is safe from relegation– if that occurs!!— and then do not turn up for any away games until the end of the season–that will be noticed. ST holders have already paid for the home games, and I can’t see them boycotting the club.

  • GToon

    wor monga In defence of JC we are down to 4 defenders and i defy any manager to make a useful defender out of Willo or the ageing Colo. The younger players can be coached but not those two. Ashley and co will have told JC top 10 but then told each other they’d be happy just to stay up and then get somebody new in. It’s a shame because JC obviously has to take his chance but realistically he has no chance.

  • GToon

    Hughie Hughie, are you suggesting some kind of clearance sale, perhaps even with players sold with 70% off their marked price written on them?!!! Now you are talking Ashley’s language!! Hahahaha. Unfortunately its the good ones he will be selling first though.

  • Brownale69

    GToon wor monga school boy errors from players who should die for the shirt

  • Brownale69

    All you expect is effort, motivation oh and a bit fight!

  • partworntyres

    what’s wrong with 5-0 i thought they played really canny me like!

  • Bishbosh11

    Hughie There is absolutely no point whatsoever in boycotting away games as Fat Mike does not receive any revenue from this! If you boycott the home games and picket outside Sports Direct, then that might be a different kettle of fish!

  • Bishbosh11

    GToon It’s becoming a trend isn’t it? Do ‘ok’ for the first half of the season then drop-off alarmingly for the second half! I wonder why!

  • dont believe the hype

    Honest ‘Geordie’ John knew exactly what he was getting into and the spotlight that would be shining on him, instead of pretending that he didn’t care about incoming and outgoing transfers he should have at least demanded assurances that nobody would be leaving at least. In my opinion he is just as bad as the liars running the club.

  • mentalman

    Bishbosh11 Hughie

    The club have to pay for unsold tickets though

  • mentalman


    I don’t like goalies as captains as they should be bossing the defence anyway, i can’t see anyone in the squad to lead the team as captain

  • Polarboy

    GToon wor monga I wouldn’t be so sure about him having no chance, this is Ashley we are talking about. As for the ageing defence that might be true but they were a complete shambles from an organisational sense yesterday and the blame for that has to fall at the feet of Carver at least to a large degree.

  • Greggy164

    Brownale69  Do you honestly feel that the team didnt try? To say a team hasnt tried means you have really hit rock bottom. Shut the doors.

  • Phildene

    I know where you’re coming from but we were season ticket holders and boycotted the club. Just because you’re a season ticket holder doesn’t mean you’ve still got to go-there were many matches we didn’t attend before we chucked it simply because of the dross on the pitch and lining Ashleys pocket. Obviously we don’t attend now and haven’t since cancelling season tickets a couple of years ago and to be honest haven’t really missed it,especially now with Carver trying to run things. He’s a disgrace to the Geordie toonies.

  • Phildene

    It’s more the home games which need boycotting but it’s got to be every game. I think we fell too much to the wayside last time we protested as we should’ve kept on with the protesting and not been so weak willed-it’s the only and best way.

  • Phildene

    I think Alan’s been diplomatically silent but has now seen enough. He doesn’t want to get dragged into a war of words but feels it just the same. I’m surprised s
    He’s apparently still got his box as thought he’d had chucked that in

  • PhilYare

    the team came up and i saw 3 of the worst players in the premier league

    anita, williamson and gouffran

    iv’e been told that anita is a good squad player…. williamson has came on loads and there is no one else anyway and so far I haven’t found anyone to defend gouffran

    the fact that carver plays all 3 and sticks to our formation of guaranteed an total failure tells us that his abilities are non-existant and there may as well be a brick wall build in front of the dugout because he has learned nowt

    coloccini was as bad as them 3 but hes probs more championship standard than division 2

    haidara looked absolutely all over the place 

    colback is an ex mackem clogger who has been embraced after insulting us. if hes international standard then the national team must have dropped about 75 places… somebody like lee clark was a far superior player

    sissoko – given the role to link midfield to the lone forward… it doesnt work, needs proper position in a rigid 4-4-2 formation as he ends up just huffing and puffing in no-mans land. hes not a great player, hes one of the best of a very bad bunch

    perez – his potential has been sapped by again playing him out of position and limiting the quality around him. he did ok in a couple of games but hes not a revelation….. andy cole was a revelation scoring 41 goals in his first season in the PL, perez has 5 i think, he needs to play upfront with another striker, not left wing, not in a hole, right up there

    cisse – he is not a player that excels in normal play in the middle of the park, his quality always comes when he is given situations around the box from knock downs or good wing play… we simply dont utilise this and his head is somewhere else

    janmaat is by far our best player and will be sold and the gap will be filled by one of our rangers loanee’s

    the way newcastle is run it can not compete, not even with burnley or west brom

    get the FB out, let him take his money and go

  • GToon

    Polarboy GToon wor monga By “chance” i mean in terms of winning games and doing well. Obviously he has a pretty good chance of getting the job if he keeps us in the league each year.

  • Brownale69

    Greggy164 Brownale69 NAME ONE player who broke sweat and put in a shift! Pathetic no guts

  • GR1125

    In the words of an ex respected NUFC player on Facebook last night :
    ”There would be one or two being taken by the throat at half time in the bad old days”.

  • Bishbosh11

    mentalman Bishbosh11 Hughie In which case Fat Mike would order no away tickets! It’s peanuts to him, he would not be bothered. Bad publicity is the only weapon we can truly use.

  • GToon

    1957 Its difficult as the leader would have some kind of aim or target. What would our captain be saying to the lads prior to a game? “Come on lads 3 more wins and we are safe”?

  • Greggy164

    PhilYare  At 1 point I felt sorry for the leftback

  • Toon Magpie

    Brown Bottle He has been on MOTD watching other teams.

  • Toon Magpie

    Phildene Most of us seen a long time ago how bad it is.

  • Toon Magpie

    GR1125 Thankfully those days are gone when you could beat up the players but it just shows you how he is feeling about what is happening at our club under Cashley.

  • Greggy164

    Brownale69 Greggy164  To say a side hasnt tried is the worst insult you can give them.

    To be clear Im not a Newcasle fan. Rangers are my club.

    I didnt pay enough attention to the game to comment on individual performances. I watch game in between sorting my dinner and talking to family.

    There is no question that Newcastle were well beaten. 2nd best all over the park. There could be many reasons for such a bad performance. Poor preparation, poor communication betwwen coaches and players, players dont fancy Carver and a lack of quality. The timing of the goals also has an effect on the teams performance. 1st goal puts them right up against it from the off. No chance to settle into the game. Knocks your confidence.

    Early goal at start of 2nd half is a body blow. Takes the wind right out your sails. Again no chance to settle and try build momentum.

    What I did see of the match I didnt pick up on players hiding. They were showing for ball. They wanted the ball played to them. They looked a well beaten side. They let their heads go down. 1 or 2 might have downed tools but I cant believe that a pro football team collectively went on to the pitch having decided they were taking the day off. We are talking about pro athletes.They must have a bit of pride in their own performance as well as the teams performance
    To reach the level that they are playing means they must have a bit of grit, drive and or determination about them. To start as a kid and become good enough to play senior football takes plenty of hard work.

    I played football from P3 in primary school up the age groups U18, U21 and amauter. Boots are hung up now. The occassional game of 5s with mates or boys from work and I have never played a game of football and no tried. Even playing a game of crosses in the street you tried.
    Played in games were you are 4-0 down after 20 mins and let my head drop. Aye knew we were being pumped but you still try. Letting heads go down is not the same as no trying

  • Toonbadger

    Bishbosh11 mentalman Hughie  He has amassed piles of bad publicity in the past 3 months. Does he give a hoot? NO

  • Polarboy

    GToon Polarboy wor monga And I wholeheartedly believe he wouldn’t keep us in the league were he to be given the job full time for next season. The way we set up against City was a shambles from the start. As pointed out by Neville we were far too narrow, a naive attempt to stop City playing through us quite clearly. 
    We get to half time and what does he do to rectify the situation? Apparently nothing because the same frailties lead to us conceding two early on. The only “chance” that Carver has is most likely just narrowly keeping us in the league from what was a relatively decent points total going into the new year. 
    If we don’t get a result against Villa then it will be squeaky bum time given our fixture list and how seemingly listless the players are.