Alan Pardew says he has no expectation of what reaction he will get from Newcastle fans when Crystal Palace play United on Wednesday night.

The former Newcastle boss believes he and the supporters had some ‘great times together’, although he does concede that it wasn’t so great in the last year.

Pardew claims that due to the good job he did at St. James’ Park, he was able to leave with his ‘head held high’;

“I’m not expecting or hoping for any reaction.

“We had some great times together. It was not so great in the last year but on the whole, my experience there was great.”

Head held high;

“I thought I did a good job and walked out with my head held high, so I am looking forward to the game.

“I have still got all my staff there and my players, they are close to my heart.”

A slightly different game;

“It will be strange because after four years of living every part of that football club and that city, good and bad, it is emotional.

“It will be a slightly different game for me.”

  • tino o

    See he hasn’t given up talking shite yet

  • Steve1221

    He did do a good job and I’m sure 99% of the footballing world would agree, the other 1% are Newcastle fans who had made their mind up before he joined.

  • Hughie

    Pardew was an average manager. He achieved nothing at this huge club, apart from flirting with European football. I am sure he did his best in the Ashley circumstances, but frankly he wasn’t good enough. My biggest beef was that he was unable to rectify a horribly leaky defence,  his style was overly defensive with the same poor marking and repeated mistakes, along with Williamson lumping up long balls to no-one, appalling corners and free kicks. I have seen little under Carver to remove the amateurishness that pervades our game, even though he talks more sense and is certainly honest about performances, rather than looking for excuses in the Pardew mode.  Pardew simply ran out of ideas and I think he lost the dressing room several times by mismanaging players and making daft substitutions. Haidara, Sammy and Cabella are all improving fast now that he has gone. If we’d signed at least one PL standard centre back and a striker in Jan we could be pushing for a Europa place with this squad, but as usual the boat has been missed yet again.

  • hettonmag

    You  just can not  resist the self praise Pardew,  in your 4 years in the history of NUFC  you broke plenty of records all to the detriment  of our famous football club. But one thing is for sure you have left your imprint on the club in the shape of one John Chaver.

  • tino o

    99 percent ha ha!

  • Brownale69

    He left a NUFC record……..against the Mackems!! Thanks

  • prestondave

    Yeah, head up high alright. High up fattys arse.

  • newcastle7

    Now won five out of six at Palace so he is not the bad manager you think he is.Just glad he is away from the morons at ST James’s Park who gave him disgraceful abuse.BAR LOCO SHOULD BE KNOCKED DOWN FOR LETTING THESE PEOPLE IN.

  • Albert27

    Thanks for the good memories alan…… getting stuffed on a regular basis – by the makems too. Playing some of the worst football in the world.. ever. Aye great job.

  • Brian Standen

    The footballing world who keep telling us that we have over the top expectations, I know of no fan who expects anything other than mediocrity. Perhaps you are referring to the TV pundits who keep telling us how to support our club and to leave poor little Alan alone. Fact is despite what the nationthinks he is a poor manager and worse coach. I am pleased he has gone! Good riddance

  • DZA187

    Hughie Pards Still holds his head high for managing a side in the greatest FA Cup final of all time, when in charge of West Ham nearly beating Liverpool only to lose 4-3.

    otherwise at newcastle, he worked under the fatman and not even king kev could cope with Mike ‘Mr Burns’ Ashley.

    I’m not a pards fan but no manager will do any good under the fatman when he’s selling your best players and no players coming in, shows the players this club is going no where.

  • magpie9

    Steve1221  99% ? there aren’t that many Mackems

  • Rollyp

    What is your definition of “a good job”. Whatever it is, what kind of job did Robson or Keegan do or what words would you use to describe Ferguson or Mourino, or Pellegrini.

  • Steve1221

    We’ll I certainly take resources into account because I don’t see Ferguson winning many titles with Coloccini and Williamson at the back.

  • Steve1221

    How was he expected to rectify the defence when every season he identified a dominant centre back as a target and every year he was denied. Even when we came close to signing one in Douglas Kinnear appeared and put a halt to it.

  • Vito Genovese

    The fact he actually uses the phrase ‘Head held high ‘ to describe his exit tells you everything.
    Self obsessed.